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Why Solo Travel & Why Now? What Solo Trips Mean To *Us*
Unplugged Retreat: A ‘No Phones’ Countryside Break
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Why Solo Travel & Why Now? What Solo Trips Mean To *Us*

Am I about to Eat, Pray, Love my life? I may be about to Eat, Pray, Love my life. Just with less money, less divorce and no James Franco. Also I’m going to Edinburgh and not India or Bali, but it’s my first solo trip ever so I’m starting small. Challenging myself to face my front and do things alone:… View Post

New Home Tour

We're in! We're officially in. For all of the waiting, wondering and bickering with solicitors, we ... Read More


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Is it too extra to spotlight your own jewellery collaboration? Well, we’re doing it anyway! I’m delighted to share my mini collection with Ammé London, an independent jewellery brand who handcraft each of their pieces right here in the UK. The idea behind the mini collection was simple: to create the classic items wearers would want to reach for every day, which felt meaningful yet timeless and which would blend beautifully with existing jewellery wardrobes. I love gold and I love simple, so the marriage between the two was natural. We have rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets, all made in 925 sterling silver with 9ct gold plating and a 1 year guarantee. Let me know what you think!