Hello MTV, Welcome To My Crib (Uh, My Bedroom)

Here's the deal. Keir and I moved into our house late last April, so I'm either extremely late uploading this bedroom tour, or I'm extremely early for our one year house-i-versary (not a real thing, if you hadn't already guessed). Either way, after countless self-timer shots captured in front of our chest of drawers and fireplace, I thought it was about time I properly introduced you to my favourite room in the house.

Whilst our bedroom may look like the aftermath of a Pinterest climax - what with its abundance of baskets and cushions and more white than an Ed Sheeran concert - let me remind you of some of my past horrors, so you can truly appreciate how deserving I am of this blanc paradise.

There was, of course, the dolphin room. Two different shades of equally offensive blue paint, separated by a border of dolphins leaping in and out of a galactic sea. It was Cetacea and Cosmos all the way. 

Then there was mine and my best friend's attempt at graffiti. After begging my Mum to paint all of my walls white, Jade and I spent 14 hours crafting a giant 'Chloe' on my wall (yes, my own name on my own bedroom wall), surrounded by cartoon lips, apples, music notes, and whatever else our teenage persuasions deemed as 'cool' in a pop art way. To be fair, the end result was actually alright, but in the grand scheme of timeless decor, a giant mural dedicated to yourself isn't the most versatile of designs.

After that I decided I wanted to move into our largely unused dining room, so out went the table and in came a double mattress and a couple of clothes rails. Granted, I had more space, but I had also regressed to terracotta hues and pine skirting boards. From there I bounced around various university bedrooms, before finally settling at my Nan's house for a year and a bit before ending up here. 

I've had so many bedrooms over the years and as lovely as they all were, none since my dolphin days have properly felt like home. I've bounced from single to double to double to single, and I've sampled every kind of cushion you can dream of in an attempt to quickly update the decor, but when we moved into our current house, I finally felt like I had an opportunity to craft my own little hub of calm. You've probably already gathered that Keir had minimal input into the final result (although it's very much still a work in progress, as I'm learning homes always are), but as long as he has somewhere to sleep and somewhere to spoon, he's happy, which means all the more room for me to get creative.

So without further ado, ladies and gentleman, I introduce you to our bedroom, and a very fine, looks-like-silk-but-is-actually-polyster dress. Enjoy. 


Chest of drawers - Wayfair

Mini blue vase - West Elm*

Mini photo frame - H&M


Bed frame - The Original Bed Co.

Wooden shelf - Etsy 

Lotus print - Desenio*

Gold frame - Desenio*

Bed sheets - H&M

Linen pillowcases - H&M

Blue fluffy cushion - West Elm*

Rust cushion - H&M

The Chest of Drawers

Finding a chest of drawers was a tricky one for us. Whilst we endeavoured to keep the majority of the room neutral, the chest of drawers was something we wanted to be a little more design-conscious in its own right. We cycled through a number of different options, from leather and cowhide creations to vintage blue dressers and heavy industrial metal units, but we finally settled on this mottled wood set of six. The wood and frame are both made from reclaimed materials and the warm finish picks up on the hints of orange we have running throughout the room, but most importantly, this beast features deep deep drawers and lots of handy storage space. It's Keiran's favourite furniture item in the house and it does hold a soft spot in my heart, but I'm going to attribute that to the fact I had to single handedly unpack it and put it together whilst he lay pale, useless and severely hungover in bed on delivery day. It's basically the baby I delivered myself.


The Fireplace

This is hands down my favourite spot in the entire house, which is sweet considering we have three more of these decorative fireplaces dotted around the place. Each one of them was functioning at one point or another, but now they act as stand-in gallery walls and - as you'll know if you keep up with my Instagram Stories - harbingers of dead pigeons. Potentially passed pidgies aside (I thought one had died in our chimney and ended up at the bottom of the Dining Room fireplace, but I was too shooketh to ever take a proper look), the fireplace in our bedroom feels like a focal point for the room and a culmination of all of my dearest things.

The basket to the left is one of the very first knick-knacks I bought for the house, and I think I picked it up before we'd even booked a viewing. My brother and I were moseying around Woodbridge when I saw it, and from there, my love for baskets blossomed (*cough*spiralled*cough*). It's sentimental but also useful - I keep all of my camera bits and bobs in here, like chargers and leads and all of the lens caps I think I've lost.

And what bloggers home is complete without a stack of books or magazines, so ~ originally ~ used as decoration or some kind of makeshift mini-table? I'm a real snob when it comes to books so I don't often pick up new titles, but this assortment includes my all-time favourite - George Orwell's Nineteen-Eighty-Four - as well as the book that inspired that - Yevgeny Zamyatin's We - and the non-fiction number that I'm reading now - Reni Eddo-Lodge's Why I'm No Longer Talking To White People About Race. When it comes to fiction I delight in the fleeting nature of a short story and I'm also a sucker for anything dystopian, but I wanted to better educate myself on institutional racism and every-day micro-aggressions and so I made the move from on-the-page to IRL. The beady-eyed amongst you will also notice the slightly out of place 'Position Of The Day Playbook' which I thought would be a hilarious gift for Keiran at Christmas...

...He didn't laugh.

