Why You Should Buy From Independent Brands This Christmas

Holidays are coming, holidays are coming… Yes folks, Christmas time is rolling around again and whilst this isn’t a typically festive themed post, I do want to talk about Christmas shopping. Whether you’re already knee deep in wrapping or, like me, you leave everything until the last minute and end up bulk buying in a blind panic, knowing what to choose for certain people can always be difficult. Take me, for example – I think I’m the easiest person to buy for because I love everything. Expensive Jo Malone candle? I’ll have it. Pretty lingerie set from ASOS? Stick it in the stocking. Literally anything from Net-A-Porter? A-OKAY. According to my brother and boyfriend, however, I “already have everything”, so what on earth can they get me?

That’s where smaller, independent brands like Lucinda King Jewellery come in. As much as I’m a lover of mass produced, high street fashion, products that come from smaller brands are always that much more special. That’s why I’m here to make the case for why you should buy from independent companies this Christmas – if you want something special, something unexpected and something with a story, then you might just have found the right avenue.

Key Necklace – Lucinda King Jewellery*
Lock Necklace – Lucinda King Jewellery*
Jeans – ASOS
Belt – YSL*
Boots – Zara

I work with a lot of independent and/or smaller brands as a blogger. Going off on a slight tangent, a popular misconception is that big brands can and will pay influencers, bloggers and freelancers more. False. I have always found that smaller brands not only pay better, but care more. To larger companies you’re very much part of a numbers game, whereas smaller brands can take the time to find the right blogger, the right product and the right unison of the two to properly communicate the image they want. Take Samantha Owen, the founder of Lucinda King, for example. We’ve spoken on the phone, we text, we’ve exchanged images and ideas over the series of months. When I wanted to re-shoot the outfit for this look she encouraged me to take my time, and we hatched a plan of how best to share the newly launched Lucinda King jewellery over the festive period.

When you buy from smaller, independent brands, you buy a gift with heart. Items aren’t just made, they are created, and each piece has a story and purpose. For each of Sam’s jewellery pieces, she can retrace her steps from initial concept all the way through to packaging up in the company’s custom designed boxes. By the time an item reaches your doorstep it’s already laden with care – all you have to do is add a lil’ extra love, wrap it up, and scream et voila at the top of your lungs as it’s being opened (last action optional). That personal touch is largely something that you don’t get from big name brands, but it’s precisely that that makes a present so special.

So what is this Lucinda King story that I keep harping on about? Well, after completing her studies, Sam joined Clogau, the Welsh gold jewellery brand and also the family business. She worked as Creative Designer, creating new designs and concepts, reinventing and reincorporating the origins of the company time and time again in new season pieces and staple favourites. But Sam wanted to branch out and create a brand which was more clean, more youthful, more contemporary – and that’s where Lucinda King Jewellery was born. The history of the brand lies solely in Sam herself. Her years of experience within the family business positions her as a master of her trade. This is not her first rodeo guys. Each piece of Lucinda King Jewellery has a rhyme and reason, and buying into this kind of story and this kind of heritage is what makes gifts from smaller brands so unique.

Here I’ve layered up the Rose Lock Pendant and Rose Key Pendant, both set with White Topaz and adjustable chains (adjustable chains!! amazing!!). When I started thinking about Christmas, these two instantly sprung to mind as being perfect sharing pieces amongst best friends. Lucinda King also stocks silver too, so there’s lots of choice to mix and match. If you’re looking for something a little more unique this festive season, then I would definitely give the newly launched pieces a look.

This post was sponsored by Lucinda King, but all thoughts, content and blogging wizardry are my own.


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