Mini Homeware Haul from Amara!

As much as I love to read (and write) longer blog posts detailing personal stories, life experiences and  blogging confessions (yesterday was the first day I’ve properly cleansed my skin in like over a week, I don’t know how people keep up 30 min long skincare routines I really don’t), sometimes all I want to see is a simple, good old-fashioned haul. So that’s what I have for you today! Just a few of my favourite homeware pieces that I’ve kindly been sent over the past few months, perfect for afternoon browsing and a cheeky middle of the month treat.

Amara kindly asked me if I wanted to select a few pieces from their huge range in preparation for Spring/Summer, and of course, being an avid tea drinker (slash addict), I went straight for the mugs. I have a problem with buying mugs – I have far too many now, and I need more than one mug tree to hold them all. However, this Miss Étoile lovely has quickly raced to the top of my personal favourites. Excessively cutesy with a dainty Parisian edge, if you’re looking for something Instagram worthy to post in your white bedsheets, this is the one for you.

Tea in the home is good, but tea outside of the house makes me feel like an verifiable adult. With this is mind, I also picked out one of the Miss Étoile travel mugs in candy pink and white stripes. Again, it’s unashamedly cutesy and Instagram worthy, plus it looks a lil’ better than the horrific maroon cups they give you at Costa. Another must-have for bloggers on the go!

Amara also kindly sent me this beautiful Kate Spade A5 ‘Chic Happens’ journal, which now holds all of my VERY carefully written out blog notes (does anybody else do this? go crazy with the neatness as soon as you get a new notebook but slowly notice that it goes downhill the further into the book you get?). Alongside that I snapped up these Caroline Gardner jumbo sticky notes for when I start work, as the “work” and “play” headings are perfect for organising my work/blog balance (if such a balance exists, rather than a constant state of mild panic).

Whilst I know you guys have already seen these PJ’s from Mish London (shirt and trousers), I thought I’d pop them in again just because no mini homeware haul is complete without a good pair of peej’s. The blue cotton is perfect S/S if you like to take your fashion savvy into the bedroom (oi oi), and nothing screams ‘queen of the home’ more than lounging in a pair of good pyjamas, drinking from your Parisian mug and browsing Zara for some bougie holiday shirts.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this mini homeware haul! If you like round-up posts like this, do let me know and I’ll be sure to pop them up more often. You can shop all of the pieces mentioned in this post below, or click the links where they’ve been named above.

Caroline Gardner Jumbo Sticky Notes – Amara*
Miss Étoile Eyes & Dots Ceramic Coffee Mug – Amara*
Miss Étoile Ceramic Travel Mug, Enjoy with Rose Stripes – Amara*
Kate Spade Chic Happens Journal – Amara*
Blue Cotton Shirt – Mish London*
Blue Cotton Trousers – Mish London*


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