Why I Never Go To Blogging Events (Plus A Lil Homeware Haul)

The more popular you become as a blogger (cringe), the more you find your inbox fills up with invites to all of the latest press days and industry events. Some of them are amazing, and some of them not so much. I’ve been blogging for going on three years now and I only started receiving invites in the past year or so, but in that time, I’ve probably been to only three or four events. That’s a pretty small amount, considering during the busy seasons, I probably get invited to that many each week (I’m really not trying to be a braggy twat here, I’m just being truthful with you guys). So why am I not going to more blogging events when it seems every blogger worth their salt is living the life on Snapchat?

Before I begin, I thought I would just mention quickly all of the new homeware bits that I’ve featured here – in a post about not going out, sharing new additions in my home seemed particularly apt. The lovelies at Ocean Loans offered me £50 for a mini-homeware haul, so I headed straight to Primark to get some cheap and cheerful items.

Like every blogger ever, I picked up some new bedsheets in white and grey, plus some pink pillowcases which I grabbed more for flat lays than my actual bed. I fell in love with these copper hangers when I saw them, and I think they were only £3 for a pack of five so they were an absolute steal. Keiran was horrified when I put them in my basket though because he likes all of his hangers to be the same, whereas I literally have so many clothes that this is an unrealistic dream. Add to that a candle and literally the softest and most beautiful throw I’ve ever seen (and only £15!!!), and you have a mini bedroom revamp for only £50!

Now, back to the subject at hand…

It’s too expensive

Industry events are nearly always held in London (in fact, make that always), so that means I have to organise travel for the day (and even possibly a hotel for overnight stays) in order to get there and back. The more notice I have, the cheaper booking train tickets in advance can be, but the nature of the beast means that you’ll mostly only be told the week before. Then there is the multiple tube trips I have to pay for – not that pricey if it’s just one day’s worth, but if I’m attending multiple events throughout the month, this quickly adds up. Obviously travel expenses aren’t covered as hundreds of people can be invited to the same event, so that’s totally understandable, but when it’s coming out of your own pocket, travel can get pretty pricey. If there’s more than one event in a day then it’s certainly more economical, but as many bloggers will be able to vouch, this level of heavenly organisation rarely falls into place.

I’m working, duh

I’m not clever enough or successful enough to blog full time, which means I have to hold down a normal 9-5 job to sustain both my love for the Zara TRF section and my bad habit of buying 3000 different flavours of tea that I ultimately shun for English Breakfast. I was a student for four years and worked every summer in-between, and now I’m in marketing full time, I can hardly swan off at 2pm on a Tuesday afternoon to drink Prosecco at the latest blow dry bar. A girl gotta go to work! I know lots of other bloggers who balance work and blogging and it’s not easy, requiring the organisational skills of a God just to keep everything afloat. Weekends are dedicated to shooting, editing and scheduling, and any free time after that is reserved for doing absolutely fuck all (I love to nap and I don’t get to nap enough). So, in short, reason two is that I’m too bloody busy.

I’m way too nervous

I feel like I’m pretty fucking socially awkward, so the idea of going to blogging events alone in a room full of strangers that probably know each other fills me with enough anxiety to bin the idea altogether. A lot of gals and guys have go-to blogging friends they they hook up with for every event, but since I never go to any, this obviously doesn’t fall into place for me. I know, I know, this could easily be solved by just turning up to one and reaching out, but this girl is caught in a vicious circle. Sometimes I get asked to take part in campaigns alongside other bloggers, and I automatically refuse out of fear that I won’t fit in or the other girls will already be best buds. It sounds silly, but I feel like I don’t fit in much in the blogging world, and blogging events are like the literal embodiment of everything that I don’t fit in with. Pit this against a day spent with my nearest and dearest, and it’s a no brainer to which one always wins. ***sob story over***

Sometimes they’re not worth it

And sometimes they are  – it’s just a case of trying to decide beforehand which category any particular event is going to fall into. I’ve been to events where I’ve had amazing experiences and amazing food with some amazing girls, but I’ve also been to events where I’ve been invited to create content (so I’ve been working, but for free) and said content has never seen the light of day and I’ve never heard from the company again. It really can be hit or miss, but when you’re shelling out your own money on travel and having to take time off work, you literally can’t afford to waste your time. Unless an unbelievable opportunity comes along, I tend to err on the side of caution (but this also means I miss out on a lot, so don’t necessarily follow my lead on this one!).

