Lip Fillers: Before and After

Two weeks ago, I decided to finally go ahead and get lip fillers. I know before the procedures I found it really useful to read other people’s experiences and especially to see their before and after photos (Amy from Salt and Chic has a post here), so I thought it might be useful for any of you who are considering lip fillers to read through mine. To make the post easy to navigate and simple to read, I’ve headed the different sections with what were my primary concerns and what I’ve been asked the most. If you have any more questions, go ahead and pop them in the comments below or send me a message over on Twitter and/or Instagram – @chloeplumstead.


Where did you get them done?


I got my lips done by the lovely Dr. Rachel Tallent who is based in Ipswich. She was incredibly friendly and approachable, as well as being thorough, professional and helpful with any questions or concerns I had. Honestly couldn’t recommend her enough! To learn more about her and the procedures she offers, find her website here and her Facebook here.

What did you get done and how long does it last?


I had 0.55ml of Juvéderm Volift put in on my first visit, and then two weeks later, I had another 0.55ml put in. I opted for the smaller measure upon my first visit because I’d never had lip fillers before, and I wasn’t sure either what to expect, or really how big I wanted to go. After the very minimal swelling went down, I decided I wanted another 0.55ml put in and after okaying this with my doctor, went ahead and booked the appointment. I had a fairly even distribution in both my upper and lower lips, with slightly more in my lower lip to even out a dip I had and make them a little more plump. 
How long the fillers last is liable to change from person to person, but the estimate for Juvéderm Volift is up to 12 months (although more realsitically, I would say 8-10). Depending on the type of filler you go for, the lasting time changes.

Did it hurt?

Unsurprisingly, this is the most asked question I’ve had so far. For me, it really didn’t hurt much at all. You have numbing cream applied all over your lips and it really does make your lips go completely numb (honestly, the weirdest sensation ever haha). I could barely feel the needle going in, although there was a little bit of a burning/stinging sensation as the gel was distributed. Your lips are more sensitive in some areas than others – for example, the deeper the needle went into the middle of my lips, the more it did begin to hurt, but this pain lasts for 3 seconds tops so it’s totally bearable. I paid more for Juvéderm Volift because it has a numbing agent built in, meaning that once an area had been injected, it started to numb from within. The effect of this is that towards the end it’s pretty close to painless – more uncomfortable than anything.
My second set of injections hurt more than my first, and I’m not sure whether this is because I applied the numbing cream in the car beforehand and it had started to wear off, or because I already had product in my lips. Again, at the most it was a bit painful, but at certain points I could literally feel nothing, and at others, I could only feel the pressure of the needle beneath my skin and the product being distributed. 
Getting my nose pierced hurt a thousand times more than getting lip fillers, so I would say by a rule of thumb, if you can get a piercing/tattoo, then you will be absolutely fine. Oh, and don’t worry if you’re prone to passing out – the first time I had to ask for some water halfway through because I was getting light-headed, and the second time I came prepared with a Capri-Sun. It’s totally normal and my doctor said it happens more than you would think.

Was it expensive and is it worth it?

Of course, and you shouldn’t ever go with the cheap option. Rachel is a registered GP and qualified Aesthetics Doctor (she also has qualifications in Gynaecology and specialises in fitting implants and coils, which is totally irrelevant to lip fillers but definitely sold her to me haha). Price will differ depending on location and the doctor you choose, but for 0.55ml of Volift I paid £250. Since I went back twice for two separate doses instead of 1ml to begin with, it did cost me double, but that’s just the consequence of being cautious and I’m totally happy with how it all played out. 
I love my new lips, so it’s definitely been worth it for me. I think if you’re keen to get them done then it’s always going to be worth the price, but I do understand that for somebody my age, spending £££’s can be a little daunting and you want to be sure that you’ll love the results afterwards. In that case I would say read and view as many before and after stories as possible, and book a consultation with a doctor (or a few); you’ll be able to see realistic results and decide if it’s a road you want to go down.

Do they swell and/or bruise afterwards?

It depends, but most likely. I did bleed a little during both appointments, but this is quickly wiped away and I barely noticed at all. As you can see in the before and after photos, I had minimal swelling and pretty much zero bruising after my first appointment. Second time around was a different story, and I look like I’ve been squarely punched in the mouth. Of course, the swelling and the bruising go down after a few days and then you’re left with lovely plump lips, and the bruising isn’t particularly painful so it’s not a huge bother.

What can go wrong?

SKIN DEATH which is the most terrifying thing to read but also massively unlikely. I’m not a doctor and I have a bad memory, so if you want to know a full list of possible side-effects or hazards, then chat it through during your consultation. They have to mention everything beforehand anyway, so you’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions.
And in honour of my new lips, I of course had to invest in some new lip products. Find my favourites below! 

  • Thanks for your really honest account of your experience, it's great to get a better understanding of the details and the things you wouldn't ever usually consider. I think after seeing some bloggers/youtubers with lip fillers it's really opened my eyes as to how natural they can look, yours really look great and will definitely make me think about it in the future if I knew it was something I really wanted. I kind of always assumed if you got lip fillers you could end up looking really un natural but this is definitely not the case 🙂

  • Such a fab review – constantly umming and ahhing about whether or not to get mine done – so this definitely helps, they look gorgeous and super natural x

  • Im really considering getting mine done, when i smile my lips are terribly thin, thank you for sharing this with us, its always great to read other experiences!

    Dana x

  • This was so useful to read, I love the look of yours and would definitely think about it myself one day so this was great to read!

    Maddy, xo

  • I think this was a great post for people to learn from real people xo!

  • SO nice to read a post on this and have it be so detailed. I hope people really do research lip fillers as much as you have before they go head. These days people don't take a second thought when something is a trend, especially something that quite invasive.

  • I've been contemplating lip fillers for years now as since an accident at a young age, my lips have always been uneven – something which has always bothered me! Maybe I'll bite the bullet. Thanks for sharing! x

  • I'm going to get mines done tonight so this post has came at perfect timing! As I'm still quite nervous about it and them looking too big. Yours look gorgeous, definately lip-spiration for me ♥ xx

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