Valentine’s Lingerie Lookbook

There is a luxurious self-indulgence which accompanies pretty lingerie for the sake of pretty lingerie. The kind you treat yourself to on special occasions - birthdays, Valentine’s and the like - but which otherwise exist redundantly in your underwear drawer, passed over for the high-waisted cotton numbers you buy in bulk from Primark. The ripples of soft, supple satin, the delicacy of meticulous lace flowers, the impractical combination of a thousand crossed straps and confusing but beautiful fastenings: these are the kind of lingerie treats that you sink yourself into. You slide into - nay, ooze into. Pulling on that carefully selected twinset, all at once you are transformed. You become the rich Italian divorcee. The naughty neighbour. The Dominatrix in latex. Whether it’s elegance, sex-appeal or comfort in droves, a special set of lingerie has the power to bloom you from within. It’s trivial and it’s temporary, but that’s what makes it such an extravagance, and such an enjoyable one at that.

I’ve been sharing snaps of myself in this, that or the other lingerie for what feels like my entire existence "online". I think my first post was in an Ann Summers babydoll that I’d been gifted to review for an online student magazine. They sent a free bullet with the parcel, and I remember thinking how wild it was getting sex toys for free (I was probably 19/20 at the time, so we’re going a good 5 or so years back!). Between then and now, I’ve always been sure to dedicate some airtime to lingerie around February. We have Valentine’s Day, of course, which also happens to be my birthday, so an occasion of double-celebration for a hopeless romantic like myself. Some aren’t on board with the idea of Valentine’s Day, let alone buying in some likely expensive or at least special underwear for the day, and for those people I say: this post is not for you. As commercialised as it may be (a particularly weak argument against a day of boundless sentimental frivolity, IMO), Valentine’s Day is something I always look forward to. We’ve escaped the arse-end of January, universally-agreed upon as ~ the ~ most depressing month of the year, and we’re diving headfirst into a snapshot of red red roses, artisan chocolate and beautiful lingerie. We’re going on dates, squeezing in probably-shouldn’t-have-done-that shags and cocooning ourselves in silk and satin robes, all because the austerity of January is over and bitch, we have arrived.

Ahead of the big day (as it shall now be known), I wanted to keep my tradition of lingerie-loving alive by pulling together a lookbook of various different undie-options. What I feel good in at any given time is liable to change, but I gravitate towards items with somewhat of a vintage feel. Think classic satins, high-waisted pants and embroidered lace. What you feel good in is also liable to change, so in this instance, I’m asking you to be purposefully insensible. To not think practically, and opt for what you think you’ll get the most wear out of. In this instance, I’m asking you to indulge your whims and trust the pull of your gut. Choose what feels most decadent. Choose what feels prettiest, what feels sexiest, what feels like it could stimulate that sensation which floods over you when you first get into a hot bath. We’re looking to nourish the soul on this occasion and tickle the ego, not to be astute and prudent. Picture the woman your drunk alter-ego has become (mine is called Cinnamon, FYI), and buy lingerie for her, not the version of you which is picking dog poo up at 6am on a freezing cold morning.

Enjoy, sweet, sexy, sultry queens, and let me know which set is your favourite. x




Bodysuit - & Other Stories (gifted & affiliate link)

(I have a relatively short body so I was able to reverse this and wear it with the tie-up back at the front, but the model is wearing the image online the 'right' way round, if you want to see how it's worn normally.)


Bra - Weekday via ASOS (affiliate link)

Pants - Weekday via ASOS (affiliate link)

Silk Scrunchie - Slip


Bra & Pants Set - Bloom & Boudoir (gifted)

(£1 from every bra sold is donated to Look Good Feel Better, a charity which helps women fight the side effects of cancer treatment.)


Bra - Free People (gifted & affiliate link)

Shorts - Free People (gifted & affiliate link)

Lipstick - MAC Ruby Woo


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