Cyber Week Discounts & Deals Worth Knowing

And just like that, it's Cyber Week again.

Urm, how exactly did that happen, please? It feels like only yesterday we were baking ourselves in the unprecedented 30 degree British heat, and now we're diving headfirst into the biggest shopping flurry of the year. Whether I'm ready for it or not is irrelevant, because Cyber Week is spilling out at the seams and oozing into our social feeds and inboxes as we speak. It's time to tame the beast.

There's always quite a lot of noise surrounding BF and CW, so if you've decided to opt out this time around, I don't blame you. If, like me, however, you can't resist the temptation of a tasty deal or two, I've listed my favourite selection of discounts below and I'll be updating them each and every morning. Feel free to bookmark the post and check back if you want to streamline your approach to shopping; one list may be slightly more bearable than a thousand different Insta Stories and emails all heading in your direction.

{Last updated Friday 23rd AM. Some affiliate links used.}




  • Charlotte Tilbury - 50% off most-popular gift sets. Click to shop.
  • Debenhams - MAC, Nars, Urban Decay etc. all discounted. Click to shop.
  • Glossier - 20% off everything. Click to shop.
  • IT Cosmetics - 25% off (I use the Superhero Mascara which is my most asked question on Instagram!). Click to shop.


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