Photos From My Phone: 25th-29th March

Pink blossom against blue sky


Guess where it all started? Of course. In Starbucks. I had a few campaigns to shoot on Monday so Hannah picked me up first thing and we squeezed some snaps out of the morning light, before heading to our local and plonking ourselves down on the communal bench. We tend to see the same familiar faces there week in, week out, so we said a few hellos and hoped that the miserable man who sometimes sits on the same table as us wouldn't turn up (he didn't, thank God. He is now named 'the man' and originally distinguished himself by shouting at a pharmacist on the phone for ten whole minutes whilst Starbucks was packed). Tapped out some work, drank some more coffee, then walked home and took Charlie for a quick spin around the block (sadly not my pupper - we were dogsitting for Keiran's Mum and sister). I had another last minute campaign so my usual afternoon writing session gave way to tripods and self-timers, and before I knew it, it was evening. Keiran went out for a Nando's and I stayed at home to faff and relax, and then like the street urchin I am, I sorted through his and his friends' discarded McDonald's monopoly vouchers, ready to win my giant cash prize. Monday done.

Moi in Starbucks with a chunky cup of coffee
Mirror photo at home in jeans and slippers
Charlie (brindle Staffy) out for a walk
McDonald's monopoly


Tuesday was a fairly dull day. I spoke a lot about a pair of jeans I rediscovered and love on Instagram Stories, went out to Cosy Club for a coffee and solo admin session (our Cosy Club is in a shopping centre and the siren sounded for a practise evacuation as soon as I opened the front doors. I thought it was my fault and very nearly crapped myself with fear/embarrassment) and edited some video footage. I purchased a replacement black pen which turned out to be the WRONG black pen (and now the case won't close ffs), and then faffed around at home doing some more writing and admin. And that's it! Nothing interesting to report here. Not even any good cake or grub or anything. A real meh day.

Mirror photo wearing Weekday Row jeans in Sky Blue
Selfie smiling in sun with headphones on
Two cardboard boxes against the wall
Pen set with one different pen


At this point I can see that I wasn't having a very good week, because I only took two photos on Wednesday and one of them was me getting the washing off the line. I took said photo because I thought 'shit, I have nothing to show for my day', and I knew that having been in a crappy mood, I was unlikely to go on and do anything particularly remarkable with my afternoon. And I didn't; I met Jess first thing and we went to Applaud to tackle emails and drown in lattes, and once I got home, I coiled up into a protective shell and let myself be grumpy. I promise my week gets (marginally) more animated, so stay with me...

Coffee table with two coffees and a sausage roll


If I'm having a shit week, whether it's personal or professional, I always find forcing myself into the capital for a day of meetings is the perfect antidote. There's something infectious about energy in the city, especially when there is the promise of wine on the horizon. Still grumpy and a little tired from a restless night's sleep, I got myself ready and slouched onto the train. I forgot my Keep Cup (of course), but the coffee was welcome regardless. First stop was Coal Drop Yards around King's Cross; I had a piercing booked at 1pm but arrived early, so I set up shop in Vermuteria with a diddy latte and an open view and tapped away to pass the time.

Then it was upstairs to Sacred Gold, the new sister studio to the famous Love Hate Social Club in Notting Hill. I had my tragus pierced with BVLA jewellery by the genuinely lovely Nicole, who happened to also have pierced my other tragus a few years back at their Notting Hill location. I opted for a dainty gold moon, and I love it. After that I met Rachael (of Bubbly Aquarius) for a quick bev and natter, before darting across to Granary Square for another meeting. This time we had wine - Whispering Angel, in fact - which I mentioned sounded like a rude name but which, upon tasting, was delicious.

Slightly tipsy but ever-enthusiastic for the evening ahead, I made my way home. All was well until I got to the taxi rank and saw that the prawn cocktail salad I'd bought had EXPLODED in my bag. PRAWN. MAYONNAISE. EVERYWHERE. I had to hold it in my lap whilst trapping the smell with another bag and feeling the moistness leak down onto my legs. Revolting. Would not recommend. Had another glass of wine when I got home to compensate.

Train tray with coffee and laptop
Coal Drops Yard, London
Coal Drops Yard, London
Interior cafe with laptop and coffee
Mirror selfie in cafe toilets wearing check blazer
Interior of Sacred Gold King's Cross /tattoo piercing studio
Close up of ear with new tragus piercing
Granary Square exterior table with two glasses of wine
Prawn cocktail exploded in bag


Originally I'd planned to spend Friday in London with Sophie who I haven't seen in aaaages, but some personal stuff came up and I ended up staying in Ipswich. I opted for an impromptu solo coffee date, complete with laptop and a list of book recommendations to trawl through. Owing to the fact I'd had a crappy week, the sun was shining and the weekend was imminent, I then gave myself permission to take the bloody afternoon. I poured a generous glass of Chardonnay, put on Keiran's discarded, floordrobe clothes, and settled myself in the garden with my feet up and pages open. When you are your own boss you're often hesitant to take time off - those are hours that could have been spent doing business-y crap, after all - but every now and then you have to play truant and enjoy the benefits of self-employment. And I had a really good afternoon, unsurprisingly. I finished my book, soaked in the sun and stopped obsessing about phones and apps and emails for a hot second. It was blissful, and I carried this goodness over into the weekend. Lots more slow wines, lots more reading, and lots more quiet. Hope yours was just as good!

Applaud interior with iced coffee and latte on table
Selfie with glass of wine
Mirror selfie in baggy clothes
Mirror selfie in baggy clothes


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