30 Under £30 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

I should have titled this blog post '26 £30 and under gifts, plus 4 which are slightly over', but it doesn't quite have the same ring to it, does it?

Nonetheless - hey! Guess what? I have a piece of information which is either going to invoke a sickeningly smug "chuh, I knew this ~ ages ~ ago" response, or is going to make you groan, roll your eyes and start frantically Googling all at once. It's Mother's Day this Sunday, and whilst we're all still reeling from the yearly "it's children's day EVERY DAY!" reminders (I have a theory that Mums are part of a secret society within which they chant this phrase in unison), we also need the internet to ~ come thru ~ and provide us with a whole heap of sexy gifts which we can order last minute.

Well today guys, I will be your internet. I've done a bit of hunting and tracked down 30 gifts for £30 (or thereabouts), amongst which you can hopefully find a hidden gem to wrap up and pretend you've been keeping for ages ("Oh this? Yeah I bought it ages ago Mum. Don't know how I managed to keep the secret!!!"). I've included lots of bits from coffee to candles and some very Instagram-worthy stuff in between, the mention of which leads me nicely into caveating that of course, not all Mums like blankets, and not all Mums like baths, but both mine and myself do, so do take the list with a pinch of salt. Mums come in every shape and size, but some do live up to the stereotype and just want a bloody relaxing day off.

Whether your Ma will be wearing slippers or stilettos this Sunday, I hope she has a beautiful day and feels as loved as she is. And to everybody who, for whatever reason, isn't able to share the day with their Mum, I'm sending lots of love. You got this.

1. Perky Blenders Coffee Subscription, £6.50 a month

Can't start her day without a hit of caffeine? Rather than taking her out for a coffee, bring the coffee to her. This Perky Blenders subscription allows you to choose a favourite blend or have a seasonal/surprise selection appear on your doorstep, and you can schedule the deliveries to be weekly, monthly, or three months apart.

2. Clara Pink & Navy Ceramic Espresso Cup, £8

And since the coffee subscription is only £6.50 per order, you can afford to grab your Ma a fancy new espresso cup too. I love the pink and navy tones of this Oliver Bonas number, plus the solo five-star review left on site claims the cup is "very good quality", so it must be good.

3. Coffee Pod Cage, £14

There's a real theme going on here, isn't there? If your Ma is about the coffee life but is too busy to be steaming milk and faffing about with portafilters, stock up on some of her favourite pods and pop them in this fancy metal cage. Certified counter-top goals.

4. Pen/Brush Holder, £12

Work desks can be boring as fuck, but most of the time we don't want to spend any money on a space that isn't technically our own so we go on seeing the same old black plastic pen pot and flip calendar every day. Spice up her work space with this minimal but modern holder which can double up as a make-up/paint brush tidy.

5. Pink Champagne Truffles, £24

Because when else is anybody going to buy her Pink Champagne Truffles?

6. Hanging Planter, £14

If your Mum has green fingers like mine, give her the gift of gardening with even more plants to nearly kill (just kidding, she comes round to my house to help me revive mine). This hanging planter comes in a few different colour options, and is perfect for jazzing up otherwise plain corners of the home.

7. Tudor Oak Bath Caddy, £24.95

And the award for the most stereotypical Mother's Day Gift goes tooooo - this bath caddy! I know the whole "put your feet up Mum" vibe is a bit cliché, but I've been wanting one of these wooden wonders for ages so I can't help suggesting them as a decent gift. Just remember the wine, or else.

8. Ombre Throw, £30

There are a few things I undoubtedly inherited from my Mum: 1) perpetually cold feet, 2) my love for animals, and 3) an endless appetite for throws and blankets. This ombre number is right up her street, but the neutral colours would compliment any cosy corner.

9. Soft Knitted Jumper, £25

Repeat after me: PLAIN KNITWEAR IS NOT A BORING GIFT. This beauty comes in at under £30 and is perfect for chucking on over jeans or pairing with trousers and a belt for something more trend-focused.

10. Cushion Cover, £29

To some a single cushion cover would be a pants gift, but to people like moi who value comfort and cosiness above all else, it's a welcome addition. I love the modern boho vibes of this one.

11. Four Gold Foil Tumblers, £28

Is anybody else low-key obsessed with glassware? Especially if your Ma has a penchant for hosting, these gold foil tumblers are ideal for serving up all manner of refreshments (although I personally recommend a gin cocktail with tonnes of ice, just sayin').

12. Melt Chocolate Trio, £24

Pick up this trio of Melt's award winning fancy chocolates, including dark chocolate orange, milk chocolate raspberry and crunchy Feuillantine Love. Yes, a bar of Galaxy is always appealing, but why not give the old girl a treat with something a little more ~ posh ~.

13. Cosy Waffle Knit Culottes, £25

I have the jogger-length of these cosy knit bottoms, and I can vouch that they are ideal for bridging the gap between jeans and PJ trousers. These culotte versions are currently on offer for only £25 too, so you'll have a fiver spare for some fluffy socks or some budget alcohol (depending on what vibe your Mum is on).

