Photos From My Phone: 8th-15th March

Bloom & Wild bouquet - The Harper - pink roses and white daises

Ello ello ello. Welcome to Photos From My Phone, a new weekly diary I'll be uploading each Friday with "behind-the-scenes" (lol, basically just non-Instagram photos) snaps of what I've been getting up to day-to-day. A lot of what I write and post is quite curated and stylised, so I wanted to share a bit more of the daily goings and be a little more personal and unrefined. Nothing too dramatic - mostly just me with wine or me taking a selfie in the mirror wearing a jumper and jeans. My natural existence, as it were. Hope you enjoy! (Bouquet above was gifted by Bloom & Wild, and is The Harper).



Friday was hair day, and thank God because it was long overdue. I had roots down to my armpits - think Kurt Cobain, but not in a cool way. I went to my regular spot: Ena Salon in Holborn, with Evie Skaros colouring my hair (she's been helping me achieve my icy blonde ambitions for three years now and is a pleasure to while away a few hours with). There are always homemade treats on offer, so I inhaled what I think was a square of strawberry shortbread with some chamomile tea, then yapped and browsed and yapped and browsed some more. Left with the best kind of blonde and a thousand sneaky selfies.

Exterior of Ena Salon Covent Garden
Tea pot with homemade shortbread
Interior of Ena Salon - me with foils on


Monday morning was one for the usual start of the week routine. Headed to Starbucks early doors to meet Hannah and shoot some snaps, and then I whizzed home with my Mum to plan our gardening post for the week (click here if you missed it - it's all about what herbs and veggies you can grow this summer!). After that I met up with Emma from Ammé London to talk about the new releases from her jewellery brand, as well as a top secret project I can't yet share (I've always wanted to say that - so mysterious). After two glasses of seriously overpriced wine, I met Keiran at his barbers then walked home for some dinner.

Me at Starbucks
My Mum on her laptop
Some Ammé London jewellery pieces


Tuesday was a London day. I had a meeting at Rail House Café with the lovely girls from Monica Vinader, and then I popped into Code 8 Beauty's new pop-up store in The Burlington Arcade. They introduced me to their products and also - le gasp - let me mix a completely custom lipstick shade which I haven't stopped wearing since. I went for a similar tone to Charlotte Tilbury's Very Victoria, but slightly more pink-toned so it's more forgiving on my skin when I'm not wearing fake tan. Had a little make-up refresh too. I made a quick dash to Mango afterwards to finally use a gift card I'd been hanging on to since last November; managed to spend the whole lot on only four pieces (so expensive in there at the moment!), but they're all staple items I can get tonnes of wear out of for the rest of the year. Train was delayed when I got to Liverpool St, so I treated myself to a while-you-wait glass of rosé (what a surprise, eh?).

Rail House Cafe coffee table with cups
code8 Beauty custom lipstick box and information booklet
Mirror shot in code8 Beauty after make-up refresh
Mango changing rooms with assorted items
Glass of rosé at station bar


I met Jess for a coffee first thing and got totally fucked up by storm Gareth, who proceeded to be a real pain in the arse as we attempted to take some snaps. After we were suitably windswept, I came home, shot some more photos, tidied up some bedroom crap and did some writing before heading off to my lip filler appointment with Tallent Medical. My last appointment was in October and the filler in the bottom lip had almost all broken down, which meant the 'natural' ratio was off and they looked slightly imbalanced. As is customary with my lips, they swelled up almost instantly so I had to hold an ice pack to my face on the walk home. Very glamorous.

Mess in my bedroom
CANON M50 which I've been using to shoot
Me holding an ice pack to my swollen lips
Mirror photo with lips after lip filler


Thursday was a real treat day for me, because I took the day off to visit one of my best friends, Ellena, in London. We headed to Le Bab first for lunch, which consisted of hummus, flatbreads, paneer kebabs and cheese fondue fries (plus wine, obviously.) Then it was on to The Ivy for a few complimentary cocktails from their new Soho Calling list, with a few nibbles to boot (Arancini and Zucchini Fries). Hopped on the train home afterwards whilst slightly pissed, but not before I grabbed another mini wine from the station with a cup that cracked and leaked all over the flip-down table. Never mind, I thought, I'll just have to neck it. Probably why the guy sitting next to me decided to move as soon as there was a free seat.

Mirror shot with leopard tee and black blazer
Glass of white wine at Le Bab in London
Various plates of food at Le Bab in London
My friend Ellena in The Ivy Soho


Hey! Hello! It's Friday whilst I'm writing this. Today has been a work-from-home admin day. I did the food shop first thing, wrote some lists, sent a lot of emails, edited a lot of pictures, nipped out to M&S to buy cake, cuddled Charlie (we're looking after him for a few nights - what a treat), sorted my books and drank coffee. My brother is popping over after work to update me on his ~ love life ~, then I'll just be ticking more bits off of my to-do list so I can enter the weekend totally carefree. Tonight's dinner plans will consist of leftover garlic bread and some prawns and rice; not the most conventional partnering, but an economical one nonetheless. Helloooooo weekend.

Mirror photo of me, dressed down in glasses
Keiran (boyfriend) and Charlie (pupper)


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