Mansions, Designer Goodies and FOOD: #TheOne Farfetch

If you follow me on Instagram, then this isn’t going to be much of a big reveal. Unsurprisingly, I Instagrammed the crap out of this amazing opportunity, but now I finally get to give you the scoop on the behind the scenes action at #TheOne Retreat with Farfetch. It’s all Ascot mansions, designer goodies and total food porn, so if you’re feeling dreamy, then keep reading.
Tee – ASOS White
Jeans – Nudie
YSL Belt – Farfetch*
Comme des Garçons Wallet – Farfetch
Bag – Mango



 The day started EARLY. I had to meet the Farfetch team and my fellow blogging gals at around 8:30am in London, and living in Ipswich, I had to set my alarm for the ungodly time of 5.a.m. Still, when I rocked up to the station at 20 past 6 in the morning the coffee shop was open (note to self: avoid working in a coffee shop at all costs) so I had good reason to pick up the largest coffee known to man. Fast forward two hours and I was standing in London Victoria, surrounded by bloggers and the Farfetch team, especially happy to recognise two friendly faces in Sabina and Lucinda who I’ve been following for a while!

Farfetch had organised a coach for us from the station, the lavishness of which was a good indication of the day to come. My coach history consists of buses one step above the MegaBus; this coach had a coffee machine, seats arranged around tables, a freakin’ oven and even a snug at the very back. A snug, guys.

Upon arrival we popped on our Farfetch slippers and sat down for a quick presentation about #TheOneCampaign, with the team talking us through what it means to find that one, special item that sets your fashion heart on fire. Stomachs rumbling, we then tucked into a breakfast array of everything from pastries to fruit salads, with copious amounts of tea and fresh orange juice to boot. We sat outside on the patio, chatting about work, friends, life, clothes – before the best interruption of all interruptions came in the form of gifting.

Given the choice a few weeks earlier, I had opted for the most beautiful YSL Monogram Buckle Belt and a Comme des Garçons wallet as a little extra. After papping these for myself, I headed up to the master bedroom (wahey) with the extremely talented Kaye Ford to shoot. Cue some lounging in luxury from me and a snoop around the top level, and hey presto, your gurl was ready for the afternoon.

The shoot by Kaye Ford Photography


Shop the look


After we’d all finished our mini-shoots with the photographers on hand (the other of which was the wonderful Victoria Metaxas), there was more chatting and wandering and photo snapping before lunch was served. When I RSVPd I had totally forgotten to mention that I’m a vegetarian, but I had nothing to worry about – there was a huge selection of DE-LICIOUS goodies, many of which were veggie and vegan! This was the first time that vegan sushi entered my life, and it won’t be the last. We even had a glass of bubbles to see us through, so a pretty successful lunch by all accounts.

Once we were all stuffed to the brim, the treatment room was opened. Offering 15 minute massages, hair styling and manicures, it was literally a little slice of Farfetch heaven. Me being me, I naturally loitered around the room all afternoon so I could volunteer myself for all three things, finally having my first massage which was UNBELIEVABLE. If it had been even 15 minutes longer, I’m sure I would have been asleep.

The rest of the afternoon flew by, with cake being served, conversations being had and many, many cups of tea up for grabs. The settings were beautiful, the team – unsurprisingly – beyond wonderful and the bloggers so lovely, that I left feeling glad I hadn’t chickened out of the all-day event. If I don’t know anybody else attending an event, I typically turn it down. I even wrote a post about dodging blogging events (read it here!), but by pushing myself to venture outside of my comfort zone, I had an amazing day, learned a lot and met a whole bunch of new and inspiring people.

I even learned that blog posts should be around 700 words. Well, ‘thank you Farfetch’ makes it 700-and something. Check out #TheOne campaign here, and TREAT YO SELF.


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