Here’s The Career Kick Up The Arse You Might Need

Towards the end of last year, I was approached with an opportunity that, if accepted, would see me occupying a numerous-page spread in a nationwide glossy magazine, as well as hosting a LFW brunch with one of our high-street’s most loved shops and talking through some of my fave trends of the season. It was set to be one of the biggest moves of my career, and one which I was very close to declining.

And then I did.

I said no, in part because the pay wasn’t exactly what I’d like it to have been, but also, in part, out of fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of lack of control, fear of judgement - the Holy Trinity, if you will. And if we’re really being honest here, the issue with payment almost acted as a useful excuse, legitimising my refusal and allowing me to offer some other explanation than the truth: I was scared.

Regret, I feel, is a good thing. I’ve written about how recognising your own crappy actions and ultimately wishing they hadn’t happened doesn’t mean you don’t appreciate the larger life lesson, and there are plenty of decisions I’ve made which afterwards, I regretted. Some big, some small, some which were so short-lived that they now wouldn’t even cross my mind; whichever camp this falls into, I do - at least partially - regret turning the opportunity down.

And that’s because I was standing in the way of my own career progression. Yes, okay, despite dismissing it, the payment issue is still an issue itself, but I kind of didn’t want to do it anyway. What if I had no control over the clothes or the make-up or the hair, and I ended up looking like an unrecognisable version of myself? What if I didn’t get to approve the images before they were published? What if I didn’t like them? And then there was the brunch: what if my mind went blank and I forgot what to say? What if I wasn’t funny enough? What if the guests just didn’t like me?

It was a sea of uncertainty, and on this occasion, I wasn’t prepared to ride the wave. Whether I’ll feel a pang of jealously upon seeing who nabbed the spot remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure: I need a career kick up the arse.


Jacket - Lola May Clothing

Roll neck - Primark (similar Boohoo here)

Trousers - Topshop

Shoes - Gucci

Bag - J. W. Anderson

Sunglasses - Topshop (similar ASOS here)


I often feel divided about my job. On the one hand, I worked for a very long time for no reward whatsoever, other than the simple pleasure of reading, writing, and sharing. Blogging whilst working or studying full-time is difficult, and you have to be willing to sacrifice a lot for very little in return. I only started to make money from my blog in 2016, and for a long time, I didn’t really understand the value of what I could do. Now, on the other hand, I’m reaping the rewards of my years of unpaid hobbying and I’m at a point where blogging is my main source of income, although I do a little bit of freelance marketing on the side for a monthly, reliable pay-check. I’m not rich, but I’m no longer declining dinner invites if there isn't an accompanying 2-for-1 voucher, and within that gap I've become comfortable and sleepy.

That’s me being completely transparent with you. I could be working harder than I am, but sometimes, I get lazy. Sometimes I get complacent, and I force myself out of the house at early doors to comply with normal working hours, only to sit in a coffee shop and browse Topshop for an hour and a half. Where I could be pushing myself to innovate and create and inhabit newer, unknown spaces in the pursuit of personal growth, I opt for the comfort of familiarity and ease and certainty.

Turning down such a potentially rewarding opportunity as I did, however, as acted as somewhat of a wake-up call. I want to push myself this year. I want to challenge myself to venture outside of my comfort zone, and risk things going wrong for the sake of learning. I want to work smarter, making the most of my time and becoming more organised with what I do and when. I want to set realistic targets that I can work towards, and then celebrate properly when I feel that I deserve it.

And I want to invite you to join me. Here’s the career kick up the arse you might need - please give my booty a boot in return. Unhappy in your job? Unsure of your relationships? Quietly stuffing down that longing to travel the world in favour of the more realistic 9-5? If you know, you already know, so I needn't convince you further, but consider this an invitation to see what we can really do when we just say fuck it.

Because what’s stopping you? But, really? Is it that you don’t want to relocate, or is it that you’re scared of being alone in a place you don’t know? Is it that you’re happy doing what you’re doing now, or is it because you’re comfortable? Is it that you really are going through a rough patch, or that you’re avoiding the discomfort and responsibility of a break-up?

Every time we push ourselves we put ourselves at risk, offering up our vulnerability to be embraced or exploited at will. This is terrifying, and sometimes, it goes wrong. We can’t ignore the fact that, yes, indeed, sometimes it ~ does ~ go wrong. But we have to try. I’m guilty of stewing in my own safety and not pushing myself out of my comfort zone; I got invited on numerous incredible press trips last year, but said no to most of them because I hate being away from Keiran, not because I can’t function without him, but because the familiarity and security of our company and home is all too easy to relax into. This year I want it to be different. I don’t want to be left with ‘what ifs’, placating myself with shaky reassurances that I made the right decision - I want to meet 2019 with a long list of milestones and a big, fuck-off bottle of gin to boot.

So join me, recruit. Let’s take a break from giving ourselves a break and take risks. Instead of stepping back, let’s push through. Let’s step outside of what we know, keep going when it gets tough and see what we’re actually capable of achieving when we do the things that make us feel uncomfortable. We got this. We can do this.