Do you enjoy seeing the behind the scenes of press days and blogging events? I often feel like not going to events invalidates me as a blogger and makes me seem almost less professional, but even I know that’s setting up an impossible standard to live by. What do you guys think? If you’re a blogger, what are your views on attending events? And if you’re not, how much do you enjoy seeing them? Let me know in the comments down below, or drop me a line on Twitter or Instagram (@chloeplumstead)!

  • Totally feel you girl!! In the early days I used to go to them a lot as I was interning full time in central London so it was easy, but these days not so much. I also work full time (also in marketing snap) and it's just not worth losing a day's pay to go to an event plus trains are so bloody expensive!! Also the socially awkward thing, with you on that too. xx

  • The one time I did go to an event/shoot thing with a well known brand and some really big bloggers it was a flop. I had a nice day even though I struggle to make friends – weirdly shy before you know me! And yet allllll that work & day booked off actual work, train tickets etc that I paid for and I never saw the photos. It was meant to be a huge campaign for the brand :|. I also picked up pink pillowcases to put behind the matching bed set ones to make me look all fancy and copper hangers- I'd need hundreds to have that dream wardrobe! ps. I'll be your blogging bff X

  • Love all of your advice and I love that your so real we have similar personalities xo!

  • EVERYTHING abut this post I was nodding my head along to! Totally with you on this one sista!

    Claudia xx

  • I know how you feel. It can get super expensive !


  • Literally Agee with so much! It costs me 70 plus pounds to get to London on short notice – it's about finding what's worth it and what isn't! Luckily I'm moving there in September but still, it's always such a disappointment when you put all the effort in and it's a total flop! Loving the haul too – I nearly have a full wardrobe of those hangers and i dread to think how much I've spent on them ! X


  • Totally agree! If only it didn't cost me a fortune to be in London:/. But one day, we will get to go to an event together girllll! I'm making sure of it! Xxx

  • It's hard to find consistent bloggers who still work a separate full-time job these days! Seems like everyone is quitting their job to blog, which makes these events another work thing for most of them. The rest of us have other work things to tend to. Love this post!


  • I love this post, literally sat here and nodded along to all of it!

    Jen / Velvetspring.co.uk


  • Hey, Lovely post btw. And I'm the same, I'm new to blogging and love it. I wish I could meet even more bloggers and go to events but I'm poor and they often clash with my 9-5 job of marketing (high-five!) which is a real shame. Very insightful post!
    http://www.careergirlsite.wordpress.com xo

  • I live in central London as I study here and I'm going to start working here full time soon, so getting to blogging events is usually quite easy but I agree – sometimes they really just aren't worth it! And you definitely don't need to say yes to all of them which I've learned over time. I also feel you with the nervous thing. I have on occasion met up with other bloggers before an event but often I'll just turn up and say hi to someone, I find a lot of the time that there are usually loads of people there who also came alone which helps!

    Really enjoyed reading this. 🙂


  • That was a great read, I'd love more posts like this.
    You have your own reasons not to go and they all are totally legit. No going doesn't invalidate you as a blogger or seem less professional because being invited doesn't mean you have to go, everytime, it's your choice, as long as you're proud of what you put on your blog, then it's all good. You totally fit in the blogging world, even if you're different (in a good way, just love the way you write and the subjects you choose to cover, and your style as well), I feel like I don't fit because of crappy pics, nothing interesting to say/to show so I never call myself a blogger, more like someone who posts online lol but I totally get the point of not going because being anxious about socializing, being around bloggers that are already good friends, if I were invited, I wouldn't go alone for that reason too. Just attend events you feel comfortable going to.

  • I love this post. I was shocked when you said you don't blog full time as your content and photos are always amazing! Your got to give yourself credit for what you've already achieved. Plus, you've just given one new blogger inspiration and motivation that I CAN run my blog and work full time.



  • Love this post, so true and honest.
    I too was shocked you don't blog full time as your content is amazing, but a bit of a mis-preconception with you having big numbers and also, as you pointed out, everyone seems to be quoting stable jobs to blog.
    What you do obviously works for you. I always get FOMO with events, but then I remember that this is a hobby and the minimal money I earn from my part time job and the fact I have a life and a family means my priorities are elsewhere. You should be very proud of all you have achieved and all you do! You're a fab example to so many that it's possible. 🙂



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