When To Splurge on Expensive Items

Shopping on a budget is something I know all too well. When I began blogging I was a poor teenager, who then became an even poorer student and finally, a poor graduate. Now that I work full-time and I’m starting to pull in some really amazing opportunities from blogging, I’ve moved from tesco value baked beans to Heinz spaghetti. That’s to say, I’m still fucking poor (a Gucci bag is a world away, although in a moment of madness, I did nearly buy the loafers), but I’m coming to terms with the fact that bulk buying at Primark is not the best strategy for building a wearable, timeless wardrobe.

On that note, I’ve been thinking more about investing in key pieces. Spending more and buying less has become my new mantra (although, in reality, it’s more like spending more and buying more). This, of course, is easier said than done. It’s not often that us lowly peasants have hundreds to spend on a pair of shoes or bag, but when the opportunity does prevent itself, how do you know what to go for?

Top – ASOS
Trousers – Topshop
Bag – c/o Karen Millen
Boots – Zara (similar//similar//similar)



In my opinion, the three pillars of spending big are shoes, bags and coats. These are staple items that you’re going to return to season after season, and they’re also pieces that can transform an outfit and so are worth the extra dollar. My instincts are to always go classic – the Jordaan Gucci Horsebit Loafers are a perfect example. They’re chic, effortless and endlessly versatile. They’re never going to go out of style, so you won’t find yourself a year down the line, head in hands, weeping about your many bad decisions.

In the same vein, this Karen Millen bag is a classic. (As a disclaimer here, I was gifted this bag, but it has started a slippery slope into designer purchasing so stay with me.) With a clean cut, black leather design and statement gold chain, it’s the perfect bag to make you look as if you should be hailing a taxi on the streets of NYC, coffee in hand and too busy for the mere mortals around you. Practicality wise it’s ideal too; there’s enough space for the giant iPhone 7 Plus you undoubtedly just sold your soul to buy, as well as your camera, purse, millions of receipts and old lip balms. If you’re going from work to the bar, this doubles up as the perfect AM to PM bag too.

You can transfer the ‘quality over quantity’ mentality to not so expensive items too. For me, this has just meant trading in my Primark hoarding for a lesser degree of Zara and Mango hoarding. It’s also meant paying more attention to the boutique collections from the likes of Topshop and H&M, instead of instantly bypassing them for the sale section. I’ve reinvested in my basics, picking up staple tees from the likes of Whistles and quality denim from Nudie. I feel like the more you spend on items the more special you feel when wearing them, and a boost to your confidence is always a welcome extra.

What has been your favourite investment piece? Please let me know in the comments down below or over on Twitter and Instagram – no doubt you’ll end up influencing me and your suggestions will find their way into my wardrobe, so please be kind to my bank balance (*or*not*).

  • Super cool look!!
    Marveling-Mind☀ | Instagram | Bloglovin’

  • I love some of my Zara, calvinklein, and UO investments as well xo!

  • Us lowly peasants, yes yes I am right there with you. I've have quite a few "key pieces" in mind that I really want to invest in, but right now I am barely even making rent so I must dream on. Although yeah, totttttaaalllly want those Gucci loafers.


  • I always think to myself this is the season for a few investment pieces and then end up doing my usual asos haul instead oops… but this year I MUST invest in a winter coat! x

  • I love this post Chloe! I've had my eye on that bag for ages & have had a really good opportunity come up with my illustration business… you have given me the push I needed to buy it when I get paid! Not that I needed much of a push, more a slight nudge. xxx

  • That bag is gorgeous and suits your style so well!

    Creepers & Cupcakes

  • Most of the time I feel a certain guilt when I bulk shop cheap pieces. Of course, I'm happy to get so many new things and I'm a keeper for most of it but I did two major cleanings this year and there were so many clothes that didn't fit my current tastes and putting them in the huuuuuge "donate" pile made me realize that I need to think more about what I buy.

    So, for my birthday, with the money I got, I decided to invest in the M bag by Maje in green suede leather. At first, I feel awful to spend that much money (that bag is not that expensive – 195€ – but it's still a world to me, graduate with no job used to 20€ bags) but I'm kinda proud to wear it, and know I will wear it and won't be tired of it a year from now. My cheap bags don't have that chance lol.


  • And this, my love, is why you are my ultimate muse. You are so relatable! And the topics you cover are always so interesting. Loved reading this xx


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