Are you with me?

  • Absolutely with you! My one and only big resolution for this year is, “Outside the comfort zone”. I want to push myself more and say ‘yes’ where I would usually say ‘no’ out of self-consciousness and the fear of losing control. Just today I heard a quote that said, “Comfort is the enemy of progress”, and that was exactly what I needed to hear before I go back to my desk tomorrow, ready to push my career (which I just changed mid-2017) to the next level x

  • Carrie

    I’m with you! Love this and can totally relate – sometimes it’s hard (and terrifying) to push yourself! I’ve only recently started following you but loving your writing.

  • I’m with you on this! I definitely need a kick up the arse! I get so lazy and I procrastinate so much! I work a full time job and blog as a hobby on the side and sometimes I love it but sometimes it’s just too much and I nearly give up. But it’s post like this that keep me motivated!

    Robyn |

  • Jude Rivers

    Great post! I am so with you on this! I want to make some real changes in 2018! xx

  • Totally with you on this one, i’ve already made some pretty huge steps to make 2018 a big changing year for me! Alice xxx

  • I can so relate to this temptation by the comfort zone and it’s definitely time I made an escape! Thanks for the kick I needed!

    Good Luck for 2018 and I’m excited to see what it has in store for you and me!

    Daughter of An Air Hostess // Fashion, Travel & Lifestyle

  • Renny

    Absolutely loved this! I feel like being complacent and in general just to comfortable with routines is one of my biggest hurdles which I need to overcome! I worked in a job (club work) I hated where I was being treated unfairly because of my race/sex. I stayed because the idea of being jobless scared me. I swapped to another club and the same persisted and at the beginning of this year I left! Before the same problems arise x10 I want to remove myself from that situation and see what I can really do for myself! I’m going to spend 2018 focusing on blogging. I really want to put my all into it this year and I’m excited for the changes that will come!

    Ren x

  • Oh didn’t I need this kick up the arse lol, loved reading this babe!

    Jada xx

  • Yes girl, I need to push myself this year! In working on my blog, however that may be as I enjoy it so much, in creating relationships that make me happy and actually going out to meet girls to create more friendships and to actually go and see more of the world, even if I do it solo! This year is going to be our year! xx

  • Emily Becca

    And to think your blog couldn’t motivate me any more, thank you girl, thank you.

    Em // xx

  • I love having these moments! They are exactly what you need to push yourself. Thank you for sharing yours 🙂

    Sarah | More Than Adored

  • Oh Chloe what a powerful message! I love that you are constantly challenging yourself as well as us. We’re all in it together aren’t we!

  • Totally with you. I’ve actually started reading more books about this because fear dictates so many of my actions. Most recent is ‘the subtle art of not giving a fuck’ – i haven’t read it yet, so can’t advise if it’s any good buuuuuuuuuuuut even the title speaks volumes! You’re capable of more than you realise so just say yes and deal with everything else later <3

  • Oh Little Plum <3 I can’t tell you what a welcome and refreshing voice you are in the online space. I’m really lacking in inspiration lately and very much listening to self-doubt over self-confidence but this post has just convinced me to have a word with myself. An expletive word to be exact. Thank you for always posting such honest content – it really doesn’t go unnoticed Xx

  • Holly White

    I can be so lazy sometimes too – I totally need a career kick up the arse! I want to achieve so many things, so why not bloody well work for them?! xxx

  • Adeline B.

    Totally in you with this. Because of current things in my life, that’s what I need too. Trying to take better decisions (because I’m like the queen of bad ones in my mind, especially if I’m looking back at my life…) and mostly, taking them because I really want to (or don’t want to) and not because of fear, may it be conscious or not. We all need a boost and it starts within ourselves.

  • You’ve done it again and created such an amazing post!! This year I am the same! I am working so damn hard on my blog since I want it to become my main source of income and something I am successful with! I am for sure with you on this kick up the arse!!

  • I’ve definitely become very lazy in the last year – always full of ideas, but no push to do them. I’m comfortable like you, and a little scared. I know you’ve got this though Chloe, The Little Plum is going to go far this year, and with a little luck, so will I! 🙂 …also couldn’t leave this without saying, you look bloody fab, loving the cord jacket!!

    Laura |

  • Love this so much! I am trying to say yes to things, even if I am scared and totally shitting it. I recently said yes to contribute to a documentary on ITV and it was only on the day it was meant to air did all the self-doubt and fear hit me.
    In the end It wasnt as bad as I thought it would be and I had so many lovely comments, I am just so proud that I stepped outside my comfort zone!

    Heres to being brave and bold in 2018 ♥

  • You are such a great blogger! I love reading your posts, because it’s always so inspiring.
    I like your jacket, it’s so nice! Have a nice week!

  • I needed to read this today! I’m so glad I found your blog, it’s so gorgeous and I adore your photos 😀 I love your style of writing too, this article is so motivating and inspiring! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (I would love to follow each other on bloglovin if you like! :D)


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