How To Make Socks a Fashion Accessory

There’s something about a simple tailored outfit that I love. I’m not one for clashing prints, sequins or anything too jazzy (she says, hoping she hasn’t posted any of these kind of OOTD’s in the recent past), so when it comes to adding a little extra detailing, I always do this through accessories. Usually sterling silver pieces are my go-to, but after seeing a mountain of recent inspo, I’ve started loving the ribbed sock as my go-to fashion accessory. These beautiful Zara boots with cut out sides are perfect for pairing with this simple extra touch, but a pair of white Superstars or Stans would also look great with a pastel pink sock or white for a blanked out look. Plus for only £3 from ASOS (linked below), it would be kind of rude not to!
P.S. It was really hard not to title this post ‘Ribbed For Your Pleasure’, but my brother told me it was too creepy so I’ll let you guys be the judge.
Jumper – Zara
Coat – ASOS (similar/similar/similar/similar)
Bag – Zara
Trousers – Topshop (regular non-petite version)
Boots – Zara
Socks – ASOS (black and white versions)
Earrings – ASOS


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