R.I.P. YouTube – It Was Nice Knowing Ya

I haven’t uploaded a video to my YouTube channel since the start of November. Considering I'd promised that I’d upload once a week, I’d say even if I was being kind to myself, that's pretty shite.

I’ve always felt quite conflicted about YouTube. On the one hand it’s a big money earner and a huge step up in terms of increasing your digital presence, online reach and influence. It’s the natural progression for most bloggers and influencers who want to push their earning potential and attract bigger collaborations, as well as carving out a more defined career path and direction in terms of content. It’s also growing - fast - whereas conventional readership across blog platforms is arguably falling. In short: it’s a wise career move.

Here’s the problem, however.

I really don’t enjoy it.

Filming and editing feels like a massive chore for me, and I often struggle to find concepts which I wouldn’t prefer to just write about. I also never watch YouTube, and if I do, the only things I’m properly interested in are hauls and someone talking about feminism and their vagina. And since I’d really rather write at length about boobs and orgasms and the difference between equality and equity, all I’m left with is haul after haul after haul. That’s great and all, but contrary to popular belief, I don’t buy that much stuff, and certainly not enough to fill weekly hauls. Of course I could request endless samples from endless brands, but then I wouldn’t have enough time to wear half of the stuff that landed on my doorstep so it would all be bullshit anyway.

I’m not a great speaker. I find it difficult to articulate what I could communicate much more eloquently through the written word, and I miss the fine-tuning and perfecting that comes with proof-reading posts. I’m introspective and I think before I speak, so when it comes to filming, I’m not great at relaxing and letting the words flow, and not re-filming the same two fucking sentences time and time again *le sigh*.

There’s a closeness and intimacy in writing that I can never come close to replicating on film. Whatever I write - whether it’s a fluffy, light-hearted piece on my favourite blazers, or an honest discussion about my relationship with my body and mind - the process of somebody reading and turning the words over in their head is so much more personal than having a haul playing in the background whilst they get ready.

And there’s no denying that the way we consume content is getting faster, quicker, shorter and more digestible, so it makes sense that video is booming whilst longer, wordier pieces are possibly falling short. Instagram stories, Snapchat, live streaming - we want information now, and we want it easy. Which makes sense, when you consider how fast-paced most of our lives are, right? But there’s just no soul in YouTube for me (and that's entirely personal - I'm not saying YouTube is devoid of soul entirely because it's an incredible platform). I’m sentimental and I need purpose - good purpose - and when I publish videos, I can’t shift the feeling that I’m just trying to push affiliate links, make a bit of cash and hopefully attract a lucrative collaboration in the process.

It’s a tough one. On the one hand I don’t particularly enjoy YouTube and it doesn’t fulfil me, but on the other hand, it’s good for business (and as much as I love my career, it is a business and I do have to think about what I’m earning and financial security) and, actually, not everything about what I do is going to be enjoyable - that’s just the way work is.


Cardigan - River Island*

Knit - Weekday* (Topshop alternative)

Trousers - Zara

Boots - Dorothy Perkins*

Bag - Lanvin*

Sunglasses - Roberto Cavalli*

At the moment, however, my patience river has run dry. Nothing could compel me to set my tripod up within the next few weeks, aside from a sexy offer from Topshop, perhaps. Even when it comes to sharing what I was kindly gifted for Christmas or some of my favourite sale items come Boxing Day, I’d much rather have a quick catch up with you on Instagram Stories than go through the laborious and stressful process of making sure my hair looks okay and that the lighting is good and shit, did I actually press record?

For some people, YouTube is their jam. They can make anything interesting, and make anything look good. I, unfortunately, am not one of those people. I can’t make videos about how to wear certain items because they’d be ridiculously short - you just put said item on..? I can’t make videos about personal issues or of-the-moment topics, because I’d rather write about them. I can’t make videos about the latest items I’ve bought because I don’t have the bank balance to support a constant stream of new, new, new, and anyway, once I’ve held an item up and said where it’s from, I’m at a loss for things to say about it because for the most part, a red jumper is just a red jumper.

So there we have it, my confession and my departure. Realistically I feel I’ll have to pick YouTube up in the future and put more effort into it than a few hours in front of bedroom window (investing in the Olympus Pen extension which means I can actually ~ see ~ the screen whilst I’m filming would probably be a start), but for now, I want to enjoy what I love whilst I still have the freedom to do so - writing.

And on that note, it would be really helpful to hear what you like to read. Once I get stuck into writing I find it difficult to stop before hitting a 1000 words, so do let me know if you’d like to see some more smaller, toilet-break friendly content alongside my usual meaty stuff. Topic-wise it’s going to be the same old stuff that I’m passionate about - good sex, good laughs and a heck load of self love - but if there’s anything that comes to mind which you’d like to possibly explore, just pop it down below or give me a lil’ nudge on social media and we can have a good old chin-wag about it.

Until next time lovelies x

  • I much prefer reading long blog posts to watching YouTube videos, so I for one am happy about your decision! Blog posts, even when they’re longer, tend to be more edited and more focused (or at the very least, will pull themselves in after a ramble), whereas YouTube videos are more off the cuff and random. I’ve always preferred reading to watching, and it takes much less time to read an article than it does to watch a video. I can’t even begin to think of the number of times I’ve clicked away from a video because the person was taking too long to talk about their points and I lost interest before they were done. At least with a blog post you can skim its contents if you’re not sure about it before digging in again for a more focused read.

