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AMA: Three Relationship Questions Answered

Remember those few AMA (Ask Me Anything) posts I published? Well, I want to bring them back. I shared an Insta Story with the questions function on Monday and received so many surrounding love, sex and relationships, so instead of minimising my answers to fit neatly on a single frame, I’ve shuffled a few over to this blog posts and… View Post

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Fisayo Longe is a woman who consistently inspires me. She works hard, she creates, and she does so with an intelligence and grace which I find infectious. She’s the kind of woman who makes me want to do more. Her brand KAI offers a luxury aesthetic with timeless pieces which transcend trends, all whilst maintaining an attainable price point and quality, quality, quality. Think big-sleeved-badassery, staple shapes and shades which will live in your wardrobe forever. You’ve probably already seen a KAI piece on one of your favourite internet dream girls, but you can take a peek at the Instagram feed here.