Go On, Per-Suede Me

NOTE – I’ve just realised that this jacket has limited stock in the sale so this is a lil’ redundant, but I’ve provided some alternatives nonetheless. FU SUMMER SALES!

Suede shorts, suede shoes and suede jackets – there’s something especially *summer* about suede. When it comes to jackets, my guess is that we’re just not ready to let go of our leather silhouettes so we’re desperately clinging to the nearest thing that we can qualify as a ‘summer update’. I know I still like to sweat to death in my pleather number, but after wearing the same ensemble for a week and only switching out the t-shirt every other day, I have to change otherwise I’ll be reported to an organisation.

There’s something undeniably wistful and wonderful about this Missguided number. The tan suede makes me feel like I’m missing a
boater hat, flat white and Instagram series, and the tassels transport me to that
Lana Del Ray video ‘Ride’ where she’s pissing about in the desert with
loads of really old blokes. This is a jacket that allows you to give the
finger to everyone with absolutely 0 consequence *cannot guarantee* *do
not do this to your boss*.

Tan is a big deal for me – it isn’t black, after all – so whilst I could have gone 100% bohemian babe and donned a floral maxi with flower headband in tow, I reigned back such ambition and opted for the slightly more practical jeans and tee combo (ah, old friend, how I love you). If you were wondering, this super comfy and minimal tee is from… Primark, of all places! Only a fiver so go and grab yours now.

Jacket – c/o Missguided (alternative 1, alternative 2, alternative 3)
Jeans – Topshop
Tee – Primark
Sunglasses – Topman
Shoes – ASOS
Bag – VVA Handbags


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