The Ultimate Little Summer Dress Guide For All Budgets

Following on from my recent post about how I’m finally embracing wearing a dress after resisting the “feminine” for so long, I’ve gone slightly dress mad. You know when you say you hate a certain food even though you’ve never actually tried it (come on, we’ve all been there, and if you haven’t said you hate gherkins in your lifetime then you’re lying), and then one day you take a bite and it’s like GOOD LORD I have been transformed…? Well, I feel like this has happened to me, just with dresses (stay with me guys, I promise I’m not losing my mind *panicked laugh*).

When it comes to comfort dressing, a little flippy number is probably the last thing that comes to mind. And we all have the same concerns – yes, the dress looks great on the 5’10 ASOS model, but how is it actually going to look on me? Will my old friend, the belly pouch come to visit? Will I leave the house feeling sassy AF before I realise that the dress is 100% see through and my black and white granny pants are now on show for the world to see (obviously this hasn’t happened to me IRL *cough*).

However, with summer well on the way and I’m sure, many a BBQ, Garden Party and Wedding about to pop up in your diary, there couldn’t be a better time to bite the bullet. With so many swishy numbers taking up residence on my clothes rail, the last-minute panic of “WHAT DOES ONE EVEN WEAR FOR A SMART CASUAL SUMMER EVENT” has been – at least for now – put to bed.

Coming out of my comfort zone for these legless lovelies has also meant that I’ve been experimenting with colour more. If I dabbled in the realm of prints last year the primary colour was still always black, whereas now you’re hard pushed to find my not wearing red. Yellow has also become a surprise contender, along with midi and maxi lengths that I felt previously would have drowned me. This is a beautiful dress renaissance in all its glory, and you know what? I’m taking you with me.

To give you a helping hand I’ve pulled together a tonne of little summer dresses for three different budgets – under £20, under £30 and under £50, so if you do a little bit of shopping, it won’t break the bank!

Dress Pictured – SilkFred*
Shoes – ASOS
Sunglasses – RayBan*

Under £20

Under £30

Under £50

Perfect Partner Accessories 


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