Wallis Petite: What To Wear To Work During Summer

My morning routine goes a little something like this… I wake up at 6:30am (a disgusting time to be alive, nobody should get up before 7am), make a cup of tea, put my face on etc. etc. etc, and then I take the long walk over to my window. “It looks sunny, and it is the start of July…”, I think, suspiciously eyeing up any flicker of a cloud in the sky. Optimism prevails, and I pop on a t-shirt and short culottes. Heck, I might even opt for sandals, since my office doesn’t have air conditioning so every possible way to cut down of clothing is seized with sweaty hands.

But oh wait, there’s just one problem. There’s torrential rain forecast for 3pm onwards, and yes it will be windy and yes I will have to walk home in it and yes I will quite literally boil to death if I try and dress for this later weather during the early morning sauna sesh. This plays in to the age old drama of trying to figure out how to dress for work during the summer. You need to look professional and like you’ve made even the slightest effort, but you also don’t want to be hot/cold/everything in between in an uncomfortable pencil dress and heels.

Being petite only makes this dilemma more difficult, since options are often much more limited for us smaller folk than for those of you in the ‘regular fit’ populous. Luckily for me and all of the goblins working at Gringotts bank, Wallis have a constantly updating petite section with more than enough versatile pieces to carry me through the summer months. Since I spend the majority of my week at work, picking up key pieces that can be worked and reworked time and time again is essential. This is not only to ensure that I get my money’s worth in terms of cost per wear, but also in aid of adapting to the heat and quashing the dilemma of what to wear to work during summer.

In aid of searching for key pieces, I unsurprisingly opted for all black. This way the pieces work together almost as a two piece, but can also be fashioned with an unlimited host of other items, whether these are to dress the look up or casj it down. In terms of nailing work wear, the waistcoat can be layered up over a sleeved item or even a knitted jumper for when the rain clouds come out to play, and it can also be popped over a simple cami for when it’s hotting up. Whilst the trousers give off an undeniably smart and tailored look, the fabric is the real star of the show; it’s loose, flattering and breathable, making this pair the ultimate summer work wear winner.

I finished my look off with a simple compartment bag that can be worn as a clutch or a crossbody bag. This is hardly practical for packing your lunch in, but if you’re heading straight out for dinner afterwards and you don’t want to haul around your beetroot-stained plastic box with you, this is perfect for popping into your larger bag during the day and pulling out once 5pm hits. I finished everything off with super simple open toed sandals – obviously would not wear these to work, but for those of you that can manage it, then god speed girlfriend.

Waistcoat – Wallis Petite*
Trousers – Wallis Petite*
Bag – Wallis*


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