Catching Up With You (And A Sexy Check Coat)

Hello lovely ones.

It's Wednesday. Bleugh. I really struggled to get out of bed this morning and Keiran had to keep giving me a nudge every now and then whilst we were sat downstairs with our morning cup of tea, because I had wrapped myself up in a blanket and was trying to sneak a few cheeky winks whilst he was absorbed in Jeremy Kyle (I hate watch the show more than I'm willing to admit). This week feels like one of those weeks which is going to drag on forever, but as I said to one of my friends this morning, Thursdays are basically the start of the weekend so we just need to power through today, and we're on the home stretch.

(Side note: I'm writing a blog post next week about how we need to change our perspective on weekdays and how much energy we dedicate to longing for the weekend, but for now, I'll satisfy the internet in me and continue to count down the minutes until Friday PM.)

I digress - I hope you're all well! How have you all been coping with the darker evenings and dropping temperatures? I know as British people we tend to be outlandishly hyperbolic about our relationship with the weather, but I've been enjoying the comfort of layering up and introducing lots of new coats into my wardrobe. You may have seen last week that I pulled together a mini-edit of sorts of outfit-saving coats that can make you seem like you have your shit together, when in actual fact, you just fell out of your car door and forgot to brush your teeth, but as expected, my collection has continued to expand since.


I can't decide whether this incredible check number from ASOS (which is available in Petite, Regular and Tall, FYI (but not curve, boooo)) is reminiscent of a picnic basket or knock-off Burberry cap, but either way, I'm extremely emotionally invested. I opted for the petite cut and the length just about brushes my ankles, which is the perfect fit for that off-duty editor vibe that I'm endlessly chasing.

I paired the coat with a simple cropped roll neck from Missguided (if, like me, you always eschew buying basics for pieces which are more exciting, then I recommend picking this up - it's purse-friendly and super versatile for layering and wearing alone) and these clean-cut tapered ASOS trousers, which are super roomy around the thigh and so are spot on for every-day, comfortable wear. Whilst shopping recently I spied a mannequin styled with a rust coloured oversized knit and cropped navy trousers, and the colour combinations were so delicious that I've been eager to emulate the look in my own day-to-day styling. Expect to see more of these soon.

Anyway, dressing aside, let's get onto the more important stuff... STRANGER THINGS 2. Have you watched? I've only seen one episode so far (I know, don't come for me) but Keiran is two ahead and itching for me to catch up. I struggle to watch serious TV shows throughout the week because whatever time I have free in the evening, I like to spend playing games or having a bath or reading one of my magazines. Thus I expect some hardcore binging shall take place this weekend, so if you don't hear from me past Friday 5pm, assume I'm knee deep in the upside down.

Talking of TV, what do we all think of Prue Leith accidentally revealing the winner of Bake Off before the show had aired? I watched the first episode of this series and then gave up because, as much as everybody seems hell-bent on denying it, the tent isn't the same without Her Royal Majesty, Mary Berry, but nonetheless this whole social media slip-up made me positively adore Prue. We all know the feeling of waking up after a night out to see that you've drunkenly uploaded to Instagram Stories on repeat, so I can only imagine the magnitude of Prue's 'oh fuuuuuuuuuuuuu-' when she realised. Such a pure demonstration of how Twitter and time differences do not always play nicely.

The rest of my week consists of shooting, editing and working as per usual. I'm seeing my friends tonight to chill and catch up, and since we're hanging out at mine, the responsibility for feeding has fallen to me. I was thinking of doing fajitas but I rustled up some Nandos wraps for myself last night, so I'm thinking I'm going to avoid tortillas and go for picky tapas bits instead. With that being said, my intentions for cooking often start of well towards the beginning of the day and then rapidly plummet to a bowl of Dolmio pasta once it gets time to eat, so who knows? I will placate their disappointment with cheese and hope the sexy gossip keeps them distracted.

Anywho, I hope you don't mind my chatty digressions - it's just nice to write without purpose sometimes, you know? Plus it also provides me with the perfect opportunity to mine you guys for dinner and TV recommendations - anything that can be easily made for meat-eaters and vegetarians plus anything that can be easily watched in the background (nothing like One Tree Hill or Gilmore Girls, pls) will be very much appreciated.

Until next time lovelies x


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