7 Totally Relatable But Weird Things You Do When You’re In A Relationship

Relationships – weird huh? One minute you’re clinking champagne over a swanky af dinner and the next you’re checking up each other’s noses to see if there are any loose boogers. Being in a relationship with someone – and especially being in love with someone – beckons a new realm of closeness that even siblings don’t venture into (and siblings do not hold any information back, no matter how gross); you spend so much time with each other that what once would have seemed bizarre (sharing a toothbrush, for example), slowly becomes a gesture of romance – “yes I am willing to share spit and tooth grubbiness with you, because I love you.”

Sometimes when I step out of the shower Keiran will dry me off with a towel, because I’m tired and I like to be looked after and he’s just a bloody sterling chap. It was during one of my dry-down sessions that I started to think about all of the other weird – but totally relatable – things that go on when you’re in a relationship, and so hey presto, here’s a little list! I know you’ll find yourself in here somewhere, and if you don’t, pop me a comment down below to confess your own little relationship oddities. Happy weirdness guys and gals!

Top – Zara
Bag – J.W. Anderson
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Initial Earrings – Daisy London*


1. Undress each other after a long day

You know when you’ve had one of those days that just seems to have gone on forever, and you’re tired and your bones ache and even pulling off your jeans and pulling on your PJs is just a step too far? Those are the days that you need some assistance, and your other half dutifully proceeds to yank off your skinnies and pull up your comfies, all while you’re laying spreadeagled on the bed and deliberating what to order from Dominoes.

2. Discuss who would be the most devastated if the other one died

“What would you do if I died right now? Would you cry?” “Of course I would cry.” “Could you ever possibly love again?” “Urmm….” How many times have you had this conversation with your partner? It doesn’t matter how absolutely morbid the subject is or how many times you’ve had the exact same discussion before, the “what would you do if I died” conversation is central to any Sunday lazing session, and is also a challenge to establish who would be the most devastated, and who, in turn, must be the most caring partner. BATTLE TO THE DEATH!

3. Designate a ‘side’ of the bed

The core of any loving relationship is respecting designated sleeping zones. You choose your side on the first ever sleepover, and you must stick to it from thereon in. If one partner dares edge over without first consulting the other sleeper, then, well, all hell breaks loose. Nothing is more confusing than walking into the bedroom to find your bf or gf has set up shop on your side of the bed, and if you do hazard to take this chance, you better be prepared for a pretty heated Q&A as to why you’ve betrayed the sacred relationship rules. (FYI – I’m a terrible person and I recently made K swap sides with me. I’m a hypocrite BUT IT’S A VERY IMPORTANT SUBJECT).



4. Create totally random but entirely heartfelt pet names for each other

How often do you accidentally called your other half by their pet name in an entirely inappropriate situation? There’s nothing quite like shouting, ‘Pup Pup, do you want Cookie Dough or Caramel Chew Chew?’ across Tesco without giving a second thought to how bizarre this sounds to everybody around you. Something happens when you fall in love that renders you unable to address your other half by their proper name – no, they will be known by their pet name, and their pet name only. Now where is my little Squish?…

5. Eradicate all barriers when it comes to personal space

If you’re in a relationship, I bet you’ve looked in your other half’s ears. Why? Maybe they had a lot of ear wax, maybe there was a big spot in there that needed popping or maybe they’re going deaf and you’re looking for intruders – whatever the reason, I bet you’ve had a snoop. No doubt you’ve also sniffed their feet, inspected their pits and considered going for a dip in the belly button (the worst part of any human body, may I add); when it comes to personal space in a relationship, well, there isn’t any. What’s mine is yours, and that means everything.

6. Fall asleep on FaceTime if, God forbid, you spend an evening apart 

Once you get used to sleeping together, sleeping alone quickly seems much, much less appealing. What was once licence to starfish across the mattress suddenly becomes facing an expanse of they-aren’t-there-ness, and you miss waking up when they wake up to turn over in unison and start a new sequence of spooning. Sometimes distance can’t be avoided, and when such occasions arise, technology comes in to save the day. Whack FaceTime on before you get into bed, fall asleep, and enjoy the continuity of still waking up to their snoring, even if you’re thousands of miles away. Pure mushy bliss.

7. Disagree on baby names for children that won’t even be on the radar for a very long time 

“No, we aren’t going to name our son after an anime character” – a line I find myself saying far too often for a woman who is nowhere near close to having kids and who panics when a child crosses her path. I know I’m not the only one who has their baby names on lock, and these far-off, unfertilised eggs can often cause quite a commotion when it comes down to discussing names in a relationship. No, you don’t want to have kids any time soon and yes, you’ll probably change your mind in the future, but you’re willing to defend the titles of that boy and girl duo to the bitter end.





Photography: Hannah Bae-le
  • I love this! And can really empathise with all of them! If people heard the 'pet' names me and my OH called each other they'd think we were right weirdos!



  • This was such a fun post to read! Hit home on a number of notes. Namely having a designated side of the bed. I'm so anal about which side of the bed I sleep and it doesn't matter where me and my Boyf go he always lets me pick my side of the bed first… then proceeds to invade it all night long even when he knows full well I hate cuddling in bed! Well not in bed, just when I'm asleep in bed. Make sense? lol xx

  • Well this melted my heart! SO CUTE xx

  • I was honestly laughing the whole way through this because it's so relatable! 😂
    Great post and love the outfit too! X


  • I haven't cracked up this much at a post in a long time!! Is it bad that I relate to all of these things?


    Ellie xx

  • Obviously I can't relate since I'll probably die alone but love seeing you in baby pink, that shirt is truly something, love the shape <3


  • I relate to quite a few of these!
    1. we've discussed how long we'd have to wait to move on if the other person dies. the verdict? 8 years, and we can never remarry but serious relationships are okay.
    2. i pluck the (albeit premature) grey hairs from his chin and mustache
    3. the side of the bed was basically set in stone the day we moved in together and cannot be changed. i wouldn't mind, but he'd have it no other way.
    4. personal space does not exist, even if you're on the toilet (the dog has also picked up this habit of laying by the door, watching and waiting for you to finish your business.
    5. all of this sounds outrageous now that i'm typing it out!!


  • These are absolutely fantastic Chloe and I can relate to pretty much all of them! I find it funny winding Adam up by trying to sleep on "his side" but it never actually works, he can't stand it! Alice xxx


  • haha aw man I can totally relate to all the points here!


    Creepers & Cupcakes

  • Reading through these have really made me giggle about how relatable they are! It really is the little things like this in a relationship that mean the most!

  • I love your outfit so much !!!


  • Omg the drying off thing :') My boyfriend sometimes makes me dry him off when he's feeling pathetic! Relationships really are WEIRD!

  • Incredible post chloe.

  • All of the above I have done or I am currently doing with my boyfriend right now. I find that I enjoy the weird things in the relationship more than anything else.



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