Travel: 36 Hours in Paris

This post is horribly late. I actually went to Paris at the beginning of November, but I’ve only just gotten around to editing the pictures and pulling the post together etc. etc., so please agree with me when I say ‘better late than never!’. My time in the French capital was brief – I attended with Eurostar and the French department store Printemps to see the unveiling of their new Christmas window display, travelling in early on Thursday morning and I returning late the next day. Whilst myself and the other bloggers had an itinerary for the first day, we were left to our own devices on Friday and my brother and his best friend actually travelled in just for the day so we could do some touristy stuff. I absolutely love travel posts, so I thought I’d give you a look into our snapshot visit, because, Paris, right?



As soon as we arrived in Paris, we headed straight to Hotel es Matins de Paris to drop our luggage off before shimmying on down to Printemps. Firstly, and most importantly, was food. We ate in the incredible Brasserie Printemps, which boasted an awe-inspiring domed glass ceiling, bright yellow central bar and simply magical Christmas decorations throughout. I mean, look at that tree. Knowing how much I love cheese, it won’t come as a surprise to you that I ordered the goat’s cheese salad and enjoyed many a good bread roll alongside it. Bellies full and gift cards burning a hole in our pockets, we then headed downstairs to get our shop on. I picked up the most amazing Zadig & Voltaire leopard print bag, and then continued to lust over all of the designer brands that my poor pocket couldn’t afford.

It was then time for the main attraction – to see the unveiling of the Christmas windows. It was pretty chill, you know, nothing special. Just Uma Thurman, a shit tonne of press, and oh, did I mention Uma Thurman? All jokes aside, Uma looked incredible as she officially unveiled the new display. She glided in, did the deed, posed for pics (even taking one of herself and the paps, 10+ celeb points) and then glided out like an elusive mystical elf. At this point us gals were lagging thanks to the 7am outbound train and in desperate need of some refreshment (in cocktail form, of course), so we headed up to the roof terrace for what I can only describe as one of the best views of my life. As I sit here typing on my single bed in my grandparent’s house, recalling the moment is particularly surreal. We were handed a glass of champagne on arrival, and we timed it perfectly to see the sun slowly setting over Paris, a golden backdrop highlighting the iconic silhouette of the Eiffel Tower. I literally FaceTimed all of my family, just to share (a.k.a. show off). One or two glasses of champers later, we headed back to the hotel, got changed and popped out for a distinctly Parisian late night dinner. Day one = success.



After a breakfast consisting solely of pastries and an extremely weak earl grey tea (I always forget that builder’s tea isn’t really a thing anywhere else other than the UK, so I’m constantly disappointed by the lack of milk), myself and Arabella (check out her blog here) made our way to the famous Angelina to meet my brother and his best friend. We stopped outside the Louvre Musem to quickly capture some snaps in my new Ray Bans, courtesy of the babes from Sunglasses Shop.

Sunglasses – Ray Ban via SunglassesShop
Coat – H&M
Shirt – Missguided
Jumper – H&M
Bag – Gucci
Jeans – ASOS (similar)
Boots  Zara (similar

After we drank too much real hot chocolate and made ourselves feel sick, we then purchased more of said hot chocolate from the gift shop at Angelina (typical) and headed out to explore. Arabella went off to do her own thang, so myself, Joe and Kieron ambled out, taking in the views and relishing the vibe of a calm Parisian afternoon. We walked all the way up to the Arc de Triomphe, admittedly darting into a few different shops along the way and getting an Uber back to the hotel when my feet started to give up on themselves. After grabbing a swift dinner, it was hometime, and my little Parisian adventure was complete. I adore Paris so I’m already planning my next trip back – if you have any recommendations, do let me know in the comments down below or come and find me on social @chloeplumstead (Instagram and Twitter). Until next time, happy campers.


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