How Did Giving Up My Morning Coffee Change My Day?


I make no secret of the fact that I love coffee. Nearly every day I can be found ordering my usual skinny caramel latte (with extra syrup if I'm feeling it), and part of me never ever ever wants to download a spending tracker because jfc, seeing how much I spend on coffee each month would be horrific.

With that being said, coffee is certainly an indulgence I enjoy - I even shelled out for a coffee machine so I could start making my own morning lattes in swish black takeaway cups (although as soon as I realised how much cleaning up was involved, that £3.50 each morning didn't seem so bad). A Starbucks trip to me is a real treat, and even sitting down in my favourite cafe every Monday morning to start work, I find myself releasing a deep sigh of contentment as I scoop up my first gathering of froth before the madness of the week ensues.

I love the taste of coffee, the culture of coffee, the relaxation I feel when I take that first sip all the way through to that little bump of caffeine which gladly spirits me through a morning.

I don't, however, long the caffeine crash, the headaches, or the distraction. I don't like the impact on my wallet. I don't like the dehydration or that sometimes I feel I need a coffee, even if I don't want one. That's why, when Berocca challenged me to replace my morning coffee with one of their effervescent multivitamins, I knew that I wanted to give it a shot. Here's what I got up to, and more importantly, how different I felt.

This post was sponsored by Berocca, but all imagery, wording and opinions are my own.



I wake up, have a shower, and instead of reaching for my usual cuppa whilst I get ready, I pop a Berocca into a glass of water. Whilst it fizzes away, I decide on breakfast. Usually I skip breakfast altogether - it's never been hugely appealing to me and the thought of having to fuss over overnight oats or cut up 1000 different fruits for a healthy porridge is enough to put me off altogether. Normally, I'll have my cup of tea whilst I'm getting ready, then head out to grab a coffee. Think of it as a liquid breakfast of sorts.

Whilst this is great for saving time and keeping my caffeine feelers at bay, it's not great for hydration, energy or my vitamin levels. My version of a breakfast is worse than not having anything at all - it adds nothing to my day, other than, admittedly, the comfort and habitual reaffirmation of doing the same thing, day in, day out.

Knowing that Berocca should be consumed with something a little bit more substantial, I opt for my favourite thing of the moment - a donut peach! Also referred to as a flat peach, these little cuties satsify my sweet tooth and since they're a fruit, also provide the benefit of bragging rights that I've had a mildly nutritious start to the day.

In terms of goodness, Berocca is packed full of 8 different vitamins, including B1 and B2 which work with your body to release natural energy. On top of that, each tablet is also choc-a-bloc with vitamin B5; you've probably heard of this little guy, as he's been scientifically proven to support mental performance, making him the perfect partner for kick-starting a long day.

I know 'vitamin talk' and 'science speak' can often just seem like a load of gibberish, but as a vegetarian who survives off bread and cheese and as a young woman who never drinks water, having a little boost of vitamins in the morning could potentially make a big difference to not only my day, but also to my health. I'm well aware that I don't cater to what my body needs as well as I should, but it's very difficult to make huge lifestyle changes when you're so deeply ingrained into your everyday habits and ways of living. That's why something like Berocca, for me, is genuinely helpful. It's a small, quick, and easy change that, given the chance, could really help to make you feel better and live better.

And heck, that's a lot for one little guy to do.



Once I've made light work of my Berocca and donut peach, I head straight out to my favourite coffee shop to work. But there's no coffee on the menu for me today, and this in itself feels odd. I'm so used to walking through the door, setting my stuff down and having my coffee order already written down once I get to counter. It's part of my working ritual - something to signal the beginning of the day, but to also allow me 15 minutes of peaceful scrolling before all hell breaks loose and I start tackling my inbox.

With that being said, the break in habit is doing me well. Having now avoided 2 rounds of hot drinks in the form of my missed morning tea and now my vacant coffee, I'm feeling the benefits of being caffeine free. I'm relaxed, I'm focused, and I'm getting on with work without the distraction of endless coffee shots for a rainy day on Instagram. The other great vitamin benefit of Berocca is Vitamin B12, which is a real game changer when it comes to tackling tiredness and fatigue. Usually I would rely on my sugary latte to pull me out of my slightly drowsy morning funk, but this morning my creative juices are already flowing and I'm one step ahead of my other self.

I've noticed that, when it comes to caffeine, I inevitably have that brief buzz of activity (which, in reality, isn't that focused so just consists of me wildly opening a thousand different windows on my laptop before getting distracted and opening a thousand more) followed by the sluggish crash. Having started my day off with some actual food and a shed load of vitamins, however, I feel like I'm breezing through. I'm not stopping halfway through a sentence, left wondering what the heck I was talking about and becoming frustrated that I'm getting a foggy mind. The words flow easily and I'm able to tick things off my to-do list, all the while feeling more energized and a lot less frantic.



My average evening often consists of cooking dinner for Keir and I (I cook, he washes up - it's a good system), popping my pyjamas on and leisurely scrolling through Reddit from the comfort of the sofa, occasionally pestering Keiran for a cup of tea (that pesky caffeine again!) but ultimately trying not to fall asleep before 8pm.

This evening in particular, however, I decide dinner is on the cards. Still feeling fresh from a day without a caffeine crash, I ask my friend Camilla if she fancies joining me for a spot of Italian and a glass of vino. I even pop on some kitten heels, just to add that little bit extra of fancy. We spend a few hours gossiping, sharing garlic bread and talking about boys, before both heading home. Normally, at this point, I would be shattered, but I manage to make it through the door without collapsing in a heap, and actually fire off a few more emails before popping on 'Do Not Disturb' for the rest of the night.

I'm not claiming that one Berocca in the morning completely transformed my day, but I certainly think it was a major help. Not only were the vitamins a great boost throughout the day, consciously trying to avoid caffeine and drink more water meant that I had much more energy and clarity of thought than I would have before. And do you know what? So many people in my life swear by Berocca, claiming it helps them to focus and avoid that dreaded 3pm crash. So from me, this experiment gets a massive thumbs up. I won't be ditching my coffee for good, but I'll certainly be working one of these effervescent little lovelies into my routine as much as I possibly can, knowing that it will serve me well for the rest of the day.

Until next time lovelies x



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