35 Under £15 Gifts That Aren’t Shit

Whether it's Secret Santa, something little or you're simply gifting on a budget, trying to find meaningful, unique and/or useful presents for under £15 can be tricky. Fear ye not, however, as I have waded through the masses of body gift sets, hot water bottle/slipper duos and completely useless novelty items to bring you 35 of my favourite £15 and under gifts.

From jewellery to prints and everything in between, there's something for every possible giftee in your life, whether they're well into their interiors or they just love a bloody good mug. Personal faves are numbers 7, 21, 27 and 32, but let me know which bits you like and if you'll be grabbing any as perfect pressies this year. Enjoy my sassy as fuck Christmas elves!

P.S. Some people are good at flat lays, and some are not. My talents definitely lie elsewhere.

1. Bright Blue Supersoft Scarf, £12

I'm loving splashes of bright colours at the moment, from my trusty orange beanie to obnoxiously loud cardigans. This supersoft scarf would a) keep your person of choice warm, and b) look cute af too.

2. Rosemary and Sage Soap Dish Set, £15

There comes a moment in your life when you move out, and you start to care whether your guests think you have nice soap or not. Does it really matter? No. Do I still want fancy soap? Absolutely.

3. Insta Grammer City Book, £12.50

If there's a keen explorer or Instagram fanatic in your life, this little book would be super handy for scouting out new locations and offering up fresh inspo. Also looks great on a coffee table, if they like to be fancy.

4. Hetty Microfibre Screen Cleaner, £5.99

This is hands down the best desk-present I've come across. Perfect for any screen - laptop, phone or whatever else - this is an easy Secret Santa winner.

5. Gold Initial Mug, £8

What Christmas would be complete without an Anthropologie mug (or 2, or 3...)? Extra points awarded for the personal element of the initials, and even more extra points for being so Insta-worthy.

6. Blue Triangle Bra, £12

Simple, cute, and an easy day-to-day wearer, triangle bras are always a welcome gift and much like the scarf above, I'm diggin' this electric blue shade.

7. Large Candle & Jewellery Plate, £10

Ideal for dressing up a side or coffee table, and just really, really pretty, this decorated plate comes in at only £10, leaving some money in the budget for a sassy candle to boot.

8. Gold Frill Bralet, £12.99 & Gold Shorts, £9.99

Okay, so you can't pick up the full set for under £15, but I know some people like to lounge/sleep with proper pyjama bottoms on or a t-shirt, so either of these would be a sweet addition to someone's underwear drawer.

9. Yellow Velvet Cushion Cover, £6.99

These bargain cushion covers are perfect for propping up beds, sofas, or anything other snug places, and whilst I'm loving this golden hue, there are plenty of other colours to suit your giftee's taste.

10. Gold Mini Hoops, £4.00

Gold hoops are most definitely my jam, and these mini hoops are classic enough for every day, but chunky enough to not go unnoticed. At only £4 too, they make ideal stocking fillers.

11. Mustard Tassel Hoops, £3.49

Keeping the earring hype going, if the more minimal hoops above aren't your giftee's thang, these tassel hoops certainly make more of a statement. They come in plenty of colours too and at only £3.49, you can afford to stock up.

12. Korres Bergamot Pear Shower Gel, £8

I love more upmarket shower gel. Don't get me wrong, I'm a Radox girl through and through, but when the festive season rolls around, I always have my fingers crossed for something a little more expensive which will leave me smelling like a goddess. This Korres number should hit the spot.

13. Star Sign Mug, £8

Introduce a little celestial wonder with these star sign mugs, ideal for wrapping up with a hot chocolate kit or some fluffy socks for a bite-sized cosy night-in kit.

14. Glossier Cloud Paint, £15

From the cult brand Glossier, these blendable liquid blushers come in four different universally flattering shades and would slot in seamlessly to a dewy-skincare-lovers morning routine.

15. Pink Ribbed Jumper, £12.99

Sometimes the basics are the best (and also the pieces we neglect to buy ourselves). This baby pink ribbed knit is exactly the kind of item I'd reach for if I was in a rush, but could also be layered up under coats and cami dresses for extra ~ fashurn~ points.

16. Gold Magazine Rack, £15

What's the point in buying all of those heinously expensive magazines that you never read if you can't show them off? If your bff is guilty of this too, then pop one of these bad boys under their Christmas tree so they can finally put those front covers to use.

