Valentine’s Lingerie for the Belly Conscious

This post is, annoyingly, one day late. I say that because a year ago yesterday, I published the first in my 2016 Valentine’s Lingerie series (if you’re feeling nosey, you can still see that here). One year one and day later, my weight may have gone up, but my love for the lacier things in life has still stayed the same. Where my outerwear tends to be more masculine and monochromatic, my lingerie choices range from pretty in pink to those Calvin Klein dupes that everybody had. True, I wear the same style of plain black pants nearly every day (shout out to Asda for making boring but comfortable options), but my underwear draw is brimming with colour and lace and all things pretty.

I discussed this blog post numerous times before I actually got around to shooting and writing it. I knew I wanted to revive my lingerie series, but I also knew that my confidence in my body had fallen through the floor and I wasn’t keen to show off my wobbly tum and cellulite arse. I found myself bouncing back and forth between being really excited about the post because I knew a lot of people were interested in seeing it, and dreading shooting it because I knew I would be disappointed with the way I looked. After going round in circles a million times, I realised that the reason I wanted to share the Valentine’s series this year was because I felt bad about my body. Sound crazy? Bear with me.

Lacey Shirt Set – Wacoal

Where on one end of the spectrum you have your gorgeous super-slim gym bods and on the other hand you have your beautiful curvy gals (I never know if individuals like the term plus-sized so I’m hesitant to use it), I fall somewhere in the middle. This middle ground seems to be the grey area that no-one dares tread in. I’m the kind of weight where people will look at me and think “god she’s put on a bit of weight”. That accidental weight, that double-chin-thigh-chaffing-boobs-resting-on-stomach-when-I-sit-down kind of weight, but that, because I’m so petite, can still fit in a size 10. Especially as a blogger, I feel like I don’t belong in either the ‘standard’ or ‘plus-size’ camp. I’ll be the first to say that you needn’t identify as anything when it comes to body shape, but when you’re shopping for lingerie and the industry itself categorises items depending on these labels, it can be frustrating.

And so the real motivation behind publishing this post and was precisely to put myself out there – even if that does make me feel slightly vulnerable – and to say “hey, if you have a body like mine, here’s what this might look like on you”. I sent back so many bodies and bra sets because the way they fit on me was so different to the way they fit the model. Not only was it annoyingly time-consuming, the whole process made me feel bad about my body. Why don’t I look that good in a body? Why aren’t my boobs that perky? Why is my arse both fat and flat? But how was I ever going to measure up? The truth is, my chubby, stumpy, 5’ figure is never going to wear something the same way a 5’11 athletic figure will.

I also wanted the post to be useful. If you are self-conscious about your stomach – as I am – slipping into a bra and pants set may not be the most appealing way to make yourself feel sexy. Special lingerie should make you feel good about yourself, and that only comes from feeling confident in what you’re wearing. That’s what I opted for something a little different. Now I know this may look like a pyjama set (and I have actually been wearing it as one), it is actually a lingerie set and it’s perfect for hiding your tum if you’re self-conscious about how yours looks.

It’s still sexy, however. The top if semi-sheer so can be worn with or without a bra to show as much as you’d like, and the lacy knickers show just enough skin to be suggestive. The other great thing about the knickers are that not only are they extremely comfy, they also sit a little higher on the hips, meaning they smooth out the muffin top line of the bottom of your belly (win win win). I chose to wear a white bralette beneath the top for the sake of shooting (I’m not sure how much my photographer Michaela really wanted to see), but have since worn it without and it does look very pretty. It’s quite a loose fabric so if you are a larger-breasted babe, I don’t see it clinging too tightly across your chest.

