Photos From My Phone: 18th-22nd March

Yellow flowering tree

Better late than never sweet things! Thank you for the lovely comments on last week's Photos From My Phone. It always feels a bit risky doing something out of the norm, but I really enjoy looking back on the week with these kind of diary posts so I'm chuffed other people are enjoying them too. This Mon-Fri stretch was a fairly quiet one; although I didn't realise it until the middle of the week, I was premenstrual, which meant I was tired, moody, and not particularly brimming with creativity. Had a McMuffin though, so you know, coulda been worse.


First things first: a trip to the dentist. I had my first filling last year (which I was shitting myself for, btw, but which actually turned out to be not so awful), so the dentist just wanted to check that it had settled in fine and that I wasn't having any trouble. I got told I need to start flossing (again), and made a mental note to pick up some of those little brush guys which I promptly forgot about 10 seconds later. Adding it to the list now. I made my way over to Starbucks afterwards for my usual coffee and work session with Hannah, where I had to put my hair up almost immediately because it was looking all kinds of ratty. I resolved to get it cut ASAP, but my courage is already fading so we'll see how closely I stick to that one. I wore a surprisingly well-fitting ASOS silky skirt and the kind of fluffy jumper which sheds over anything and everything; took a few snaps of this before setting up shop in the corner of Applaud Coffee for more drinks and work. Then I met Keiran and we wandered home for grub.


Tuesday was a fairly quiet day. I sorted through some new in clothes which I'd bought and which I'd been sent, and tried on a few of my favourites to share on Instagram Stories. Whilst sharing outfits is obviously a part of what I do, I always feel like I'm wasting time when I'm slipping in and out of various items just to take a snap in the mirror (the dress is from Sisterhood, and the coat is from Mango). A lot of what I do feels like non-work, and not in an enjoyable way; I only ever really feel fulfilled when I've written something substantial, or when I share a photo I'm truly in love with.
But anyway, that's how I started my day. Then it was back to Applaud for some more screen-time before I was ~ supposed ~ to convene with Keir to walk home again. I only found out when he was halfway home that he'd forgotten to tell me he'd finished early, so I was absolutely, 100%, without-question, not annoyed about my seemingly wasted journey... Oh, and I lost my bloody black pen!! Everybody knows that's the best one. An afternoon of minor but nevertheless irritating events.
Mirror shot - me in Sisterhood polka dot black mini dress
Mirror shot - me in a full length Mango trench coat
Applaud Coffee interior - counter with cakes
Pen set with black pen missing


I forced myself up and out first thing on Wednesday as up until this point, I'd felt a little dejected at not having created something worthwhile. Joke was on my however; whilst I had all the best intentions of getting to Starbucks, ordering a fuck-off huge coffee and diving head first into a three-thousand-worder, I was stumped. This is when I realised my period was on the way. My creativity, enthusiasm and concentration levels were nil so I struggled to focus on anything intently (other than arranging my perfumes, it seems), so after a few hours of emails and admin, I scooted home.

The dining room redecoration got well underway, however. Earlier in the year I decided to overhaul our front room as it felt a bit wasted as it was. We had the dining table and benches marooned right in the middle, the likes of which we barely ever sat on because the space was so dull and untidy. I've since had a reshuffle and invested in some more functional furniture and smaller pieces to liven up the decor (new curtains!!!! makes such a difference), and I can't wait to show you how it's all come together. Just need to put some shelves together first (unless my Mum is around with her drill, this could take some time)... The round glass vase is from Oliver Bonas, and the gold shell pot and white textured vase are both from H&M.

Mirror selfie at Starbucks - wearing black tee and blue jeans
Perfumes on a gold tray - Chanel, Byredo and Liz Earle
Three vases on wooden table - one round glass one on gold legs, one white textured one, and one gold shell pot
Interior of dining room with mess


Thursday started in the best way possible: with an impromptu McMuffin. Hannah picked me up early doors to take a few snaps (an activity I excused myself from owing to the fact I was doused in a healthy coating of Bondi Sands Liquid Gold), and when she mentioned she was hungry, a quick detour to the McDonald's drive-through seemed like the only sensible option. Mine's an egg and cheese McMuffin meal, in case you were wondering (and I double up on Sundays/hungover days, because why wouldn't I?). Then it was much of the same; over to Starbucks for admin, writing, and outfit prepping for a day in London the next day.
In the afternoon I faffed around in the garden for a bit with a cup of tea (those are my chives growing!), packed my case with the different outfits I wanted to photograph, and dove headfirst into the full body routine: wash hair, wash skin, shave, moisturise, and pluck any unruly strays from the moustache area and toes. You know, the kind of stuff that really gets potential partners hot under the collar. (I think I drank some wine when I got home so I'm almost definitely a bit pissed in the last photo, which I think is quite evident anyway.)
Two McMuffins
Mirror shot at Starbucks wearing headphones
Chives growing in my garden
No make-up selfie with hot pink towel wrapped round head


And hey, look! I did go somewhere other than McDonald's or Starbucks. What a modern woman I am.
Friday saw Jess and I jumping on the train to London for a day of shooting (I always think shooting sounds murderous or pretentious but I'm not sure what other word to use in its place?). We made our way towards Soho for a variety of different backdrops all within easy reach, and then made a beeline for Zizzi Charlotte St. for some grub and wine. I'm no wine connoisseur, but the Sauvignon blanc I had slipped down a treat, so well done Zizzi for choosing that gem. After our wine glasses were sipped clean and appetites suitably satiated, we did a quick change and nipped out for a few more outfit shots. Then it was straight on the train home with a plastic bottle of vino to boot. The perfect end to a relatively ordinary week.
Me standing with suitcase and camera bag on London st. corner
Glass of wine at Zizzi
Zizzi Charlotte St London interiors
Jess and I on the train home


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