Beauty Bay Black Friday Haul (Plus Discounts!)

 Beauty lovers rejoice – Black Friday is here, and Beauty Bay are giving
all of their customers up to 30% OFF selected lines! In preparation for
the mass sale, I did a little bit of hauling myself – if you need some
persuasion or you’re desperate to grab some cult products but don’t know
what, then place your shopping goggles firmly on and keep reading. 

Antipodes, 30% off

Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Treatment Mask – now £13.82!

If you’re a skincare and/or beauty enthusiast, you will have heard of this one before. The Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Treatment mask is a much hyped cult product, and probably the item you’ve been seeing if the Antipodes white tubes look familiar. Here’s the low down on how to use it: first cleanse your skin thoroughly and ensure all make-up is removed, and then apply the mask generously all over the face. Let it soak for 10-15 minutes (or 45-1 hour if you’re a lazy git like me), and then wash clean with warm water. Whilst we all love a face mask every now and then, it’s the spot-blitzing abilities of this Antipodes wonder that is its claim to fame.

Apply this to any sudden, unwanted visitors and watch the redness and swelling reduce within hours. I suffer from spots on my shoulders when I’m stressed, and when an angry intruder showed up yesterday, I applied the treatment mask to the spot, left it on all day (didn’t wash it off because it was a relatively small surface area), had a shower in the evening and found that whilst it was slightly red still, the actual shape and bump had reduced to almost nothing. SUCCESS! My skin has really been suffering over the past few weeks because I’m on the verge of a quarter life crisis, so I’ve been using this everyday and have seen a real reduction in stress spots and uneven, blotchy skin tone. 10/10 would buy again.

I. Am. In. Love. Before I start gushing about this tiny wonder, let me give you a little background. I, unfortunately, am the owner of large dark circles. I also have very chubby cheeks, which gives me eye bags too. No matter how much water I drink, how much sleep I get or how much moisturiser I apply, I can never seem to shift them. I’ve even had tear trough fillers, which helped quite a bit but which can’t tackle puffy eyes. For this reason, I’m always chasing that super bright, Kim Kardashian under eye look. Up until this point the Rodial Airbrush Concealer has been my go to, but no more – this is the holy grail of dark circle covering.

Whilst the pot for this product is really quite tiny, I’ve never come across a product that is SO PIGMENTED. You need less than a pinprick per eye, and yes, when I read similar reviews I scoffed in disbelief, but this is literally a product that will last forever. You can either use it as a concealer for dark circles, spots and discolouration, or you can mix it with a moisturiser for an all over foundation (hence it’s title as ‘Skin Enhancer’, rather than concealer). Finding the right shade online can be quite difficult, but for reference, I went for SX3 which is yellow toned and purposefully lighter than my all over shade. Do some googling and you should be able to find the right one for you.

Kevyn Aucoin Celestial Skin Liquid Lighting - 20% off 

Another Keyvn Aucoin product, The Celestial Skin Liquid Lighting is a multi-purpose highlighter that comes in three different shades. I’m always in the pursuit of that elusive glowy skin look, and I use highlighter every day to, well, try and make myself look a little less dead. Rather than just highlighting, however, this product works as a 3-in-1 illuminator, primer and highlighter, aiming to give you that ‘light from within’, candelight glow without the glitter or shimmer.

If you’re looking for a WOW highlighter, then this one isn’t for you. It’s definitely gives more of a subtle effect, conjuring a healthy glow rather than a disco ball, unicorn gleam. I applied this as a primer/illuminator and my foundation blended well over the top, but I think I’ll be saving it for special occasions rather than everyday as I’m not sure the longevity for a 9-5 plus more is there. However, the effect is beautiful and adding the super creamy product onto my skin as a cheek bone, brow bone and nose highlight worked wonders. Day to day I typically use a powder highlighter, but I found that this glided on so much more easily, catching the light beautifully for a Whitney Port sheen (if you don’t know Whitney, google her and die with envy at her skin). If you’re chasing that natural glow, the Celestial Skin Liquid Lightning is one to invest in.

Art Deco Blusher - 30% off 

ArtDeco Sound of Beauty Blush Couture - now £17.50!
ArtDeco isn’t a brand I had heard of before, and I’m not typically one for bougie packaging, but finding that my bronzer can be a little heavy in the winter months and wanting to try and new blusher, I gave this product a go. I’ve never used a tri-coloured blusher before so initially I was a bit confused as to what to do (bear with me, I’m a blusher novice). Just use one colour? Swirl them all together? Dip into them one at a time and layer up? In the end I swirled them all together, and WOW, this baby is pigmented.

The colour pay off was amazing, and being the novice that I am, I unsurprisingly applied too much in the first swoop and had to dull it down with some translucent powder. The deep berry shade is beautifully complimentary, however, and I found that applying a little blusher to the apples of my cheeks (cringe, hate that saying) breathed a little more life into my skin than bronzer could do alone. Again, this is a product that is going to last forever and with three different colours, you can adapt the shade to suit your look or mood. A surprise winner for me. Let me know if you’re planning on bagging some items in the up to 30% off Black Friday Beauty Bay bonanza! I’d love to know your reviews and opinions on any products you pick up, especially as I’m now becoming particularly interested in skincare and skin products. Feel free to drop a comment down below or find me over on social @chloeplumstead (Instagram and Twitter). Happy shopping babes!  This post was sponsored by Beauty Bay, but all imagery and opinions are my own.  


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