It’s Okay To Change Your Mind

One day I’m a skinny black jeans girl, the next I’m all over the light blue boyfriend fit. One day I swear by silver jewellery, the next I’m wearing giant gold hoops and stealing my mum’s old engagement rings (she referred to herself as a serial engager the other day, what a legend). When it comes to fashion, we all have a particular personal style that we channel through every outfit, and interpret and reinterpret through trends each season.

With that, comes change. That’s why we fashion bloggers harp on about ‘staple pieces’ all the time – fashion changes its mind, and you’re blessed if you have the space and the money to always keep up. And you know that awfully cringy quote that I often see printed on the walls of girl’s toilets about fashion fading and style staying the same? Well, there is some truth in that. I’m not sure if Coco Chanel ever said it – and if she did, if she ever intended it to be printed on cushions and candles for teenage girl’s bedrooms – but having staple pieces that can be incorporated into a range of different looks despite the trend of the season are central to personal style.


Jumper – Zara (similar//similar//similar//similar)
Jeans – Nudie (similar//similar)
Shoes – Zara
Bag – Mango
Necklace – Emozioni Chain, Emozioni Coin Keeper/Emozioni Coin Keeper, Emozioni Coin/Emozioni Coin*

Whilst a good pair of jeans and a sharply tailored coat are always
going to be in style, what about jewellery that you can actually interchange, simply by swapping in and out different elements? Emozioni
is precisely that. There are three elements to each necklace – the
chain, the coin holder and the coin. There are various options for each
piece, in gold, rose gold and silver, which means you can create your
own combination in relation to your personal style, and whatever trend
you’re loving that season. Since launching, Emozioni have released more
than 240 coins, 22 coin keepers and 36 chains; you’re guaranteed to be
able to create a combination you love – even if you’re as picky as me –
and then keep growing your collection as you go.

as indecisive as I am, I decided to mix metals. I went for a short
silver chain, a twisted, rose gold coin keeper and a mixed silver and
rose gold coin. I think silver and rose gold mix particularly well, and since I’m all over natural tones this season, both look great with the innumerable amount of beige and neutral knits I’ve been hoarding.







Being able to change your mind is one of the elements I love most
about fashion and styling. Countless times I’ve looked back on old
outfits and thought ‘what on God’s green earth was I thinking’.
Oftentimes this is related to odd hats or brightly coloured ensembles
that I thought were ‘edgy’ but were actually garish (and not in a good
way), but whatever the center of the fashion erreur, it’s all part and
parcel of changing your mind and honing that “personal style” that I
keep coming back to. And, looking at my latest ASOS orders, I still
haven’t stopped buying odd hats (although the colour has died down a
So change your mind! Hate Miu Miu ballet
flats one day and then buy the Zara dupes the next. Think that ruffle
jumpers look like vaginas and then haul them for your next YT vid. Swear
against gold jewellery and then go full Kat Slater – that’s the beauty
of fashion, that you can change your mind. Just keep your staple pieces
close so you can go back to them in times of style crisis. And hey, if
you’re jewellery can be interchangeable? All the better.

This post has been sponsored by Hot Diamonds, but all thoughts, opinions and content are my own. That’s fo sho.


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