Bargain Boohoo Buys and How To Find The Best Pieces

Real life is taking outfit photos in Budapest, thinking you look sassy as fuck and then as you’re writing the post, seeing that there is DRY SHAMPOO ALL OVER U. But you know what gals, that’s life, it happens to us all, and at least you know I do ridiculous things too.

Anyway, beauty blunders aside, what I really want to talk about in this post is bargain buys from Boohoo. I’m a huge fan of Boohoo, but I know that sometimes you have to sift through endless bodysuits before you get to the good, quality pieces. Why is it that every website ever sells ribbed tube skirts and paisley everything, but when it comes to monochromatic, tailored pieces, you have to search with the persistence of a dog searching for that one last dropped crumb?

Top: Boohoo*
Culottes: Missguided*
Watch : Daniel Wellington*
Bag – VVA Handbags*
Sandals – Topshop
Necklace – CL Jewellery*
Earrings – CL Jewellery*

I work with Boohoo a lot which means I invest just as much time in searching and finding hidden gems. It’s fast fashion on a budget which means the quality isn’t going to be the same as somewhere like COS, but it’s great for picking up trend items and experimenting when you’d rather not spend the big bucks. And, as I said before, there are often hidden gems that just require that extra bit of digging and keyword expertise to find. The beautiful thing is that since I’ve done it, you don’t have to. The wonders of fashion blogging eh?

Take this bell sleeve crepe top for example (can’t say crepe with thinking of pancakes, sorry). The flared sleeves are not only super chic but perfectly on trend, and coming in both black and white, it’s a seemingly classic piece for a totally bargain price. I think when searching any high street site for pieces with a higher end appearance, there are a few golden rules you should always stick to:

  • Choose monochome: Black and white never age, so if you’re looking for something that will hold it’s own during the test of time, always go monochromatic
  • Check the fabrics: Always check what fabric the item is made out of. I try to steer away from anything jersey or with a high viscose level, and opt for cottons or crepe fabrics.
  • Simplicity is key: Opt for classic cuts with simple variations – the bell sleeves on this top are on trend, for example, but the overall shape and classic cut of the top means that it will be wearable beyond the season. 
  • See it styled: Item pictures are always desperately unhelpful, so check the brand’s Instagram for examples of people wearing it or Google search the product’s name to see if it is tagged anywhere. Seeing an item on will give you a better idea of the quality of fabric and how it fits irl.
  • If in doubt, opt out: If you’re not sure about a cheaper item, then don’t go for it. I only pick up things I’m sure I will wear at least a few times, but bagging pieces in bulk just means that you’ll end up selling a lot on eBay down the line.

 I’ve rounded up some of the bargain Boohoo tops I love at the moment and popped them into the shoppable slider down below –  let me know which pieces you like and if you’ve picked any up yourself! Until next time sweets x


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