Dorothy Perkins Petite Exclusive: Trans-Floral

As a Dorothy Perkins Petite blogger, I’ve done the utility trend, I’ve done ocassion wear and I’ve done pyjama shirts…

And now the one you never saw coming – the monochromatic simplicity addict, opting for not only one piece of printed clothing, but a freakin’ double co-ord ensemble. One of my life mantras is if you’re going to go for something, you really have to go for it, and clearly this is something I carry across into clothing.

I don’t really feel comfortable in prints – or colour – or anything without the right amount of sleeve (clearly I’m not fussy) – but there’s something to be said for dragging yourself out of your comfort zone and donning an outfit that seems so completely not you. I’ll be honest with you, as a girl who feels that wearing black and white floral qualifies as dressing fancy, when I pulled this matching set out of the packet I was a little scared. Not only is it printed, it’s pyjama styled, wide legged and coloured. It’s basically all of the fashion boxes ticked in one set.

But when I put it on and it all came together, I felt sassy af. Yes it’s printed, but the colours are subtle enough to be an obvious move away from bog standard florals and try hard aztec prints. It’s not garish, it’s quietly daring, and nothing makes you swish more than a wide leg.

The wide leg in itself deserves a mention. Dorothy Perkins Petite have ticked a box that so many petite girls like myself find impossible to conquer. A high waisted wide leg is perfect for petite girls – it makes our legs look longer, it makes our thighs look smaller and generally, it makes us look more in proportion. Sounds like a match made in heaven, right? Wrong. It’s impossible to find a good pair of petite wide legged trousers,thus leading to a very shocked gal when I tried these on and actually felt like a super fashurn queen, rather than an 8 year old in her mum’s pyjamas.

Of course, I couldn’t stray too far from my comfort zone, so a leather jacket was essential to add some edge to the pretty florals (and honestly, it was about to rain to practicality reigned queen). Shoes wise I’m wearing a simple pair of caged shoes (they’re in basically every post at the moment so I’m sure you’re sick to death of them), styled alongside my typical silver jewellery and a fresh pair of nude talons. After we shot these photos I literally swished all the way to our taxi – if you want to feel like Beyoncé, this is basically an outfit for you.

And with that, we’re done! If you’re a petite girl, then hopefully my posts over the past few weeks have shown you that you can be small and sassy and just as well dressed (if I do say so myself) as any lucky regular fit muggle. It’s be an absolute pleasure to team up with DP as a Dorothy Perkins Petite Blogger, and hopefully, guys and gals, you’ll be seeing me in some of their upcoming collections pretty darn soon.

Let me know which of the Dorothy Perkins Petite outfits was your favourite below, and until next time, ciao huns! x

Shirt – Dorothy Perkins*
Trousers – Dorothy Perkins*
Jacket – Missguided (similar Dorothy Perkins here)


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