The Moschino x Magnum Bag You’ll Want To Win

Over the past few years, I’ve purchased a few designer bags which I now confess, I love more than some (read: most) of my family members. I’m one of those people that prefers possessions over experiences (I’ve tried to shift it the other way, but it's not happening - I just love stuff and the warmth of my own bed), and the one thing that trumps a bougie bag or sassy shoe? FOOD.

Imagine my delight, then, when I discovered that Magnum had teamed up with Jeremy Scott at Moschino to produce a limited edition line of statement tote bags to celebrate the launch of the Magnum Double flavours, Raspberry and Coconut. There are seven bags in total, each featuring a different animal with a different attitude, set against a vividly bright background and dressed head to tail in signature Moschino styles.

These bags are the definition of bougie, but more than that, they’re actually a practical way of working a wearable, designer piece into your wardrobe. Each bag is waterproof and holds enough room for you to slip in your laptop, purse, and each of the fourteen different chargers that keeps your day ticking over. The strap is fairly thick which means that you’re not going to suffer from ‘busy-girl’s-shoulder’ after ten minutes of leaving your house, and for the simpler sisters like me, the pop of colour (don’t mind me, just throwing up in my mouth at the use of that phrase) adds a little something something to your everyday uniform.

Truth is, whilst I love my bags more than a freshly baked French baguette oozing with garlic butter (can you sense that love for food coming through?), a Gucci cross-body is often not the most practical accompaniment when I’m lugging around my MacBook, my camera and a spare pair of shoes. Most days, you’ll find me reaching for a reliable tote, either in canvas form or something slightly more jazzy like the Magnum x Moschino Leopard number I’m wearing here. As much as I’d love to say that I can fit my life into a YSL Blogger Bag, I’m always working from a coffee shop or shooting on the go, so I need something that’s both functional and ~ fashurn ~.



But anyway, who wants to hear about me, right? What you want to know is how you can get your paws on one of these Magnum x Moschino tote bags. You can nab each of the seven styles (minus the pink edition, which has now sold out!) directly from the Moschino website here. The bags retail at £212 each, but hold your horses, because I have some exceptionally good news for you…

Magnum x Moschino have kindly gifted me three extra bags to giveaway, so one of these designer pieces could be yours. All you have to do follow myself (@chloeplumstead), Magnum (@Magnum) and Moschino (@Moschino) on Instagram, and comment below this blog post letting me know your favourite flavour of Magnum (FYI - mine is Double Raspberry, and I’ve made myself hungry by writing this blog post so I’ll be grabbing one from the shop ASAP).

I can't wait to send these babies out, so good luck and happy entering!

This post was sponsored by Magnum, but all content is original and my own.



Beret - ASOS
Sunglasses - Ray-Ban*
Blazer - River Island*
Camisole - Missguided*
Trousers - Zara
Shoes - Gucci
Bag - Moschino x Magnum
  • Latisha Marcum

    I think it’s such perfect timing that I just had a double chocolate magnum bar last night 😏What a coincidence! Such rich goodness! 🍫 & for that bag? It’s so cute with the pop of orange!!

  • Olivia Ellis

    My flavour flav is double peanut butter. Seriously what could be better!!? 😛🍦💛

  • Bella Longdon

    My absolute favourite is a classic white chocolate ❤️❤️

  • Kate Power

    Double caramel ☺️☺️

  • Charlie Perry

    Come at me with a simple almond milk chocolate magnum any day (preferably handed over in this AMAZING bag 🤤🤤🤤)

  • Maddie Ward

    I love the double caramel!!

  • Em de la Femme

    Gotta be simple Chocolate! Love this bag more than life (and family members also)

  • Orla Campion

    White chocolate all day everyday ✨🙈

  • Helen Morton

    Definitely double raspberry it’s so good! That bag would be awesome having just gone back to uni 8 years after graduating the first time.

  • Jennifer Ellis

    Ooh I love a chocolate magnum, simple but perfect!

  • Mariel Fragoso – Rodriguez

    Double caramel is perfection 😻😻

  • Grace Donnelly

    Chocolate cookie crumble, my all time favourite 😋

  • Anything with white chocolate or caramel is my absolute BABE (but can you really go wrong with a classic?)

    These bags are dreamy, keeping everything crossed for a post-summer treat! XX

  • ˗ˏˋfleur booksˎˊ˗

    I don’t think that you could ever go wrong with a classic white chocolate, although I do love a bit of caramel every now and then! ♡

  • Daisy Tinker

    It’s gotta be the classic almond! Literally nothing in the world beats an almond Magnum 💘

  • Abi Walker

    White chocolate! 😍

  • Emma Rainbow

    Has to be white chocolate 👌🏼

  • Jessica Stannard

    Classic 👌🏻

  • Has to be the almond 🍦🌰🐿 x

  • Abbie Crowther

    Almond always and forever✨

  • Charlotte Amato-Gauci


  • Erin

    Double rasp for me too 👌🏻

  • Kasey Ledger

    White chocolate, almond Magnum! Love the two on their own as well but together… 😍

  • Jenny

    I am obsessed with the almond magnum – but the one that is double layered and extra bad for you!

