2016: 12 Months, 12 Looks

12 months, 12 looks –  here’s my roundabout round up of the year. I was going to pull together my 5 favourite looks of 2016, but it’s not like me to be that decisive really, is it? The funny thing is I really enjoyed ploughing through my archives to pull together my chosen look from each month. Every outfit comes with a memory attached, and I’m able to trace my year through knits, dresses and city breaks to Europe. I can see where my style has become a little more adventurous, and where I’ve gone back to old faithfuls that have yet to let me down. I can see how my photography has developed, how my hair has grown and how my penchant for black trousers/jeans has yet to weaken.

Casting my eye back now, I can definitely see which staple items have stood the test of time. The camel wrap coat featured in February’s look, for example; you might think this is COS/Mango/Zara purchase, but I actually picked it up from PrettyLittleThing. I still wear it to death, even today. The Boohoo flared sleeve top from June is my go-to when I need to look fancy and need a fail safe to pull me through. The faux fur slippers from October have been joked about, stared at (kids just don’t get *FASHURN*) and questioned by my grandparents, but live on as possibly my favourite shoe purchase of the year. In being able to see what was taking my fancy each month, I’m also able to see what elements are at the core of my style – simplicity, texture and shape.

Whilst I can’t add in the actual items from each of these posts, I’ve popped a few of my absolute FAVE new-in pieces below as a little prediciton of what the next month has to come. And as a final note, each month is linked so if you would like to see the rest of the outfit, just click through!















































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