Back To Uni Lookbook

I used to kinda hate back to uni lookbooks.

Cosy knitwear, a good pair of staple black boots and some wear-everyday jeans? That I could get on board with. But vinyl dresses, knee high stilettos and weird tiny backpacks that would only fit 3 biros and half a Twix? Bloody useless.

And that's 90% of what I used to see as soon as the new term rolled around. Brands would get a boner for the inevitable flood of loan-rich, clothes-poor student purchases, and so they seemed to descend into this frenzied madness of oh who cares how practical it is keITH JUST PUT IT IN A STUDENT EDIT!

If you have, are, or will ever be a student, however, you'll know when it comes to the likes of lectures and seminars, comfort is key. Nay - comfort is KING. Because, let's be honest, you may be spending 9k a year at a university which can't seem to stock more than one edition of the essential module text, but you still don't want to be there. You'd still rather be back in bed, texting your housemate to bring you a tea and, actually, would they mind sending you the notes from the lecture you missed yesterday?

Even when you do want to be there, the last thing you need is your PVC catsuit announcing your lateness via a series of uncomfortable squeaks. It's winter, it's cold, you're broke and you're tired, so what do you want?

Knitwear, denim, rewearable shoes, and some semblance of style which can be achieved with little to no effort whatsoever. That's the name of the game (or at least it was for me).

So that's what I've pulled together. Five different outfits which are comfortable, practical, and easy to chop and change with other items for the foundations of a capsule wardrobe. I religiously wore a jumper and jeans to uni nearly every day so I've tried to not stray too far from my ~ truth ~, but I have worked in a couple of trend items (the silky skirt, for example) which are a little more expensive BUT which can be found on the high-street for a fraction of the price (I didn't want to buy things just for the sake of this post, because ~ waste ~).

You may also notice a mini skirt amongst the rabble; I wouldn't have been brave or warm enough to wear this during the day, but teamed with a black tee, this is exactly the kind of shitty nightclub outfit that saw me through 4 years of studying. Plus you could pop a pair of tights on and keep the jumper for more comfortable daytime attire.

Anywho, I'll stop rambling and let you get to the scrolling. A couple of the pieces are items I've had for a little while now, so if I haven't been able to link them, then sorry! But I know you girl, I know you can do some digging on t'internet and find what you need. Enjoy!

P.S. I'm wearing a tote bag with every outfit because that's all I ever used! Lord knows expensive bags were not a reality whilst I was studying, and they'd also be totally useless for carting around books. Easy squeezy bags ftw.


Items: Cardigan - Topshop / Jeans - & Other Stories* / Tee - Topshop / Boots - Topshop / Bag - Bumble & Bumble

Options: Swap out the jeans for the silky midi featured below, or switch to whatever style of jean you prefer. Wear with white trainers instead of boots, or replace the cardigan with an oversized blazer.


Items: Jumper - & Other Stories* / Skirt - H&M / Trainers - FILA

Options: Swap the skirt out for jeans or trousers, or wear the skirt with a plain t-shirt and a chunky cardigan. Opt for boots instead of trainers, or team the skirt with a cami/oversized tee for cocktails you can't afford.


Items: Jumper - & Other Stories* / Skirt - Topshop / Trainers - FILA

Options: This is basically the same outfit as above, just with a different skirt and a scrunchie. Switching your hair up can make you feel like you're not wearing the same thing for the fifth day in a row, PLUS when I shot these photos I hadn't washed my hair for four or five days, so the hangover + 9am seminar feels were strong. If you wanted to keep the mini skirt, adding tights, a coat and possibly a cute beanie would make it more Autumn-commuter friendly.


Items: Blazer - Zara (old) / Jeans - & Other Stories* / Tee - Topshop / Boots - Topshop

Options: Chop and change your outerwear with any other blazer/coat for an easy yet put-together look. Swap the boots for trainers. Opt for a thin-knit jumper under the blazer when it gets colder, or switch the blazer for an oversized knit. Go super big on the blazer and pop a beanie on if you're feeling sports luxe.


Items: Coat - H&M (last year) / Tee - ASOS / Jeans - & Other Stories* / Boots - Topshop

Options: This is my default outfit for any oversized coat, so you can switch out the tailored number for a super snug puffer or pop a hoodie/jumper underneath for added warmth. If you're more of a shorter hemline girl, drop the jeans and tee and repurpose your summer dresses with a pair of thick tights, or layer up a midi dress over skinny jeans. Culottes are also a very comfortable option.


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