  • I’ve slowly started to vlog on my Youtube Channel, sort of baby steps before I attempt making ‘sit down’ videos. I feel like it’s a step I should make in order to extend my reach and hopefully start creating more of a name for myself, but like you I feel a lot more confident writing about things…it’s just easier to get the words down rather than speaking them.

    Plus I have a slight lisp and it’s something that can be ignored in a vlog but in a sit down video it’s just me and camera…but despite this Youtube is something I’m going to attempt to pursue in 2018, but it’s not the be all or end all.
    Alicia x

  • I wont lie, I loved your vlogs! Its such a shame that you are leaving it for the time being but I understand why you want to. Honestly my favourite posts of yours are the ones that really make me think! I know thats vague but its the truth


    Ellie xx

  • I rarI rarely watch YoTube videos if I’m honest – I much prefer reading blogs and seeing photographs! It’s great that you tried it and you can always go back to it in the future. Posting on YouTube absolutely terrifies me! xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  • Thank you for being honest , I loved your videos but if you don’t enjoy it that’s fine. I personally just love hearing your voice and your thoughts but don’t feel pressured to film just do you, you’re amazing!


  • I can’t even tell you how much I relate to this. YouTube is a BIG income stream & people have made millions from it. However I personally don’t watch them & I don’t really enjoy watching bloggers from them tbh. I don’t like hauls. I don’t like anything with speakers, I prefer quick 5 secs videos. I’ll be writing my experiences of YouTube shortly so I’m so happy that you’ve given me that kick. Monica @ http://www.thewongblog.com

  • Holly White

    You do you Chlo! If you’re not feeling something, don’t force it! xxx

  • I love love loooove the content you publish! I’m here for every woman who blogs about fashion but has some real talks in their blog, such as you

    ♥ I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    A for youtube, I feel you! I’d rather do Instastories as well; it feels more natural than filming a video, processing it, editing it… I just don’t feel like it’s worth my time, even if it means more money :/

  • Adeline B.

    Sad to see you go as you’re the only one I care to look videos from, but I get your point and it’s nice to see you’re choosing what you feel inside and not what you have to do careerwise. I prefer to read and see pictures anyway, this way I actually do something except of just watching and it makes more room to think abut what I’ve just read.
    Personally, I love to read about self love (something I deeply lack of so it’s helping) but also sex, meaningful subjects just like your contraception posts (because as women, we face a big lack of information, we have to seek it, except for the pill which every dr try to force on us as the only way to go) and other feminism matters and personal experiences. I’d also like book lists and I can’t wait for the blogger help photoshoots.
    Merry christmas !


  • Megan Elizabeth

    I read blogs a lot more than watching YouTube videos. The only people I watch on YouTube are Liv Jordan, Megan Kroh, Shaaanxo, Sophdoesnails and Saffron Barker and I hardly ever watch their videos when they get published… like give me a few months and I’ll get around to it. I’ve tried doing YouTube quite a few times and I loved every minute. I just had no confidence when I published a video – like omg what if I go out on the street and someone knows me from YT. Also, editing videos is SO time consuming. Who knows?, I may get back into it. P.S I LOVEEEE your jumper x


  • Becky Wren

    Hello – just discovered your blog via a shout out on Dizzy Brunette http://www.dizzybrunette3.com/2017/12/my-favourite-bloggers-of-2017.html
    Agree with you, that YouTube takes a lot more effort. I’m all for a blog post & Insta story / post. Writing a good blog post is definitely not dead. I enjoy reading an eclectic mix from fashion, music, fitness to personal. Merry Xmas Becky from http://www.countrybumpkinchic.co.uk xx

  • I feel exactly the same about youtube but I’ll go a step further and say most of the popular content on there is SO dull to me. I guess I am well and truly getting old but some overly made up girl gushing about the fucking highlighter she bought at boots really does not interest me. I try to watch vlogs in hopes of finally understanding the appeal but to be honest, I’d rather be doing my laundry. And while, yes our lives are more fast-paced, I fear people are becoming intellectually lazy, not wanting to spend 15-20 minutes reading something articulate and well thought out. Writing well is never hashtagged GOALS but someone with fake boobs and the best faux lashes oohing and ahhing over a pair of shoes in a video is respected but also is considered to be riveting content. I just don’t get it but like I said, I’m getting old. I find myself veering further and further away from the influencer industry, mostly because I want to be taken seriously in other industries but also because I’m a little embarrassed to be bracketed within an industry that doesn’t feel very creative anymore. But then there are women like you Chloe. I love all you write and I will always have time to read it. And if youtube isn’t your jam, I wouldn’t fucking worry you have a great thing going here. You’re too unique for typical youtube videos, too special I’d say and if you do return to video, I say you’ll produce something a little different, more relevant to you and those would be videos I’d skip doing laundry for.

  • Maybe you should go step by step with YouTube. Don’t make a video once a week, maybe you can start with one vide a month. So you will have more time to think about what you want to talk about in your videos. Anyway, your blog is just amazing, I mean, you don’t really need YouTube hahaha. I love reading your posts, keep on this great work. Have a nice week!!

  • Girl, I don’t blame you at all, editing videos is a pain, I found the same issues you raised in this post.
    Love your blog posts though. (I really need that cardigan…)

    Creepers & Cupcakes

  • I love this. As ever it’s honest and also inspiring.
    I’ve been blogging 6 years and I have started and failed at YouTube twice. As you say, I felt it was a natural but also forced progression from just blogging. That I had to do it to become something.
    However it wasn’t a natural progression to me. I have neither the time, patience, content or video knowledge to make it work.
    It’s a blessing to see yourself a few other ladies I love saying exactly how I feel.
    Thank you.



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