Dorothy Perkins Petite Exclusive: Utility Trend

What a dream it would be to just be able to buy a pair of jeans. Or a pair of shoes. Or a mini dress that doesn’t rapidly turn into a midi. The struggles of petite shopping are numerous – not only does nothing really properly fit, when you go into the petite section, often the choice is pretty rubbish. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve found a pair of trousers that I’ve fallen in love with, only to discover that the petite ‘bottoms’ section only features some jersey leggings, leather joggers and bootcut trousers. WHO WEARS THESE THINGS. And ankle length? What’s that? I think you mean maXI FLAREZ.

Luckily, more and more high street brands are starting to cater to us petite girls. Gone are the days of getting your nan to hem your ridiculously long sleeves – we’re finally getting more choice. Dorothy Perkins contacted me recently asking if I’d be interested in showcasing some of their new collection, to which I instantly said yes. I love petite exclusive collaborations – I never see enough of them, and it’s exactly the kind of thing I look for on other blogs in hopes of spotting a small gal treasure. Over the next four weeks I’ll be sharing four different looks with you, all featuring different trends and different releases from the Dorothy Perkins Petite collection over the next few weeks. Most items should be available from posting, but if not, I’ll be sure to let you know the item number so you can track them down!

In honour of the glorious sunshine we’ve been hang over the past week, what look could I start with other than this super summery denim and broderie combination? Anything pinafore or dungaree style in regular fit is automatically guaranteed to never fit; either the straps are way too long and sit just above my nipples, or the item itself is way too long in length and so the whole thing looks ill fitting. DP Petite came to my rescue here, and I was finally able to fulfil the summer dream of pairing up denim and white – all I needed was a straw hat and I was set to laze alongside the river with a good book (aka Twitter) and a picnic (aka a bottle of wine). I paired the items with black chain sandals, silver jewellery and lashings of fake tan, et voila, I was summer ready!

Are you a petite gal or do you ever buy petite items instead of normal fit? Let me know your shopping dilemmas down below, and let me share my misery with you!

Top – Dorothy Perkins*
Denim Pinafore – Dorothy Perkins*
Sandals – Topshop


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