Dorothy Perkins Petite Exclusive: Occasion Wear

Finding nice occasion wear is hard enough, but finding nice occasion wear when you don’t actually like occasion wear and you’re a petite girl is nigh on impossible. Finding dresses is quite difficult for me – I don’t want anything to be too tight, I don’t want my arms to be on show but I also don’t want to wear a skater dress or anything too cutesy. That’s why I always find myself opting for shorts and a bodysuit, or some kind of long sleeved playsuit. FYI short girls – playsuits can be a pain in the arse, I know (had too many experiences of a playsuit bunching in the middle because the body is too long ffs), but they are your friend. Persevere my lovelies.
My love for shorts and playsuits means that I never opt for dresses when it comes to occasion wear. In fact, they kind of make me feel uncomfortable. This means that when it came to choosing pieces to tick the occasion wear box in my ongoing petite collaboration with Dorothy Perkins, I was sceptical from the get-go. “I’ll never find anything I like”, I begrudged, knowing quite well how fussy I am…

But then I saw this lace insert cami dress, and it was love. It’s classic, elegant and a little bit sexy, and that almost awkward midi-length keeps it fashion enough to still feel special. It has a tie waist which adds definition to what is otherwise a relaxed fit and the fabric feels more expensive than it is, but the obvious star of this piece is that lace. I love lace, even to the point that I probably make it a bit tacky. To me, though, lace is the ultimate sexy fabric (satin comes a close second). It’s suggestive in a quiet way – not loud, not in your face, just subtly tempting. Lace is basically every Bond girl ever.

Of course, being a cami dress, that meant I had to get my arms out. I was gutted at first because I thought that would mean my short imaginary dress relationship would come to an end, but then I decided to just throw a cover up over the top and let the lace do the talking from underneath. I broke the cardinal rule of mixing navy and black and layered up this tailored blazer (complete also with a tie waist, but I thought two tie waists was probably too far), something I grew to love as the difference in lengths adds new dimensions to an otherwise super simple look.

So petite gals, if you’re like me and you have lumps and bumps that you don’t want to show off in a skin tight mini but you also don’t want to look like somebody’s 13 year old niece in a skater skirt, then take my advice – opt for lace, opt for simple colours and opt for elegant cuts. Layer up with some classic outwear, don’t be shy with the jewellery highlight the heck out of yourself (a pair of good heels doesn’t hurt either).

Dress – Dorothy Perkins*
Blazer – Dorothy Perkins*
Heels – Public Desire*


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