5 Free and Easy Blogging Tips You Can Use Now

Feeling like spicing up your blogging game but don’t have much time or money? You don’t have to spend big bucks to make these little changes – all 5 free and easy blogging tips are things you can do here and now in the comfort of your own home. So what’s stopping ya? Feel free to leave your free and easy blogging tips down below, or message me on Twitter and Instagram @chloeplumstead.
  • Have a Pinterest binge for inspiration – I don’t use Pinterest enough, but I find it’s the best for stirring up inspiration and getting me buzzing with ideas when I’m feeling a little stale. Whether you end up stumbling across photography inspiration or start planning a baking series for your fashion-based blog, Pinterest is a well of untapped inspiration. Whilst you’re at it, why not pimp out your own boards and build your following through social media? Pinterest can be great for getting your own blog images shared, plus uploading your own work legitimises the hours you will inevitably spend browsing others!
  • Follow PR/Marketing companies on Twitter – Nobody talks about this, but I feel like it’s one of the best things I’ve done in terms of developing my industry contacts and knowing who represents who. Often big companies hire dedicated PR companies to manage blogger outreach and to run certain social media campaigns, so by following the teams on Twitter you can stay abreast of exactly what’s happening and who is involved. It may also lead to you getting noticed and contacted for future collaborations, as well as signposting who you should be reaching out to if you want to stimulate these yourself.
  • Plan a new series – I’m a huge fan of series as I love developing an idea and sharing different perspectives over the course of a few posts. Whether this is how to style a certain item, easy tips for sprucing up your home or gift guides centered around certain holidays, series give your readers a reason to come back and also allow for the best round up posts once you’ve finished. If you’re featuring a certain brand, this also offers double or triple the opportunity to get reposted or shared, so win-win! 
  • Photograph some stock flat lays – want to feel productive, get creative and plan ahead? Photograph some flat lays! Set up some generic shots to accompany blogging tips (laptop, notebook, a random nail varnish and some jewellery – you know the drill) or create Instagram-exlusive flat lays to share your favourite products and make your feed look pretty. Grab a bunch of different accessories and products and shoot a bunch of stock lays in bulk – you’ll thank yourself later.
  • Snapchat your favourite make-up products – Snapchat is quick, personal and informal. If you don’t feel like creating the perfect ambience for sharing some of your fave products and you just want to engage on a basic level, advertise your Snapchat on social media and talk about some of your favourite products with your followers. It’s great for letting your personality shine through, it’s free and easy and it also grows your Snapchat following (Snapchat is taking OFF in terms of being taking seriously in the blogging world, so get on board ASAP). 


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