Cool Girl Nail Art with Apharsec

For me, nail art has always been a pursuit suited to those who were talented with nails, and not for people like me who struggle to simply paint a nail. Leopard pattern, marble effect, newspaper transfers – love it, but definitely can’t do it. Even the thought of attempting a neat white tip sends me into a cold sweat. Every season a new nail trend comes around and I’ve had to resign myself to the role of enthusiastic spectator – that is, until I discovered the stamp printing ease of Apharsec.

Apharsec is a nail art company that specialises in easy to use, affordable and fashionable nail stamps. The ethos behind the brand is that, much like the clothes you wear, you should be able to easily personalise your nail look with different designs, patterns and colours.

As I mentioned earlier, I am terrible with nails. I decided to go simple and opt for a zebra type stripe across the whole set. As a girl who is a fan of simple, minimal styling, this stayed true to my own aesthetic – nail art isn’t just for the cutesy. Applying these stamps also only took me 10-15 minutes, so if you’re a girl in a rush and you don’t have time to experiment, being able to blanket apply one sassy design is perfect for switching up your nail game. However, I don’t doubt that you lovelies are way more creative than me, so check out Apharsec’s blog for more elaborate examples of the stamping possibilities.

Apharsec nail stamps work like so: you grab the stamp you want, apply nail polish to your chosen design, wipe across a piece of paper to get rid of any excess, wait a few moments and then firmly press onto the nail. I experimented with the black leopard a little as you can see in the photographs below, but I felt the white zebra complimented my already nude nails.

Apharsec is passionate about the relationship between nail art and fashion, so it didn’t make sense to put together this post without incorporating my simple design into an outfit. I’ve gone gaga for pink tones lately (I know, late to the party), and this simple knit tee from Boohoo ticked the box for only £10. Unfortunately it’s sold out in the pink at the moment, but there’s a beautiful rust colour up for grabs, as well as trusty black. I kept the outfit smart casj by pulling on my favourite Topshop Jamie Jeans (THE best high-street jeans) and taking my new ASOS Snake Chain Bag for a swing (looks expensive, is actually vez affordable). But the star of the show? Well, my jazzed up nails of course.

Shop the Apharsec nail stamp range here, and the nail varnishes here.


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