FOA Short Girls Everywhere: This Is The Petite Brand You’re Probably Missing

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’m a petite girl (let’s be honest, I never shut up about it), and when it comes to online shopping, I feel like I’ve just about mastered the shopp-o-sphere. Well, turns out I was wrong. Girls, we have a new playground.

From ASOS to Topshop and all of the Nexts, River Islands and New Looks in between, when it comes to sourcing fashion finds for the virtually challenged, I’m as experienced as they come – or so I thought. Yes, I know – hard to believe that someone with a hip to ankle length so small could have missed out on a petite provider, but alas, it is true. And this new brand I speak of?

Bodysuit – Very*

Jeans – Very*

Sliders – Very*

Bag – Very*

Okay, so Very is hardly a new brand, but they’ve really amped up their petite providing as of late. Previously they never would have crossed my mind whilst trawling online for some new wardrobe additions, and yet this whole outfit, from the floral bodysuit and blue wash jeans to the pearl embellished sliders (!!!) and beaded drawstring is all V by Very. Yep, that’s right, it’s all own brand. 

Dressing up in this little ensemble was particularly welcome today; decorating the new house, being in the office and trying to keep on top of blog work has meant that pretty much every day I’ve been make-up free with a messy top knot (and not the cool kind). Slipping into this, I felt 100% BBQ ready, and you know when people tell you to wear “a pair of jeans and a nice top?” THIS IS THAT TOP (or rather, that bodysuit).

Now, I know, I know – bodysuits are every girl’s worst enemy when heading to the loo, right? The superset fabric, keyhole neck detail and elasticated wrist sleeves more than make up for it on this occasion, however, and not having to re-tuck and adjust a top underneath high-waisted jeans every ten seconds is a God-send.

And can we take a minute to discuss these sliders? Hannah popped over to the house today for a 20 minute session of speed shooting, and as we slipped out of the door I checked, checked and checked again that I had my front door keys on me (dat new house fear), she had to ask again where both the bag and shoes were from because she couldn’t believe they weren’t more expensive. There’s nothing like that smug moment of surprising somebody with a brand they don’t expect – “oh, these? They’re from Very *wink wink and the crowd goes wild*.”

If I’ve piqued your interest, then you can have a little browse of their latest petite offerings here.

 V. v. cute outfit aside, if you’re wondering how the whole house palaver is going, then let me give you a quick update. The living room and bedroom have now both been fully painted and have – hurrah – furniture inside. DFS mucked up our sofa order so we only have one of the two (the less comfy one, annoyingly), but by next weekend our house should be – and I say that with my fingers and toes crossed – pretty much finished. I’ll be pulling together a tonne of homeware and lifestyle post over the coming weeks so keep your peepers peeled, and for some shorter and sooner updates, head over to the ‘gram.

Until next time my lovelies x

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