How To BOSS Christmas Day Dressing


Christmas Day – the elusive, the wonderful, the sometimes slightly anti-climatic (hey, don’t shoot the messenger). Over the years, I’ve found that every family celebrates Christmas slightly differently. Some stay at home, some go to their relatives, and some, like mine, go out to eat and leave the washing up with some other poor old soul. Whatever you find yourself doing on Christmas day, the age old question remains – what the fuck do I actually wear?

I don’t know about you, but I like to dress a little fancy on Christmas Day, even if this means wearing a red lip or a “nice top” (man I hate that phrase) instead of my usual in-the-house pyjama get up. That doesn’t mean I don’t instantly change out of said outfit when social time has finished and coma time has begun, but still, I like to make the effort beforehand. If your Christmas is super casj then I don’t blame you for sticking in a pair of reliable jeans and an chunky knit, but if like me, you leave the house to either go out or to a friend or fams’ house, then I’ve got some tips for how you can BOSS Christmas Day dressing (and yes, I cannot type BOSS without caps I am SORRY).

Knit – H&M
Skirt – Mango via ASOS
Boots – Zara (Topshop similar)
Supersoft T-shirt Body – Topshop
Bag – Gucci

Have a typical smart casj uniform? Well do the opposite.

Whenever I’m channeling a smart casj vibe, I always do the same – skinny black jeans and a fancy shirt or body with a little bit of something something. Owing to the fact that I do this all of the time, it can get a bit samey. If there’s ever a good excuse to do something different, then Christmas Day is it (and your birthday, and any anniversary, and Saturday nights, but you get the drift). For me, this just means taking the party downstairs (wahey) and switching up my black skinny jeans for something a little more fancy. Enter every bloggers favourite IT skirt; it’s patent, it’s buckled and it looks great paired with everything from an oversized sweat to a blazer and cami. Staying casj on top, I’ve tucked in one of my latest mohair blend knits from H&M and attempted to capture that effortless, cool-girl vibe (you know how some people can just wear skinny jeans and a jumper and look like freakin’ Alexa Chung? ENDLESS PURSUIT).


Add super luxe with metallic accessories

You guys know that I’m a sucker for jewellery, and there hasn’t been an outfit gone by where I haven’t been adorned in hoops and rings and all sorts of other bits and bobs. For me, the easiest way to jazz up any outfit is with metallic jewellery. Whether you’re sweet for silver or gaga for gold, whatever you love, layer it up and let your accessories take you from casj or corrr (proud of that alliterative pun). Want to feel super, super luxe? Then just wear whatever feels most special to you. For me, that’s my Gucci bag and a necklace my Nan and Grandad bought for me on my 21st birthday – whenever I wear either of these items, I feel like any outfit has that little bit of extra umph. Even if you’re going for a tee and trackies, whack a nice watch on and et voila – Christmas-fied.

Go on wit’ cha bad self


It’s good to switch up your typical style and to try out new things, but always keep the core of any outfit very you. I’m up for trying anything (sorry Mum), but if I left the house in a Yeezy-esque hoodie dress and cap, I’d feel like I’d lost a little bit of the style that made me me. I’m a girl with a monochrome heart, so even if I’m sassing it up for Christmas, it’s unlikely that I’ll stray far from an all black colour palette. I’ve transitioned this outfit from smart casj daytime look to an “I’ve-had-a-lot-of-wine-at-lunch-and-now-I’m-ready-to-party” evening look by swapping the knit for a supersoft t-shirt body from Topshop. It’s loose fitting, but thanks to being a bodysuit, you won’t have to keep tucking it into your bottoms. The only problem with a body is that the drunker you get, the more challenging those crotch poppers tend to be. But hey, no judging here.

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