  • I absolutely love the White chocolate one – it’s so delicious! Great post Chloe and amazing styling of the bag!

    xx Mili

  • Jess

    White chocolate. Always.

  • Hannah

    White chocolate or coconut! My favourites xx

  • Francesca Stoner

    White!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 X

  • tuula

    Coconut or almond for definite😛😛

  • Becca Wilsher

    Double coconut or pistachio! But TBH I wouldn’t turn down any flavour. 🍦🐷

  • Double raspberry is my favourite too! Classic white chocolate and milk come joint second! Love this bag so much xx

    Georgia Megan

  • Holly Alderson

    Discovered the Almond Magnum on my last holiday, and fell in love 😩🙌🏻❤️ Went on to eat one a day for the rest of the holiday.. sometimes two a day when it was really hot 🙊😋🍦

  • Aline

    I love the almond flavour!

  • Ami Daniels

    Pistachio allllllll the way 🙌🏼 But gotta love the classic white chocolate too! 🤤

  • Omg gal those bags – heart eyes all over the show right now!

    I think my favourite has to be a mint! Their mint ice creams are literally my absolute favourite mint ice cream on earth, but if I couldn’t have mint it would be a double chocolate as it reminds me of my first girls holiday with my friends in Turkey last year when the bikini body went out of the window and I swear I ate about 4 a day. Those were the days! XO
    LJLV | Luxury Fashion with an Alternative Twist

  • Ayeasha Tobin

    DARK CHOCOLATE MAGNUMS are the ones 😍

  • Fiona

    What a total babe! Has to be Magnum classic white chocolate…everyone loves a basic bitch, right? X

  • Emily Adams

    I have never commented on a blog before but thought I would honour you with my blog comment virginity as this is too good of an oportunity to miss!!!
    Favourite flavour has to be peanut butter magnum what is there not to like about nuts 😉
    Stay fresh

  • Sophie Maie

    I don’t know what I want more right now that gorge bag or food haha this post was too good girl!! I love food just as much as you, although it is v tough I’d have to say my fave magnum flavour is their red velvet ones I mean a cake in an ice-cream flavour **yes pease**!!
    Have a fab day x

  • Ottilie Sandford

    Loved this post and that bag is amazing! My favourite magnum flavour is double caramel, or peanut butter (but I think that one was limited edition because I never see it!)
    Looking forward to your next post,
    Ottilie xx

  • Holly White

    I’m soooo in love with that bag!! And White Chocolate Magnums are my all time favourite ice cream! xxx

  • Ellie Christmas

    The raspberry magnums are my fave! Obvs the best flavour! xxx

  • Lara Townsley

    Chloe – glad to see you found a use for the Gold Camisole, even if not as a cheeky slip dress!
    I can never decide on the classic or white chocolate so always bring my boyfriend along so I can justify both xx

  • Beth McMahon

    Almond magnum 😋

  • I absolutely luuurve the Honeycome!!! Delish!! Love your outfit in these pics! Xxx

  • Mine has to be white chocolate! I’m vegan and it’s the one thing I miss! Nothing beats a white chocolate magnum (please let them make a vegan version!) 🍦🍦🍦 also you are stunning! Love your blog xxx

  • Sara Goodier

    Double peanut butter😍🥜

  • Closcrazy

    Double peanut butter is everything I ever needed in my life.

  • Okay, that bag is just perfect!! My favourite flavour of Magnum is the almond one. Such a classic xx

    Emma //

  • Rachael Hayman

    White chocolate every time 💛💛

  • Ilaria Premazzi

    Been having my eyes on this bag since summer began, but I’ve never had a clue on how to style it. I think you put together such an amazing outfit, classy but at the same time fun with the pop of color. My favourite Magnum? White chocolate of course!! Could eat those 24/7😍

  • Bethany Wilshaw

    Red velvet aaaaall the way. In the words of Homer Simpson..mmmm. 😻😻😻

  • Abbie

    I’ve only just realised you were supposed to enter on here and not on insta 🤦🏽‍♀️ It’s the pistachio ones for me! These bags are awesome

  • Sophie Bradfield

    It’s got to be the classic white chocolate magnum 😍

  • Lulu Wood

    Piiistachioooo 😂🎉😍🚀🌶🍻🍆🍪

  • Cassie

    Definitely white magnum 😋🍦the bag looks amazing!

  • Grace Roche

    It’s got to be the almond!! In love with this bag, I need one 😍!! X

  • Grace Bullingham

    I abso LOVE almond magnums 💕
    I once sent my boyfriend out to get me one and he returned with a classic 😳 I was close to tears 😂 #diva
    🍦🍦🍦🍦 (these moschino bags are amazing, I need one in my life!) x

  • Hannah Costello

    I’m with you on the double raspberry 😍 These bags are so iconic, need one in my life! X

  • Courtney Anne Rose

    Classic- all the way!

  • Fiona

    Love this bag so so much!
    Got to be a white choc one 🙂

  • Sarah Rees

    I love the almond magnum the most, but wouldnt refuse any of them. @jojogirly1

  • Olivia Young

    White chocolate!

