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There are two types of people in this world – the type of person that gets home and stays in their day clothes, and then normal people. Rest assured that the second I’m through the door, the first thing I do is change into pyjamas, or if I’m feeling fancy, loungewear. As soon as you know the pain of sitting down in tight jeans all day (a pair that are obviously too small, but that you squeeze into every morning out of denial), then changing into comfortable clothes as soon as you step in the door becomes second nature.

But loungewear doesn’t always have to be your boyf’s grotty old Jack Wills tee he bought when he was 14 and horny for Abercrombie. Luxe nightwear has been enjoying a revival of late, with matching sets dominating the high street and pyjamas shirts even breaking out into daytime outfits. It’s official – we can’t get enough of nightwear, and now slippers are making a comeback.

Gone are the days of shuffling around in a pair of odd socks or basic booties from Primark – we’re upping our game big time in the slipper department, and we’re getting glamorous. Notice how every festive season as of late has been served up with a side of fluffy heels and feathered pumps? Well, you need to thank bougie slippers. Harking back to the black and white films of old where femme fatales swished around mansions in fluffy slippers and maxi dressing gowns, beautiful slippers simply scream *I’ve-got-my-shit-together-so-much-I-even-have-THESE-slippers*.

Pretty You London specialise in this kind of glamour. With slippers ranging from booties to mules to one-band styles, they even have a special section of the website dedicated to bridal wear if you want to see off non-married life in style. As always, my first impulse was to go straight for black. I was in love with this Naomi Black pair, but after a little bit of further browsing, the Octavia White pair you see featured won my heart. They are simple enough to fit my usual style, but the faux fur, pink bow and sparkly detailing take an otherwise minimal design to the next level. Most importantly, these lovelies are SO. COMFY. They are like little pillows for your feet, and even the lining is beautiful.

Will you be upping your nightwear game? Let me know down below if you have any favourite pieces yourself, or find me over on Twitter and Instagram. Happy lounging ladies!

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