Why New Isn’t Better (And How Depop Made Me Realise It)


For a long time, I simply could.not.be.arsed to sell my unwanted clothes on Depop. Yes, it would have been a little extra pocket money, and yes, it would probably have been a better way of recycling rather than dumping all of my older bits on my Mum, but there were many other ways I wanted to spend my time rather than hanging 33 different items up on my clothing rail and taking endless square pictures for the listing.

Not only that, Depop is notorious for outrageous ONOs (Or Nearest Offers, for you n00bs). Listing a pair of designer, barely worn, box included shoes for £150? You better expect somebody to slide into your DMs with a "£15 including shipping?" offer that befuddles you to the point of nearly deleting the app and burning all of your items in a tribute to the Gods of Gall.

There's also the endless rivalry between Depop and eBay to consider, a bitter duel that has divided second-handers and bloggers alike for many, many a moon. On the one hand, people on eBay will buy literally anything, and they'll also bid above the odds just to knock their competitor off the top spot, even if they don't really want what they're going to end up paying for.

With that being said, I've never listed a series of items on eBay without knowing that at least one person will request a refund for a ridiculous reason. There's much more anonymity to Depop, so you can be the biggest douche you want without fear of reprimand.

And then there's Depop. Super easy to use with a handy in-app messaging system, it seems like the best platform for bloggers wanting to open their unused bits up to new homes, but it's definitely not one for a quick sell. It's so bizarre sometimes as well; I'll pop up a really cute knitwear piece that I love but just don't get to wear, thinking that it will fly off the figurative shelf, only to see that it's still left up 3 weeks later but my scuffed, worn in old boots have been nabbed.






When I committed to full time blogging, however, I didn't have much of an excuse to not start offering my clothes up to a new home. That, and my  'items to sell or giveaway' bag was rapidly expanding as the season turned to Autumn and I decided that I hated everything I owned, and needed to reinvent myself as the latest writer and fashionista in the ManRepeller.com team (still waiting for a response to my application, but I'm hopeful).

So there I want, wandering into my spare room with a tea and laptop in hand, ready to tackle the mountain of items that I'd been casting to the side for weeks and forgetting about moments later.

The process was long-winded, although aided by my third re-run of Peep Show playing in the background. After what felt like an eternity (the hyperbole makes this story flow better, so just roll with it), my items were up and, in a moment of pure adult sensibility, I decided to package everything up there and then so I didn't leave it all until the last minute and end up shipping items seven days after the original purchase.

Day-by-day items were selling, and I even got a little bit addicted to the buzz of seeing my PayPal balance increase and my clothing rails seeming refreshed. Anything I hadn't worn recently suddenly got papped and posted, and for the first time in a while, I finally began to appreciate some of my older items that had previously been hidden between brown jumper and, oh look another brown jumper.

As the unloved items left my wardrobe for a better home, I suddenly came to appreciate the staple items that I couldn't bring myself to part with. Take these wide-legged Topshop trousers, for example, that I've owned since the start of this year but which have sat neglected for months on end. When it came to working through the pieces I was going to keep and let go of, I had to ask myself two questions: 1) Have I worn it recently? and 2) Am I going to wear it again (and none of that "I might do one day" bullshit, either). As soon as I popped these trousers on for a test-drive, I remembered how much I loved them.


It's very easy in this day and age of amplified consumerism and the 'more more more' culture of bloggers and influencers to feel like every week - if not every day - needs to be accompanied by a new purchase. Whether it's a new notebooks for all of your new thoughts, some new shoes for the new season or some new jeans because your old ones aren't quite the right shade of fashionable blue, we're led to believe that new is always better.

But having worked through the numerous trend items that I'd picked up on a whim because I thought they'd be the one (no need to elaborate - you know what I mean), I came to understand that I'd yet again fallen victim to the lure of pleasure buying. Of buying for the sake of having something new, rather than for the sake of having something good.

Decluttering my wardrobe made me appreciate the pieces that I loved, rather than the pieces that were still in stock online and so might bring in some rewardStyle revenue.


It's also really refreshing to know that your second-hand bits and pieces go on to live another life. How will that denim dress be worn again? By itself? Layered over a rollneck? Combined with matching denim or worn as a tunic over a pair of trews? Rather than casting your bits aside to maybe be worn once by your neighbour's moody teenage neice, it's comforting to know that somebody appreciates the value of an item as not rapidly deteriorating the moment that it has been worn.

Second-hand doesn't necessarily mean antiquated or old, and in a way, refreshing my wardrobe of the pieces I no longer needed has injected a similar second-hand lease of life into the items that I did keep. I very much got stuck in a loop of rotating one pair of blue jeans with another pair of blue jeans (although I needn't tell you guys that, because the evidence is plenty), but once I'd shed the clutter and minimised my items down to much fewer key and versatile pieces, I began to feel excited about dressing again.

