The Busy Girl’s Guide To The Petite Maxi Dress

Hola PYTs! Welcome back to another edition of “The Busy Girl’s Guide To…”. You may have noticed that last week was slightly quiet *cough*absent*cough*, which was all down to be spending three days in Rome, two days in the office and then the weekend in Manchester for Parklife for festival. I was a victim to fleeting time and my own terrible organisation, but now we’re back with a bang and this week, I’m doing it for the petite girls.

Petite trousers, petite jeans, petite skirts – they’re all relatively easy to get hold of. The selection is hardly outstanding, but with a little searching, you tend to be able to find some fairly good pieces fitted specifically to those of a smaller persuasion. Petite maxi dresses, on the other hand, seem to be an enigma. I had underestimated when shooting this Next embroidered number quite how difficult it would be to pull together some other shoppable alternatives – Topshop only have two petite maxi dresses in stock, for example, and both are only available in either a 4 or a 16.

Petite Maxi Dress – Next
Sunglasses – Ray-Ban via Sunglasses Shop*
Sandals – ASOS
Bag – Gucci

This, to me, seems bizarre. Surely any item of clothing that is floor length should be top priority for a  petite fit? Those are the pieces that especially are not going to fit a shorter frame, right? I had the same issue last season with frilled hem trousers; they may have been cropped and on-trend for all of you long-legged lovelies, but for little old me, I found myself traipsing a bunch of extra fabric across every fitting-room floor.

Petite quibbles aside, if you do manage to find a maxi that fits, they are strong contenders for some of the comfiest pieces ever. Want to dress for summer but are fed up of feeling obliged to shave your legs and tan from head to toe? Maxi dress. Want to feel comfortable but also appear as if you have your shit together in a way that tracksuit bottoms can’t covey? Maxi dress. Want to go wild at an all you can eat buffet without having to unbutton your jeans at the table? Maxi dress.

As always, I’ve pulled together the best the internet has to offer so you can shop petite maxis to your heart’s content. Let me know your favourites and if you end up bagging any for yourself, and I shall see you here, same time, same place, next Friday. Until next time lovelies x

  • I'm not technically petite – nearly 5'8" – but I am hideously badly proportioned with very short legs, so I need petite bottoms. But try and find anything long enough for my top half!
    The waist on a standard dress, for example, is 4" above my actual waist, so very uncomfortable.
    It tends to be Fat Face tunic dresses over leggings, or else a man's white shirt on top. Very limited.

  • I love how you've styled this piece and being petite myself I always find it hard to get maxi pieces that look somewhat good on me without drowning my figure xx

    Jenny | X

  • OMG CHLO, you look amazing gal! I love this series of posts! xxx

  • You look bloody beautiful!! Red really suits your complexion x

    Abi | abistreetx

  • That dress is the dreamiest, red looks amazing on you! <3

    Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile

  • The ones you selected are so pretty too !


  • Love this outfit! The colour is so bold and the boho style looks so good on you
    Feel free to check out my latest post x

  • This dress looks amazing on you! I always steer clear of anything maxi because they tend to drown me but I might have to check some of these petite picks out, they look so good! X

  • Ana
  • You look so stunning, I love this dress! Love all the dresses you've shared aswell, I really want a maxi now! 🙂

    Heather Xx

  • You look amazing! (as always). I'm not really petite but I still find maxis can be really long in some places anyway. This red one is gorgeous, I neeeeeed to pick up something similar…because seriously I am already done with having to shave my legs.
    Sophie xxx | Sophar So Good

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