Dainty Jewellery Lookbook

I used to be a silver jewellery girl, believe it or not.

You're usually one or the other - gold or silver. Unless you're some kind of trailblazing maniac, that is, who defies all unspoken jewellery "rules" and mixes metals at will with absolutely no regard for those of us who have agonised over which colour of metal to dedicate our lives to. I am not said trendsetter, however, and I situate myself firmly on golden grounds. If you're a silver or rose gold queen then you might not find exactly what you're looking for in this lookbook, but hopefully there will be a few brand names that you don't immediately recognise and I can introduce a little bit of newness into your life.

Because that's the glorious thing about jewellery in our internet age. Where we may have once been restricted to the likes of Topshop or Claire's or the sterling silver section at Accessorize, we can now find an abundance of small, independent brands creating the most beautiful and unique jewellery pieces online. There's a huge selection to choose from, but sometimes having the world's buffet at your finger tips can make finding the bits you actually want a little more tricky . I mean, where do you even start? Spending hours trawling through hamsa hand friendship bracelets on Etsy? Spam-ridden hashtags on Insta? GOOGLE?! Girl, I know you ain't got time for that. There's a bottle of wine somewhere waiting to be drunk. A bath waiting to be run. An orgasm waiting to be enjoyed (all of this is shaping up to be a bloody good evening, by the sounds of it).

In keeping with the lookbooks I've been sharing lately, I thought it would be useful (especially ahead of that festive day which I'm going to have to start talking about soon, even though I'd rather pluck out my own pubic hair strand by strand) to give you a rundown of the jewellery pieces - and more importantly, brands - that I've discovered and grown to love. Any brands that I haven't been able to feature in the actual imagery of the post I've popped at the end with a link to my fave item, so fingers crossed there's a good bank of niceness for you to work with.

Hope you enjoy! x




Gold clip - Kitsch* / Dagger hoops - PYT Jewellery* / Emerald green hoops - Orelia Jewellery* / Choker necklace - Astrid & Miyu* / Pendant necklace - Alice Catherine x Mikaela Lyons Jewellery* / Knit - Warehouse* / Jeans - & Other Stories*

Initial studs - Daisy Jewellery* / Chunky hoops - Jane Koenig* / Choker necklace - Astrid & Miyu* / Bar necklace - Astrid & Miyu* / XO necklace - Kirstin Ash* / Shirt - Paloma Wool

Initial studs - Daisy Jewellery* / Hoop earrings (these are just bog standard basic hoops with Mi Moneda pendants* on them) / Rose quartz necklace - Daisy Jewellery* / Engraved locket - Carrie Elizabeth Jewellery* / Jewelled ring - From my mama / Teardrop ring - Monica Vinader / Signet ring - Missoma / Stacking ring - Missoma / T-shirt - & Other Stories*


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