17. Rose Gold Heartbeat Ring, £8

An affordable gift that could easily hold sentimental value, this rose gold heartbeat ring may be small, but given to the right person, could carry a big meaning.

18. Topshop Highlighter, £12

Topshop have become somewhat known for their range of highlighters, and they've packaged up some limited edition lovelies especially for this year's festive season. Get that highlight POPPIN'.

19. Mon Cheri Tee, £15

It's fun, it's flirty, and it's only £15 - this slogan tee is sure to be a) more useful and b) more welcome than any Dove gift set you were planning on giving.

20. Badly Drawn Celebs Eleven Print, £7.72

Do you have a Stranger Things fan on your hands? Grab them one of these quirky Badly Drawn Celebs prints and pick up a bougie frame with the money left over (psssstt... there's a Jim Hopper one too! *dad bod*).

21. Jeremy Corbyn Card, £2.29

Okay, so it's not a gift per se, but it is a sick card for anybody who boarded the Jezza hype train during 2017. Plus it's literally an illustration of Jeremy Corbyn wearing a Christmas hat, so, you have to, right?

22. Red Soft Ribbed Beanie, £8

Do you want them to be both warm, and stylish? Then this soft ribbed beanie could be just the ticket. Oh, and there are a few different colours to choose from too, if pillar box red isn't their jam.

23. Glossier Boy Brow, £14

Another much-hyped and cult Glossier product, Boy Brow promises to be the one-stop shop for natural, bushy, full looking brows. If your boy or gal is into their eye toppers, this will fit the bill.

24. Position Of The Day Book, £8.99

If you think this isn't getting wrapped up and popped at the bottom of Keiran's stocking, you're wrong. I'm self-employed guys, I've got time to be creative.

25. Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings, £15

Earrings that won't go green in the shower - huzzah! Another simple gift but one that will undoubtedly be worn every day, these silver hoops are chunky and cute, just like moi (can you tell I've been writing this list for a long time? I'm running out of things to say about earrings).

26. Ring Dish, £8

If your lad or lady is forever leaving their rings scattered across the house, these v. pretty ring dishes prove not only to be a lovely decoration, but also hella useful too. Available in a couple of different patterns.

27. Sound Wave Print, £14.99

This is a sick gift, and I won't hear anything to the contrary. Choose their favourite song from their favourite artist, and have a soundwave of the track printed onto A3 for them to frame and share with pride. 10/10 IGN. You can also pay extra for a larger, framed print, which I think would make a beautifully personal larger present.

28. Wine Butler, £2

Yep, £2. It's literally just a piece of wood with a few holes in, but sometimes the simplest things are the most useful. You can also grab one with four spaces for wine glasses, because who has that many hands??

29. Striped Bath Mat, £12.99

"A bath mat as a gift?!" Yes! Absolutely! If your giftee is interiors mad or just loves a bloody good bath, a fluffy, Insta-worthy bath mat would certainly fit the gift-giving bill.

30. Baker Boy, £15

Everybody needs a baker boy. Already got a baker boy? Get a baker boy back-up (or maybe a different colour or something). Moral of the story: a baker boy is always a good gift.

31. Gold Flecked Mug, £14

We all have our everyday mugs - those slightly stained, mismatching £1 IKEA jobbies that we refuse to throw out - and then we have our special mugs - the ones we're happy to share with guests or on Instagram. These fall very decidedly in the special camp.

32. Bulbasaur Planter, £15

HOW CUTE ARE THESE?! Whether your giftee is a Pokemon fan or not, these made-to-order Bulbasaur planters are downright adorable, plus they're available in a whole host of colours. They're all custom however, so you'll have to be quick to get your order in before the Christmas cut off.

33. Salt and Pepper Shakers, £7

Again, you might be thinking "seriously, nobody wants salt and pepper shakers as a gift??" but, urm, hello, I do. Nobody ever wants to buy salt and pepper shakers, so being gifted some this aesthetically pleasing would be a real treat.

34. Teabag Tidy, £6

Do they love tea? Then a teabag tidy is an easy-winner. Who wants to go to the bin anyway?

35. Pomegranate & Hibiscus Candle, £7

Looking for that Jo Malone scent minus the Jo Malone price tag? This pomegranate and hibiscus candle comes in at only £7, plus it's 100% vegan, 100% eco-friendly, and 100% natural. So good you might have to buy one for yourself, right?


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