5 Things You DON’T Need To Be A Blogger


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Diversity in blogging is shit. It’s hardly a secret that there are real issues with women of colour securing the same level of exposure and paid work as white bloggers, and it’s also hardly a secret that blogging is expensive to get into, so more often than not, bloggers often come from a somewhat middle class background. Unless they’re marketing themselves as ‘plus size’ (always interested to hear what ‘plus size’ women think of this term, so if this resonates with you, please let me know in the comments or via Twitter!), successful bloggers are often enough also slim and very pretty.

I absolutely fit into some of, if not most of these categories. I’m white, I’m blonde (entirely fake) and I have a perpetual tan (that is perpetually from a bottle). However, I remember when I was starting out as a blogger how absolutely out of the loop I felt. I didn’t have a MacBook, I didn’t have a DSLR and I didn’t fit into Missguided jeans. At school, I was the chubby “boff” who knew enough people to not get picked on but also not “enough” friends to be cool. I was decidedly middling.

I didn’t – and still don’t – fit into this created, successful blogger niche. It’s something I actually think about a lot, which means odds on that some of you guys think about it to. So to those who are bloggers now, to those who are considering getting into the blogging world or to those that love reading blogs and thinks it all seems a million miles away, I’ve pulled together a list of 5 things that you absolutely DO NOT need to be a blogger.

**This post is obviously meant slightly in jest. I have – or want to have – nearly all of the things below, but the point is to say that they aren’t essential.**



1. An “Instagram Husband” 

Along with most other young people, a lot of bloggers have “Instagram Husbands”. This term was coined to basically describe a significant other who helps with blog duties – mostly taking Insta worthy pics – and is also around for a coupley shot or that travel one where the one person looks like they’re trying to flee and the other person is dragging them back. I’ve had a boyfriend for nearly my entire blogging career (albeit, not the same one). Both have kindly and willingly obliged to take blog photos, but neither enjoyed it.
But you don’t need a perf “Instagram Husband” to help you out and take cocktails selfies with you. When I didn’t have a boyfriend my Mum and brother helped to no end (and still do), and honestly, the relationships you see on social media are all fucked up in their own way, as any relationship is. It may look picture perfect, but it never is, and it’s certainly not essential. 

2. A MacBook or iMac

Okay, I do have a MacBook, BUT I literally got it two weeks ago because I spilled water all over my trusty HP Pavilion and I wanted to invest for the future. These fuckers are expensive though (FYI, mine is on finance – I ain’t got that kinda cash), and it’s not normal to just have one. Unless younger bloggers have saved shit tonnes of money or also have their Apple products on finance, odds are their parents paid. Which, obviously, is fucking amazing, but if you/your parents can’t afford it, you don’t need it. My HP Pavilion did me well for three years, carrying me through uni, blogging, and even working in marketing from a distance. You don’t need to spend shit loads (although I won’t lie, they are great am not sorry).



3. A Career as a Full Time Blogger

This is definitely something that changes with time and your own plans, but you don’t need to be a full time blogger to be successful. “Success”, of course, is relative, but in this case I mean you don’t have to be a full time blogger to see your blog grow and to start building your own little business from your HP Pavilion (R.I.P.). I literally harp on about it all the time, but I work full-time alongside being self-employed with blogging, and it’s tough, but possible. I want to move out in the new year and I like having random Zara binges, so I like having a stable income to support my short term goals whilst working on my blogging career for the long term. That doesn’t mean I don’t think about going full-time with blogging every day, it just means I’m biding my time and trying to secure that ever elusive (and no doubt, non-existent) “right time”.

4. A Size 8 Body

The worst time for me as a blogger is the start of S/S16. You know why? SWIMWEAR. It’s everywhere, and every collab opportunity is centred around it and every press day is shining a light on it – lovely to look at, but God knows that I’m not about to make a swimwear post. 
As you guys know, I’m super petite. Like 4’11/5′. I’m also a chubby little git, and I always have been since school. I have *never* had a belly so flat that my belly button isn’t more like a belly tunnel. When I sit down, jeans cut off circulation around my waist and my boobs rest almost flat against the top of my stomach. I am not slim or toned in any way, and any photos you see of me on the blog have been carefully chosen as not to give my chubby secret away. The point is, however, that you don’t need to have washboard abs and a thigh gap, with coconut drink in hand on some far away beach to be a blogger. Whether you’re a size 8, an awkward in-betweener like me or “plus size”, content is king, so as long as the work you’re producing is good, then let those thighs chafe.



5. A Pinterest-Worthy Bedroom

White walls? Check. White bedding? Check. That IKEA desk? Check. Oh, and a never ending stream of fresh flowers? Check. This is a tiny snapshot of the blogger bedroom, perfectly prepared for an Insta-worthy shot at any moment.

I live with my grandparents at the moment, and my bedroom is all mismatched mahogany furniture and collected kitchen items for when I plan to move out in Jan. It is not Insta-worthy by any stretch of the imagination. This means I have to get creative – any shots of me inside a bedroom are taken at Keiran’s house, and any shots in my room are strictly of my bed which I can chop and change quite easily with bedding. However, I can’t do any mirror shots or cutesy pics of me drinking coffee in bed (legit guys, once I get this photo you know I’m happy hahaha). But you can fake it until you make it, and you don’t need to have a decked out bedroom to film your YouTube vids or take impromptu PJ pics. Sure, it makes it a little bit more difficult, but you can do it, you just need to get your thinking cap on.



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