  • Lisa Rowsell

    I love the double raspberry ones as well. @mysticstorm IG

  • suer rushworth

    white chocolate yum yum

  • Mia Robichaud

    my favourite is definitely double peanut butter!

  • Keith Embleton

    Def peanut butter

  • sharon mead

    White chocolate is my absolute favourite

  • Emilie Williams

    Double Peanut Butter <3

  • Lauren Bates

    I first tried the double caramel flavour on a trip to alton towers and I’ve been obsessed every since!

  • Debbie

    I’m the same- my fave is the Double Raspberry Magnum, although I’m rather partial to them all to be fair.

  • Lila B Taylor

    I love the pistachio magnum x adore that bag!!

  • debbie1957uk

    my favourite Magnum is the Almond one

  • israrbaig

    White chocolate

  • Laura Nice

    Definitely white magnum!! I could eat them all day long!

  • White magnums for me 🙂

  • kj19

    Mine has to be either original or Almond ..
    followed on Insta @kellyjo_eats x

  • Noomi Eliassen

    My favourite magnum is the white chocolate one! The ice cream inside taste different than all the others – I SWEAR! And I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to vanilla ice cream so that one takes the ice cream cake!

    Love this bag! Xxx

  • purpleshoes1

    White chocolate for me!

  • Helena Ramsay

    The bag is beautiful! My favourite magnum is the almond one 🙂 x

  • Jun MO


  • Joanna Machnica

    I LOVE the almond flavour! Taste of heaven! Xx

  • Ryan McNair

    Got to be the white chocolate one !!!

  • Jo Carroll

    In Magnum’s case I think Original is still the best. x

  • gemma aktekin

    Omg love that bag… My Favourite is the Mint flavour mmmmm!

  • Becky Duffy

    My Favourite Magnum is Magnum Classic – I remember the first time I had one as a child and still love them just as much now 🙂

  • Amy Wright

    Double peanut butter – yummy!!!! Love the bag, fingers crossed x

  • Double Caramel for me!

  • Ali Thorpe

    Pistachio or Double PB 🙂

  • I’m a Double Raspberry gal too!

  • Brenda M

    Intense Dark! Nom Nom Nom!

  • Kristy Leanne Brown

    Double Raspberry too!

  • Lynne OConnor

    Totally agree. I love Double Raspberry

  • Sharon Arnott

    I love double peanut butter….a little too much

  • Helen Reed

    My fave is the Almond Magnum!!! #yumyum

  • Kate Fox

    Obsessed with double peanut butter… and these bags 😍😍😍

  • amy bondoc

    my favourite is the almond

  • Diana Mamede De Oliveira

    I like peanut butter magnuuum 🙂 to die for!!

  • Mari Sutherland

    Favourite has to be the Double Chocolate xx

  • Emma

    Double chocolate

  • bethcastle

    I love the white chocolate magnum….so creamy and delicious


    white chocolate for me
    insta: angiehoggett

  • Diane Wood

    I love the caramel Magnum best closely followed by the mint

  • miriam krutska

    My favourite is Magnum Chocolate Infinity xxxxx

  • Jamie Millard (JayJay1874)

    Double Caramel

  • Jodie A Green

    Double Choc for me!

  • Ellie Spider

    I love the almond one best 🙂

  • Claire Thomson Little

    My favourite is the white chocolate 😍 love these bags almost as much as Magnums!

  • Lolita “Lolitambonita” Bonita

    I like peanut butter magnum. YUM x

  • Fashion and food – what’s not to love?! My personal favourite has got to be double peanut butter. I know it’s a naughty treat, but there’s definitely no better combination of flavours in my book – a match made in heaven!

  • Jacqueline Roberts

    @jackiejaxroberts I love the double coconut

  • Donna Large

    Double Caramel

  • helenthemadex

    mine is double raspberry love them, at the moment I am following the 8 week sugar diet so cant have one, but a bag has no sugar so one of those will be great 😀

  • Raulin Harder

    I personally like the double caramel!

  • Yasmine Littlewood

    I agree, double raspberry is my fave!

  • Sasha Darwazeh

    Double Raspberry is the one… I’m off to get some.

  • Wendy Tolhurst

    I love the double coconut and also the double peanut – they are both absolutely delicious and one of my daughters can’ t have nuts, so I have more chance of being able to get one of these out of the freezer 🙂

  • Charlotte Haywood

    Double caramel or white are definitely my favourites!!! Not tried the new raspberry one yet but will have to give it a try!!!!

  • Karys

    My life time fave has always been the white chocolate. Why change something so perfect!

  • Bethany Rose Baldwin

    I actually have just been and bought some Almond magnums as a treat! Yummmyyyy xxx

  • Oh I do love your outfit in this post! 🙂 as for magnum flavours I love the double coconut flavour xx

  • Oh I do love your outfit in this post 🙂 Favourite flavour of magnum would be the double coconut xx

  • Jessica Winlow

    White chocolate for me! You look amazing as always girl x


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