4 ASOS Design Buys To Spice Up Your Day

I have a confession: for a little while, I'd fallen out of love with ASOS.

It felt like the focus had shifted to stocking as many other brands as possible, whereas the ASOS line itself was relatively weak. There were crop tops, jersey skirts and ballet slippers in abundance, but trend-led, of the minute pieces? Well, it certainly wasn't a Zara or Mango, let's just say that.

Recently, however, a sexy rebrand of sorts has happened. The old ASOS has given way to ASOS Design, and the premium ASOS White line has started to diversify to accommodate petite and curve bodies (woohoo!). More than simply expanding their size offerings, the designs of the pieces themselves has improved massively. No longer are we resigned to the same skater dress 35 times over - now we have jumpsuits in interesting cuts, staple denim minis and basics which look way more expensive than they are. The price tags are also extremely attractive, with most bits coming in at £28 and under (a welcome relief after a browse through Topshop's v. overpriced New In selection), which is all the more reason to treat yourself to just oooone more thing...

It's fair to say that the change in direction has revived my relationship with my ASOS Premium account, and so I thought I'd show you a few of my latest steals. Just for the sake of clarity, this post isn't sponsored and I bought all of these bits myself. I never really need an excuse to shop, but claiming it's all for the sake of a blog post is particularly enabling. Enjoy!

P.S. Everything here ran true to size, so no need to size up or down.




Dress - ASOS Design

Necklace - Carrie Elizabeth Jewellery*

Earrings - Jane Koenig*

Basket - Flying Tiger

Shoes - Zara (old)


Skirt - ASOS Design

Tee - Primark

Sandals - Charles & Keith*

Bag - J.W. Anderson

Necklace - Carrie Elizabeth Jewellery*


Jumpsuit - ASOS Design

Bag - Charles & Keith*

Shoes - Mango

Hoops - Carrie Elizabeth Jewellery*


Dress - ASOS Design

Shoes - Chloé

Bag - Miss Selfridge*

Short neckace - Daisy Jewellery*

Long necklace - Daisy Jewellery*

Coin earrings - Ania Haie*


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