What My Average Week Looks Like

Back in November, I hit publish on a blog post that detailed my inner conflict between writer and blogger. Which one was I? Which one am I? Can I be both at the same time, or do I just bounce from realm to realm depending on the content I write? One thing that did come from writing that blog post was being able to establish the type of article I’m most happy sharing on the tinternet. Dishing out style tips and detailing what I was wearing just wasn’t pushing my buttons; instead, I found myself gravitating towards “think pieces” – content that tackled certain issues or subjects that I could actually give my opinion on.  
Hat – ASOS
Shirt – Zara (sold out, ASOS alternative here)
Jeans – ASOS
Shoes – Mango
Bag – J.W. Anderson
Belt – Saint Laurent (sold out, alternative here)

These are always my most popular posts, and they are the posts I most enjoy writing. However, opting for this style of blogging carries a lot of baggage. The honest truth is I don’t always have something in mind that I’m chomping at the bit to articulate, and trying to find something useful to write about when you don’t already have a lot to say can be quite challenging. Oftentimes – much like tonight – it’s gone 8pm in the evening and I just don’t have anything to say. That’s why today I’m making a conscious decision to break the shackles off my feet so I can dance (man what a tune) and writing about something absolutely unextraordinary – my average week.

Now I’ve shot myself in the foot a little bit here, because there is no such thing as an average week for me. I bounce between working in the office in my marketing role to blogging and shooting and hiding away from the world at home, and as such, I can’t really offer you a day by day breakdown. Instead, I thought I would offer a short summary of the things I do week-in, week-out, no matter the order or what’s scheduled into the calendar.

Head into the office
Hey, do you come here often? If you do, you’ll know that as well as blogging, I also work for a marketing firm in the role of Account Manager. The agency I work for covers a breadth of industries, so on a daily basis I find myself dipping my toe into everything from plumbing to nursing, managing all marketing activity for my account clients and delegating tasks where necessary. All sounds very fancy, huh? Whilst I do try and jump out for as many coffee meetings as possible, the reality of my job is that I spend all day sitting at my desk, eyes glued to my Mac, begging my colleagues to make me copious amounts of tea. I also have the incredible responsibility of being office DJ (self-appointed, of course), but that just means I get to play endless Golden 80’s without even a semblance of guilt.

Do boring life chores
When you appear to live an Insta-glam life filled with cocktails and hotel stays and new designer handbags, it’s easily forgotten that you’re still doing those boring, shitty chores behind the scenes. I spend a lot of time cleaning up my room and recycling packaging, as well as making dinner, changing my bed, washing my hair and shaving my pits – all of that usual, dull crap that we all have to do, but that I never share.

Blog shooting and editing
At least twice a week I try and get some outfit content shot for upcoming blog posts, usually with the assistance of the wonderful Hannah Gale or Keiran if I can manage to lure him out with the promise of breakfast. I always shoot outfits and then write content afterwards (unless I’m collaborating with a brand who already have a brief in mind), so shots are 99% outfit focussed and feature whatever fine new things have entered my wardrobe as of late. My preferred style of photography has definitely developed a lot over the past year, going from over-exposed white walls to the buildings and architecture I like now. I edit all of my photographs in Lightroom, making small adjustments to the exposure and contrast before moving a few over to Photoshop to place in a collage or edit out any unwelcome spots. Oh and FYI, just in case you were wondering, I’m currently shooting with an Olympus Pen E-PL7 and the 75mm lens (huge but amazing!).

Admin ‘pon admin ‘pon admin (oh, and a little bit of writing)
The majority of my blogging time is spent answering emails, attending to the social media beast and trying to keep track of my finances. I’m constantly refreshing my inbox, flagging email threads and tapping out hasty replies with the sign off ‘sorry if there are any typos, I’m answering from my phone!’. Two or three times a week I’m lucky enough to sit down and do some actual writing, but the majority of my time is spend sorting my shit out.

Spend time with K
Do you guys feel like you know him now? The last month has been a full on Keiran-fest and he’s even sitting behind me right now, occupying himself with football whilst he waits for me to finish this post. We spend every night together unless one of us is away working (*cough*or at a spa*cough*), so even when I’m working in the evening, we’ll make sure to be in the same room and take regular breaks for a cup of a tea and a hug.

Play games and hibernate
I’m definitely the kind of person that craves downtime. Whereas my best friend Jade loves going for a drink after work and revelling in her social queen status, as soon as the clock strikes 5.p.m., I’m ready to go home and hibernate. When it comes to downtime I typically want as little social contact as possible; give me a glass of wine or a cup of tea and sit me down in front of a games console and I’m happy. Latest addition to the library is Theme Hospital – yes, the one and only. It’s much easier than I remember as a kid but I will never get over how funny the ‘Bloaty Head’ condition is.

And there you have it! The unsurprisingly uninteresting run-down of what a typical week for me includes. Amongst these day-to-day activities I often throw in a smattering of events, London trips and copious amounts of coffee, but these are the things that make up the core of my daily life and really, the things that keep me happy. Do let me know if these types of posts interest you by popping a comment down below or finding me over on Twitter and Instagram, and until next time, stay sassy.

Photography: Michaela Tornaritis


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