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Where Is My Ghost Life Now? Wondering ‘What If’

It’s 11:52am on a Monday morning. I have thus far woken up next to my boyfriend, Keiran, made his lunch with him, kissed him, text him telling him I’m going to sing to him in Italian (I watched this year’s Eurovision and now I’m the kind of person who listens to songs I can’t understand), and anticipated whether he will… View Post

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Reve is a new clothing brand designed specifically for petite people 5’4 and under. The petite offering for more mature and refined styles is woefully limited in the UK, with ranges often starting and ending with crop tops and shortened jeans. Reve offers an alternative: elegant pieces tailored directly to the shorter bod – not simply altered from the straight collection. Founder Maddy said: “The aim of Reve is to provide wearable, versatile, and most importantly well-made and well-fitting wardrobe essentials to the petite market of all shapes the sizes under 5’4. I have designed the collection myself taking influences from historical fashion (60’s, 50s and 90s) to create really classic and timeless silhouettes which celebrate the feminine figure. My ambition is to change the way people perceive petite fashion, and to provide that one brand which fits shorter women but is still targeted at an older, more cosmopolitan demographic.”