I don't live a minimalist life by any means, but I do think there's something in culling the unnecessary and focusing in on items that bring some kind of value to your life. Whether that value is the clear-headed clarity that a clean and tidy space allows, or it's the value of creative combinations returning and a passion for dressing reigniting your mornings, cleaning out your wardrobe is as mentally soothing as it is spatially.

Just don't forget to pop your old bits online - you never know what life they might end up leading.







  • I definitely need to sort through my closet and get rid of a bunch of things. But this has inspired me I’m officially putting myself on a spending freeze until I sort through everything and sell the unwanted bits.


    • Chloe Plumstead

      Yes girl! Clearing out is also super helpful for seeing what you ~ actually ~ wear and what you ~ actually ~ need. If you’re left with 15 pairs of trousers but one oversized knit, then you’ll be better placed to spend your money wisely rather than picking up bits that will inevitably end up redundant. Thank you for commenting lovely x

  • The amount of times I go through my clothes and find something forgotten, that I fall back in love with, I also own lots of some things and hardly any of others so really need to balance what I’m buying.
    Great photographes by the way I love the tube back drop and that jumper is 😍 Xxx

  • Latisha Marcum

    I really need to go through my closet desperately. I’ve been thinking about it for so long now! I just received my first order through Depop this morning and it’s so cool to know that I’m giving life back to a once forgotten piece. I’m. Obsessed!

  • These shots are amazing babe! I have actually been using eBay a lot more lately as I find things sell quicker and for more money! xx

  • Wowza what beaut shots lady! I have been toying with starting a Depop for SO LONG now. I am the same, CBA. I need to get going with it all because 1. Dollar and 2. I have about 4 bin bags of clothes chilling on top of my wardrobe :O Do you just bulk buy your packaging stuff? Need to get it all organised before getting started I guess! Immy x


    • Chloe Plumstead

      Hi lovely one. Yes I bulk buy all the packaging from Poundland (cheap as chips!!) and package it up as soon as it’s listed so I don’t forget. Makes posting 10 thousand times easier xx

  • I needed this little reminder, because I’m awful for getting overexcited at ‘newness’ and merrily ignoring the fact that my flat’s storage cannot accommodate the results of my shopping habit. I did so well a couple of years ago and sold loads of stuff on Depop which felt great (I also picked up a few bits too but what can you do), really need to do it again because it’s such a waste of things that are perfectly lovely, I just dont give them the wear they deserve! x

    Sophie | Sophar So Good

  • I love depop! As both a buyer and a seller.

    Whenever I want something that’s pricier than I’d normally drop the cash for, I check Depop and Poshmark for quality used ones. It’s almost the the point where I hate dishing out the money for new stuff these days.

  • These shots are so gorgeous babe! I really need to sort out my wardrobe and need to start selling on Depop! I need to stop buying new things until I’ve cleared out my wardrobe! xx

  • These pics are so utterly gorgeous! I’ve only started looking at DePop and wasn’t too sure whether it was better than eBay but I might have to give it a proper go… Frankie x

  • Laura Rose

    some amazing shots of you! mustard (the colour obvs) looks so great on you! I’m much more of an eBay girl myself, but totally get what you mean with clearing stuff out and discovering pieces again! My wardrobe has probably halved in the past year and I feel so much better for it!

    Laura | roseandweston.blogspot.co.uk

  • Phoebe Raye

    This weeks photos are so pretty and love the jumper. I used to use droop all the time through uni but really need to get back into it.


  • I love these pictures! I’m literally ready to hop on depop and find something cute to buy! There must be so many goods out there waiting to be bought! Ps, ManRepeller will definitely want you one day! Xxx


  • Loved this! I have such a love hate relationship with depop and really need to get back into it


    Ellie xx

  • Holly White

    I love buying pieces from Depop or charity shops and things like that – just because someone else has grown out of a piece, doesn’t mean that it can’t be ‘total fashion magic’ for someone new!xxx

  • This has made me add ‘quit being lazy and put my stuff on depop’ to my to do list for next week. Thanks for the motivation!


  • I agree with you! I love selling my clothes and giving them a new home. I try to not buy as many clothes as I used to. I like Depop & Vinted. x


  • Absolutely love this look and especially your sweater ! You are the reason why, I am back to wearing a yellow sweater for this autumn/winter :p.
    The photos are absolutely gorgeous !

    Noémie xx

  • Rosy Elizabeth/ The Hungry Gra

    Loved this – especially with how damaging fast fashion can be on the developing world. It is so good to see that clothes are having more than one life <3 Just found your blog so I'm about to binge read now!!



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