Four Things I’ve Been Buying Lately

Well, it’s done isn’t it?

There’s no point fighting it anymore, as hard as I might try. Autumn is officially upon us, and I know this for sure because I’ve suddenly fallen into every blazer that’s been haunting me from my clothes rail and I’ve had approximately four conversations about when it’s okay to turn the heating on. Summer ’18, you were good to us, but my kryptonite has been presented to me and there’s nothing I can do to fight it. That’s right, the AW18 collections are swelling in the New In sections, and I’m helpless to deny them. Cowboy boots, come at me!

With that being said, I’ve been picking up a few bits lately ahead of the inevitable cold snap. I was a savvy shopper last winter so I have a decent amount of knitwear which I still love and which will easily work with whatever new pieces I buy, but I thought I’d share the kind of items I’ve been adding to my basket as of late. I’m always super interested in what other people are buying because it makes me consider pieces/combinations of items which I maybe wouldn’t have put together myself, but remember! If you wouldn’t wear it to Starbucks and you don’t have a set occasion to pull it off the rail, don’t buy it. That’s the rule I’m trying to live by at the moment, anyway (I’m being more responsible with my own spending and with the spending I encourage others to do - if we already have three black jumpers, should we really be buying another for the sake of it being ‘new’?).

Silky Skirts

Come, child, join the hoards of other young women breaking the bank to acquire the perfect goes-with-everything silky skirt. One of the early essentials of the season, prepare yourself to see everyone and their postman sporting a silky-soft skirt of some sort. I have to confess that I’ve fallen victim to the Insta hype and ordered that Realisation Par leopard number (okay, I know I said I was going to curb my spending, but my theory is that if I invest in one or two pricier items I won’t then spend the same amount picking up multiple high-street versions which will inevitably be neglected), but I’ve seen plenty of cheaper alternatives which look just as pretty. I bagged this one from Topshop last week and whilst it’s not my usual colour, there’s something about silky fabrics which makes me feel a little more bougie and adventurous. Kind of like a rich divorcee, which is my eternal inspiration. Pair your silky skirt with oversized knits and trainers/boots for laid-back luxe.

Oversized Cardigans

Speaking of oversized knits, the chunky cardigan is back with a vengeance this year. We had the & Other Stories cropped moment that took over Instagram for a hot second last AW, and there are plenty of longer line alternatives popping up on the high street too. I actually bagged this Zara number about two years back and I almost chucked it when I was having a clear out, but that inner demon whispered ’no girl don’t do it’ and so I let it linger on my rail for a couple of months longer. Thank goodness I did, otherwise I would have been simultaneously kicking myself and breaking out the debit card to order a replacement. Aside from pairing oversized cardigans with silky skirts, I’m loving them just thrown over a tee and high waisted jeans for what is honestly the easiest and comfiest outfit ever. Just throw some gold jewellery on and a pair of strappy sandals, if you want to dress it up a bit.

Neutral Bags

I invested in a new bag recently (the Loewe Puzzle Bag in the Mink colourway), and ever since buying it, I feel like my black bags have become all but redundant. I mean, obviously they’re not, and I still greet each and every one as if they were the spawn of my loins, but I’ve got a real fancy for neutral bags at the moment and I’ve been grabbing a few high-street numbers too. If you follow me on Insta you will have seen this famous Zara babe which I’ve loved pairing with mini skirts and trainers for a contrasting sporty vibe, and I’ve also had to stop myself indulging in the new bag collection at Mango which is b e a u t i f u l. I love my black bags but sometimes they are a little harsh, so it’s nice to have a lighter option which is neutral enough to go with any and all outfits, and which can be paired with black shoes too.

Winter Footwear

After months of wearing Birkenstocks and strappy sandals on a loop, this is about the time of year I start considering the real possibility of cold toes. I have famously freezing feet which I can never seem to warm up despite my best efforts, so September is the official start point of searching for something more appropriate. My go-tos around A/W are typically boots and trainers, and this year is no different. I'm still super into the whole cowboy vibe and my unremarkable love affair with ugly white trainers is still ongoing, so at the moment it's a case of searching for reworkable staples that I can rely on when the mornings are dark and cold and the caffeine levels are depleted.


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