14. Faux Fur Twist Sliders, £20

Maybe your Mum keeps taking the bins out in her socks, or maybe she's kept a pair of Crocs by the back-door which are "just for the garden" (but you've definitely seen her wear them to ASDA). Either way, update her 'around-the-house' footwear with these delightful faux fur sliders. Only £20, too!

15. 100 Nasty Women of History, £18.99

Nobody dies in this book so my Mum probably wouldn't read it, but as a note for my future children, yes I would absolutely be interested in this. Include a ridiculously bougie bookmark for extra points.

16. Bloomon Bouquet, £25.95

Bloomon bouquets never disappoint, and £25.95 (inc. delivery) for a bunch of super fresh, seasonal flowers is a pretty sweet deal. You can subscribe to have a monthly delivery sent Mum's way, or to keep it under £30, you can order a single bunch as a gift.

17. Side Snap Top, £19.99

It's a tale as old as time: browses the internet for someone else's gift, ends up with 3 separate deliveries on the way. In my defence this side snap top was too good to resist; neutral, looks good with jeans and under £20 - how could I not? (I'm sure your Ma will like it too, FYI.)

18. Caramelised Hot Chocolate, £12.99

Just like fancy chocolate, fancy hot chocolate is a needlessly bougie treat which always feels a little bit special. This one is from Selfridges and comes in Millenial pink packaging, so it's just the right amount of extra for a Mother's Day prez.

19. Bath Oil & Pillow Mist Sleep Set, £32

I told you a few were over £30, didn't I? If you fancy splashing the cash and spending an extra two quid, you could pick up this patchouli and cedarwood sleep set which is sure to help her on her way to ~ total relaxation ~.

20. Pomegranate & Patchouli Candle, £27

It wouldn't be a gift guide without a scented candle or two, and this pomegranate and patchouli number is speaking to my soul. The burn time is approx. 50 hours so you're sure to get enough bang for your buck, plus the navy container is cute enough to keep on display. Double win.

21. Midtown Tee, £15.99

Mums need cool slogan tees too! Admittedly I also ~ accidentally ~ ordered this too whilst I was hunting for Mum's gifts, but I'm sure she'll be the first in line to borrow (*cough*steal*cough*) it.

22. Mid-Century Print, £15.95

If you don't have a mid-century print in your home, do you even Pinterest bro? I'm all over this record player design, and £15.95 for an A4 unmounted version is a decent deal too. Check out the Etsy shop for plenty more prints (we're about to swap our dining room and living room around, and I have a few of these saved as finishing touches!).

23. Hinoki Le Labo Shower Gel, £18

Keiran bought me one of these Hinoki shower gels for Christmas, and honestly, I've probably never smelled better (I'm sure he'll vouch for that too). This is only a 250ml bottle so advise Mum to use it sparingly, but I can promise that she'll enjoy the long-lasting, fresh scent.

24. Scandinavisk Koto Candle, £29

A lot of people have been recommending the Scandinavisk candles to me lately, and this Koto scent is sounding most appealing. Baltic amber, mandarin and vanilla blend together to provide an "intimate space to refresh the soul" (their words, not mine, but I'm digging it).

25. Heart Hoodie, £26

There's nothing my Mum loves more than a hoodie, so this embroidered Topshop number should be right up her street. The black makes it a little smarter for day-to-day wear, but the heart can be a cute reminder that it was gifted with love.

26. Cashmere Bed Socks, £36

Again, we're edging over the £30 budget with these socks, but I promise they are worth it. Whilst they are slightly pricey, you're paying for quality in the form of super soft, super snug cashmere. A real treat for the feet.

27. Florence Straight Leg Jeans, £32

The Florence straight leg jeans from ASOS are super high-waisted and nice and thick, so perfect for invoking those 'Mum-you-had-jeans-like-this-when-you-were-younger-and-you-should-have-bloody-kept-them' vibes. Slightly over the £30 budget again, but my Ma loves jeans so I couldn't not include some.

28. Medium Trinket Box, £14

We've only lived in our house for a year, but in that time we've managed to accumulate so much stuff that I'm left wondering where Mums put it all. Help your Mum store her stuff with this versatile trinket box, perfect as a jewellery dish, a desk-tidy or even as a Insta-worthy piggy bank. There are a couple of different designs available in this Etsy shop too, so you should be able to find something to suit her style.

29. Portobello Road Gin, £30.99

Is it even Mother's Day without the mention of gin? If you're Ma enjoys the odd tour of a Gin Palace or two, then a slightly-fancier-than-average gin should tickle her tastebuds. You'll have to sacrifice a McDonald's cheeseburger to cover the extra 99p, but I'm sure you can do it just this once (or not - I won't judge).

30. Beaux Jours Slogan Tee, £23

Another of-the-moment slogan tee, this babe features 'Beaux Jours' daintily embroidered across the breast (I'm 24 and typing "breast" still brings me some kind of childish joy), which translates into 'Beautiful Days' in French. I'm not sure your Ma will quite agree with the phrase when she's sporting the t-shirt on a drizzly Monday morning, but at least she'll look cute as hell whilst lying. Psssttt... Don't forget that whatever you buy for your Mum, can also be borrowed...



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