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Buying glasses is often hell for me. I have terrible eyesight – like really, really bad – so I have to wear contact lenses or glasses everyday just to be able to see my hands in front of my face. My eyesight is so bad in fact that without the glasses I’m wearing now, I wouldn’t be able to distinguish the letters on my laptop keyboard, let alone make out eyes in a person’s head from across the room. How did I get so unlucky? Literally nobody knows – my parents and my brother both have perfect eyesight, so the only person I can blame really is my Nan. Funnily enough she’s super short too, so it looks like I was pulling from the same gene pool there.
That being said, finding fashionable and affordable eyewear can be a nightmare. Find them cheap, and they’re super thin metal rectangles. Find them fashionable, and you’re hundreds of pounds down. Striking that perfect balance can seem impossible, but I’ve found the solution to all of my eyesight woes – buying glasses online. 
Now, I know what you’re thinking – how can I buy glasses online without even trying the frames on? How do I know they will suit me? How do I know they will fit? These are all obvious concerns, but online stores always accommodate for these factors, and they’re super meticulous with making sure you get the right order. This was certainly the case with Miki Moko anyway. You’re required to enter all of the information your in-store optician would have so you’re guaranteed to get the right fit, and if you’re not happy, you have 365 days (yep!!!) to return the glasses in their original condition. Not bad, huh?
I would recommend checking out the site you want to order from beforehand to clue up on all the info you need, and then going to book an appointment with your local optician. Not only will this make sure your prescription is up to date, it will also provide the prime opportunity to grill your optician for all of the details and measurements you need, plus allowing you to try on frames in the shop and see which shapes and colours you like the best. 
Then all you need to do is browse the site, choose the frames you like the best and pop your measurements in. Some stores will provide home try-on services where you’re sent non-prescription frames to sample, and some allow you to upload a picture of yourself and virtually try frames on as you go. The services vary, but as long as you have the right prescription and measurements, you’ll be good to go wherever you decide to shop.
The great thing about Miki Moko is that it’s a brand with a difference. Instead of charging a set price for frames, you’re invited to decide the amount yourself. In short, you decide how much your glasses are going to cost. The really special thing about this is that 50% of the donation goes to charity, and there’s even a live counter on the site for total transparency about the donations coming in. Miki Moko keep their customers up to date with where the charity money goes by publishing stories on their blog; recently they shared a story about two former child slaves earning their college degrees. How amazing is that? A brand dedicated to offering affordable, stylish glasses and making a difference to people in need. Plus they offer such a wide range of styles that you’re bound to be able to find one, two or even three pairs to suit your style wardrobe.
Have you ever bought glasses online? Or do you stick to purchasing in-store? Let me know in the comments down below, or give us a shout on Twitter and Instagram (@chloeplumstead)!
  • I am the same with my eyesight, both with my parents having perfect eyesight and not being able to see further than my hand in front of my face. I've not really trusted buying glasses online because I have quite a small face and head, so I'm often worried that the frames would drown me and I'd look ridiculous. I love that you have 365 days to return them though, that's a great deal!

    Emily // Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


  • I've always been tempted to buy glasses online, opticians seem to have such limited selection. My eyesight is awful too, I've needed glasses since I was 5 and I have astigmatism which makes it even worse, my contacts which I wear everyday if I'm not wearing my glasses cost a ridiculous amount due to it, so annoying – what it would be to have perfect vision! I will definitely check this company out x

  • Yaaasss girl! They look AMAZE on you 🙂

    Tilly xx

  • Caz

    I've never bought glasses online but my current pair cos a fortune from the opticians so it's something i'd consider to save money! I'll definitely have a look at Miki Moko as I love brands that do things for charity and the 365 day returns sounds good too 🙂

    Caz | This is Caz

  • omg your glasses look stunning! I buy sunglasses online – not glasses cause my eyesight is good for now haha

    Creepers & Cupcakes

  • I am exactly the same! My mum, dad and brother all have perfect vision and yet my eyesight is terrible. I think it comes from my gran, she always needed to wear glasses! I've never bought glasses online as I don't know any of my details for a prescription (I probably should) but these flames are lovely, so I might need to pop down and find out some information!

    Kirsty / Hello Zelda

  • A vision problem is not something one wishes to experience, it comes at some point in life. The glasses enable one to read or walk during the day with ease. Glasses


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