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Here’s How I Unwind With My Sunday Evening Routine

Declaring which day is your favourite may be akin to reading the backs of food packets for fun or religiously buying a copy of the physical TV guide, but I’m going to go ahead and do it anyway. It’s Sunday. Sunday is my favourite day. Sunday is the apex of relaxation – an untouchable corner of the week with personal… View Post

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Editor, presenter, writer, events co-ordinator – for L’Oréal Blackett, the list goes on. I asked this multi-talented one-woman show for a little introductory blurb, and here’s what she had to say: “I call myself a ‘professional chatterbox’ because somehow I’ve turned my incessant talking into a career. Overall I just love telling stories. I’ve worked as a journalist and magazine editor for six years; my work focused on sharing the lives of unsung heroes in Manchester, interviewing celebs, as well as telling people where to find the best meals in Manchester. I’m now a freelance broadcast journalist and presenter for BBC Radio Manchester, where again I get to tell stories to a huge audience – as scary as that sometimes is. Recently I’ve dabbled in hosting events in the city as a Bumble UK ambassador. In very cool, intimate gatherings, I help women get together to make friends and do business – sometimes I even make them dance to Beyoncé all in a bid to raise self-esteem. It works, trust me. Soon, I’ll be working on expanding my digital presence (you know, as one of those millennial multi-hyphenate types) and have a new online show coming soon.”