Following that we have a few of my favourite candles (these are switched in and out depending on which room I'm sitting in and which I haven't completely wasted by burning non-stop for 14 hours in one day), one of which sits on a coaster my old boss brought me as a house-warming gift, and a moon print from Desenio which never fails to make me feel wistful and at peace. No matter what I bundle on this little white shelf, everything seems to harmonise together in a quietly meaningful but largely pointless way, and I just love it. It's home.


Moebe frame - Desenio*

Candle holder - H&M

Cone candle - H&M

Meraki Candle - Design Vintage* (one of my favourite candles, and only £15!)

Viktor & Rolf Bonbon Candle - Debenhams*


The Bed

Originally I'd been on the hunt for a navy upholstered bed, but after a) seeing their price and b) seeing their price, I defaulted to a simple metal frame. Despite being basic, the soft crescent edge keeps it relatively contemporary, and the black lines complement everything from all-white bedding to something more mixed like I have now, so in hindsight I probably made the right decision going for something more neutral. Now, I can't rightly move on to bedding without sharing the best thing about our bed with you - it is SO.HIGH. With our mattress on top the surface of the bed is just over 2ft off the ground, which, for me as a 5ft person, feels like I'm climbing into a Queen's Chamber every night. Having our bed this high was completely unintentional, but there's something so secure about climbing up into the sheets that I now believe it's the only way to live. The Princess and the Pea had it right, you know.

Bedding wise, I tend to keep it fresh and clean with all white sheets, but re-inject a little interest with embossed textures or subtle trims. The spotted set pictured is probably the most "out-there" set that we have, and I popped it on especially for these photographs. I'll be honest, it's not my favourite, but I do find a frivolous pleasure in dressing the bed in different ways and this was my first foray into mixing different pillowcases and fabrics. The tassels at every corner are also an added plus, not only for the boho-dreamer in me, but also for Keiran's family dog Charlie who loves a little nibble.

Of course, we also have cushions. They get thrown onto the floor every night before we sleep, and get piled straight back onto the bed as soon as we wake up in the morning, but they help to add depth, colour and texture to a room that is otherwise violently white. We have little touches of orange running throughout the room as well, so the rust velvet number works to subtly tie that all together in a harmonious way, whilst the other soft patterns weave in the black from the bed frame and the neutral tones of the baskets and carpet. By the way I'm pretending I did this all on purpose - can you tell?


The Baskets

I receive so many lovely comments and questions about my hanging basket storage, but I'm afraid it's time for me to confess: I pinched the idea from this Pinterest post. I wanted some unique yet functional storage and I'd already begun hoarding baskets by this point, so I popped 'basket wall storage' into Pinterest and - et voila - the idea was born (a.k.a. knicked). I've linked the exact baskets I used below, as well as the mix and match coat hangers from eBay - don't be tempted to grab the bougie hipster ones from Anthropologie like I nearly did, because they're four times the price and do the exact same job, plus you don't get to personalise them in the same way as these. 

I keep an assortment of hats, bags and haircare in each of these babies, and alongside looking lovely and again bringing more texture and interest to the vast expanse of white wall, they're also really useful pockets of storage. If you're trying to think of unconventional ways to store your bits and bobs then I would definitely recommend dedicating a few hours to scouring Pinterest. Even if you don't find exactly what you're looking for, you'll leave the ~ searching sesh ~ feeling creative and ready to just start drilling stuff up and hoping for the best. It's some kind of strategy, at least.


Baskets - H&M

Coat hooks - eBay


The Bedside Tables

Disclaimer: neither Keiran or I really like these bedside tables. They were made in a hurry and to a rapidly shrinking budget, and whilst they do serve their purpose and manage to hold all of the crap that has no other place to go, I expect I'll replace them fairly soon. Nonetheless, if you think they are cute or you're looking for a more affordable bedside option, then they are super simple to pull together. All you have to do is pick up four or six mini crates (depending on the height of your bed and how tall you want the unit to be), paint them grey, drill them together and turn them on their side. All in all I think the tables cost around £20 each in total, so they were perfect for saving a little money that we could direct elsewhere into larger furniture items or last-minute forgotten things. Again, they're also great for storage.


Mirror - IKEA

Wire bin - H&M

Bedside table - IKEA 

Lumie Clock - John Lewis  

Slippers - EMU Australia*

The Console Table

When we first moved in we decided we wanted simple black clothes rails, not only to satisfy the Pinterest minimalists in ourselves, but also to have our clothes at arms reach. Turns out clothes rails only really work if you pay regimental attention to your colour scheme, or you don't really have that many clothes. As you can imagine I fall into neither of those camps, so after a few months I moved the rails into the office and they have now been mounted into the alcoves each side of the fireplace.

Once we'd moved the rails however, we had a massive expanse of bare white wall and nothing to fill the space. We toyed with a few different ideas but I had already set my heart on a console table, something so frivolous that it's only purpose is to stand, look cute, and make other things look cute. I opted for this Rattan La Redoute number and whilst it's slightly more yellow in tone than I would have hoped, I think it works well with the wood, textures and warmer tones in the room. Plus we have a plant, because we're like, totally adults. (P.S. Yes those are our slippers that we store underneath the console table, and yes those are matching Highland Cow sets that my Mum got us for Christmas, and yes I have already managed to tear mine open at the back. I told you, we're ~ totally ~ adults.)


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