5 Ways I’ve Prepared for LFW (applies to any big event, really!)

Yes, it’s that time of year again! LFW has rolled around and for those of us who are venturing into the country’s capital, the prep has been underway over the past few weeks to make sure that everything runs smoothly. I find that LFW can be quite a stressful affair, which is why I always like to be prepared to ensure that the days go as smoothly as possible. Despite the inevitable rush, I love seeing the new trends and textures and ideas coming through and there are always some really fun work opportunities (*cough*parties*cough*) that make it worthwhile, so here I am again, hitting the cobbles.

As well as taking you with me whilst I bounce around London, making the most of the free macarons and champagne (LFW is a black hole for sensible eating habits), I thought I would also run you through how I’ve prepared for LFW and what I like to have organised before any big event. I’m well aware that sashaying from *fashurn* party to *fashurn* party is hardly the norm, so hopefully these points will be largely transferable to the likes of birthday party prep and holiday prep too.

Hat – H&M* (ASOS similar here)
Blazer – H&M*
Tee – H&M*
Skirt – Mango (now on sale!)
Boots – Zara (ASOS similar here)
Bag – Zara

Preened and perfected to the high heavens

LFW is a camera hot bed so I always make sure to put a little extra effort into my grooming regime. Face masks, hair masks, any other kind of mask – the whole lot. I also like to make sure that my pins are silky-smooth and camera-ready over the next few days, so I’ve been using the new Wilkinson Sword Intuition Ultra Moisture razor. As a person that is rarely seen in anything other than an all-black ensemble, the new black packaging makes a perfect addition to my LFW beauty kit and the mega plus is that the razor lathers up without the need for shaving gel, so it’s ideal for accompanying me on overnight stays. It also includes Shea Butter, meaning that instead of packing a bulky moisturiser to keep my legs from drying up, I can save the space in my case for other essentials like, you know, a fabulous pair of pyjamas for that perfect hotel picture. (Top tip – make sure you shave 24 hours before you fake tan, otherwise you’re washing away all of your hard work!)

Prepared outfits ahead of time (if in doubt, go for all black)

There is nothing worse than waking up on the morning of LFW Day 2 and realising that you’ve put your best sartorial foot forward on Day One, only to be left with the neglected dregs of your wardrobe. Panic dressing is never good, especially when you feel under pressure to look your best. If you do find yourself in the position of “oh my God I didn’t try this on when it arrived and now it doesn’t fit and my train is in 10 minutes and AHHH”, then an all-black ensemble will never fail to see you through. Take this monochromatic ensemble, for example – it’s simple and effortless, yet it still picks up on some of the key current trends to seem put-together (hello Beret and PVC skirt, I’m looking at you). Talking of having prepared my outfits ahead of time – always pack comfortable shoes. Your feet will thank you.


Prepared a schedule

The teenager inside of me is groaning in exasperation right now, but preparing a schedule is an absolute must for not only being organised, but also for making sure that you’re in the right place at the right time. Last season I pulled together a word document with a day-by-day breakdown, detailing the times of appointments and/or events, who they were with, where they were (addresses – don’t forget addresses!) and what times I would need to leave to account for travel. Even though you spend weeks organising your diary and discussing it with your *fashurn* pals, it’s amazing how many times you’ll find yourself asking, “wait, where are we actually going next?” This season I’m keeping the schedule both on my phone and printing out a paper version too – the only downside is that if I’m late, I only have myself to blame…

Organised overnight stays early on

I live about an hour and a half away from Central London, so if I have events late in the evening followed by early morning appointments the next day, I’ll typically organise an overnight stay. The key is to do this as early as possible to save on expensive prices that no doubt inflate thanks to LFW being so popular. Whilst staying over is really helpful, I try not to do this too much because it does get pricey and sometimes escaping the madness of London is just what I need to decompress. This year I’ve tried to be strategic about which days I will be staying and which I can just jump on a late train home.


During LFW, nothing is more valuable than a portable charger. *GASP* “Is that a portable charger with two ports? I’m on 10% PLEASE PLUG ME IN AND GIVE ME LIFE!” If you’re an Instagram addict or looking to detail your day through Snapchat, remember to take one portable charger and then one more. It might sound ridiculous, but I always make sure to be fully stocked with extra juice because even if I don’t need it, somebody around me will. Portable chargers are the gold dust of currency at LFW and this season I am well and truly rich.

This post was sponsored by the lovelies at Wilkinson Sword but all opinions, imagery and stumpy limbs are my own.


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