Along with the set worn, I’ve scoured the web for a few of my favourite affordable and flattering lingerie choices so you can TREAT YO’ SELF and try a few options. Along with that, here are a few of my top tips to bear in mind when you’re shopping for tum-flattering lingerie:

  • High-waisted does not always mean flattering – stay away from satin or silk fabrics because these will amplify the shadow of your muffin top.
  • Bodies and bodysuits are great, but again avoid satin and silk around the lower stomach area and any bodies that have strips of lace up the middle or mix fabrics. I find these bring attention to my stomach rather than flattering it.
  • If you can, size up on pants. Anything tight around the hips will make your stomach look larger (plus they’re much comfier when they are bigger so win win).
  • Black is great for that slimming effect but don’t limit yourself – cherry reds compliment all skin tones and tricky colours like pale pinks and whites can look beautiful if the fit is right.
  • When opting for a bra, longer line ones will cover that roll of under-boob fat that can often ruin the prettiest of bralettes. Doing this will also bring attention to the smallest part of your waist, making you appear slimmer.
  • If in doubt, nothing is sexier than a tee and lacy pants. Simple, easy to achieve and looks amazing!

I’d love to know what you think of this post so please do comment down below, or find me over on Instagram and Twitter and pop me a lil’ message. Happy shopping!

(Photograhy: Michaela Tornaritis)
  • I love love love this post Chlo and have been so excited for you to post it! You look beautiful – just gorgeous! I'm so self concious about my body. I'm on the more 'slim' end of the spectrum but I used to be a lot bigger and lost the weight, so I'm not one of these 'super toned and tight' gals. I find it so empowering seeing lovelies ladies like you loving their bodies and embracing it, it gives me so much more confidence to love who I am. The piece you're wearing is so pretty too, I've never seen anything like it before! Love love love! Xxx

  • Love this post! I am petite and have a similar body shape to you, I gained a few pounds last year and I struggle with body confidence, I love your posts and I LOVE seeing someone with a similar shape to mine.


  • I love this post! Something I really struggle with is also being in this between, not curvy, not slim but a little chubby, I really like this set as I love lace as well, and have resorted to making my own bralettes because nowhere makes them for big boobs. Love love love the confidence you have in your body, treat it with love its your permanent home 💖

    Tori – pinaforesandposies

  • You look so gorgeous!! Such an amazing way of looking sexy but feeling confident! You have such a gorgeous figure, it's hard not to, but you should never feel bad about your body xxx

  • You look amazing! Love the idea of wearing the top as something different too x


  • I love love love this post! You look amazing and you completely rock any look. It's ok if you feel like you don't fit into any camp, make your own camp.

  • These photos are absolute stunning!! I have a really similar body shape to you and I agree that our 'middle of the road' body type is kind of forgotten about. I can't tell you how amazing it is to see someone with a body that I can actually identify with – it makes such a difference to my self-confidence. So thank you for this post – you absolute babe!

    Lynnsay x

  • This looks so cute !


  • I have never commented on a blog post before but wanted to let you know how incredible these shot are and how beautiful you look.I think about my body and weight 99% of the day and I'm working on that but I love seeing fashion that I genuinely want to wear on your blog posts. P.s you're body is smoking, don't ever apologise for that!

  • I've never seen your blog before but it's exactly what I needed to see! I don't fit into slim or plus size labels either so its refreshing to see someone with an 'in between' figure look so gorgeous.

  • i love lingerie so much and I think every girl needs to get some no matter what size they are. it's about feeling beautiful and firstly for ourselves. Love this series<3

    xx from italy
    Cate ღ 35mm in Style

  • That is an inspiring post.
    I get that feeling to not feel good about your body, I even would call mine "disgusting" so I tend to just avoid beautiful lingerie (that and well, I'm single) but that option you showed is a nice alternative, it still looks sexy without showing too much and be uncomfortable. (And you look great girl xxxx).

  • I loved the message of this post! You are totally right and I feel the best when I am comfortable too! Sometimes I love just waking up in the morning and putting on my laciest underwear just because it makes me feel good that day! X

  • You look stunning Chloe!
    Very refreshing to see someone talking about this 🙂 xxxxx

  • I absolutely love this post. Nobody speaks about things like this so openly in the blogging world (finally, someone else who has/acknowledges underboob rolls!!) and as someone who works in the fashion industry and has gained some weight since being in a happy stable relationship, it's an absolute breath of fresh air to read. You've made me feel a million times better about myself – if you look this amazing, maybe I can too! Will definitely be following your tips and stop shoehorning myself into too-tight g-strings which make me feel like an overstuffed sausage – it's time for me to embrace bigger but equally as sexy knickers I think. xx


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